Yellowfin Tuna the Size of Volkswagens! Rpt. 10/13/07

2007-10-13 14:23:23
Puerto Vallarta, Mainland Mexico - Saltwater Fishing Report
Bandaras Bay, Corbetena, El Banco, Sand Bank, Outer BAnk, Marrietta Islands, El Morro Island
Stan Gabruk

Fishing Report for Week of Oct. 13 2007 For Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle

Written By: Stan Gabruk

Seasons come and seasons go, some things change and others never will. Puerto Vallarta is one of those places that are ever evolving, yet keeping it personality and history in tact. As the seasons change, it reminds us that the 52nd Pez Vela Tournament is just around the 'corner'. This year promises to be nothing short or spectacular with the $300,000.00 USD up for grabs to any interested angler who has the money and courage to go out and challenge local boys for the prize. The Pez Vela Tournament has turned into a serious event, turning the heads of the fishing community once again. If you're interested in entering the 52nd Pez Vela Tournament this year, contact us at Master Baiter's and we'll get you on a great boat, with a great captain, and who knows, anything can and may happen! Tournament dates are Nov. 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th and promises to be something special with all the Big Gamefish we have lingering around the area. So don't hesitate, make your reservations now.

This week, much the same as last week, the fishing is incredible and just getting more amazing every day. Monster Yellowfin Tuna is a daily occurrence like this 250 lb. beauty in the photo with Mark Koster (left) and Capt. Freddy. This Cow was caught at Corbetena using of all things, Google eye's as bait. This time of year, the formula is normally sewn-up Skip Jack Tuna, Mackerels, or Bonito. But the trick this day was to use the available bait in the area, which just happened to be Google Eyes! They tried using Skippies, but sometimes you have to step out of the box, to get results. This YF Tuna took just under two hours to boat and was a job in a half. Congratulations Mark and Capt. Freddy of Sirena.

El Banco is no less spectacular than Corbetena. Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and of course the Yellowfin Monsters are there as well! Bait has been a bit of an issue like normal at this time of year. So if you can make bait in the bay, don't hesitate, just get some and haul it out there with you. It's cheap insurance, just in case there isn't bait at the fishing grounds. Once there, you've got options of fresh bait, or maybe only having the bait you grabbed in the bay. So don't be lazy, it could ruin your day. Along with the Marlin and Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runners, Sails and more are there for the taking. Take Vikki, she's a 75 yr. young lady (see photo) who caught and Released a 500 lb. Blue Marlin this week and she did it in two hours. The Mahi Mahi she's holding up with First Mate William of El Amo is all she kept for the crew and her dinner. Congrats Vikki, very impressive. But if a 75 yr old woman can do it, what's our excuse?

El Morro and The Marietta Islands have been great for the angler looking for Sailfish, Rooster fish, Dorado, Snapper, Needle Fish, Bonito, Mackerel and more. The trash line has been working all summer long and it's still a reliable source for consistently boating the evening dinner! Plenty of bait and water conditions have been perfect for the angler looking for a shorter day, but still coming in with a stuffed fish box .

Punta Mita and points north of the point have been a little neglected this week with all the huge World Class Gamefish at the deep water sites, it's not hard to imagine that there isn't much news about this location. The few that I've talked with tell me the Dorado are a consistent 35lbs and standing in line to take your bait. So, you Super Panga lovers, this is up your alley. The number of Sailfish is increasing as we come closer to November. Traditionally our strongest month for Sailfish!

Remember, when you're out there going after your finned fantasy, this isn't trout fishing, and things can happen that will injure you faster than a blink of an eye. Marlin and Sailfish are known to intentially 'go after' people on the boat with their bill if they get a chance. Yellowfin Tuna with a tail that could knock you into tomorrow are no less dangerous. Loose lines, drinking anglers, or people not paying attention in the cockpit are all ingredients for an unpleasant at best experience. So be safe and be aware, when the fish are the size of your car, even something 'small' is serious.

Carlos Soberone and Master Baiter's are continuing our fight against Graffiti and winning the fight. He's expanded his area and is now moving into more central locations of PV. As always you can come in and donate time or money. Puerto Vallarta is our town; let's not let it be trashed by a few small minded gang banger types who are marking their territory like dogs urinating on a rock.

This week I can't say enough about the fishing. If you're reading this article and you're in Puerto Vallarta (PV) and didn't go fishing, you missed out on a world class experience many people will never have. Don't let this happen, come to Marina Vallarta and meet with the charter companies with offices. You'll be glad you did.

Many of you may have seen the recent news of the person who was boarding the Southwest Airlines plane and was asked to cover, remove or turn inside-out his MASTER BAITER T-Shirt. It was all over CNN, Fox News, and others. I have to tell you, it wasn't my shirt. It was a company out of the Bahamas, but I'm getting my online store put together now to fill the surprising number of request for T-Shirts. If you'd like to get on my mailing list, contact me at and let me know. There will be more than T-Shirts, but we're going to start slow, so we can fill the orders we have without confusing the issue with too many products. But we'll have more as time goes by, so be patient for now. Thanks again to all of you for your support!

I'm also on MySpace, so if you'd like a new friend, invite me. It's linked to fishing pictures I've posted from the last year and I'm going to work on a blog connected to the site, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, invite me to be your friend!! Use as your search criteria.

Until next week, don't for to kiss your Fish!

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Fish Species: Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish
Bait Used: Chorras, Google Eyes, YF Tuna, Bonito
Tackle Used: Seeker, Shimano, Penn Internationals, CalStar, Izorline, Maui Jims, Black Bart,
Method Used: Trolling, Drifting with open spools, Down Riggers, Casting, Kites and Balloons
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 86 degrees, Perfect
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Kostner's 250 lb Yellowfin tuna
Kostner's 250 lb Yellowfin tuna


Stan Gabruk

About The Author: Stan Gabruk

Company: Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle

Area Reporting: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Bio: Master Baiter's is a World Class Sportfishing Charter Company in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We specialize in Big Game Fish like Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish among others. Recommended in Foder's Travel Guide for 2007 as the premier fishing company in PV. Stan Gabruk the owner writes weekly fishing articles for World Wide Fishing Guide, Vallarta Tribune, and other publications. One of the few companies that don't push "Timeshare" as a way to make your day of fishing more affordable. OUR GOAL is to make sure you have the fishng experience of a lifetime! So remember, At Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle, WE WON'T JERK YOU AROUND!

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