Yellowtail fishing at Benitos Island

2006-09-05 09:14:19
San Diego, California - Saltwater Fishing Report
San Diego Offshore Long Range

Good morning folks, we are now on our way home leaving Guadalupe Island. The weather is little bumpy but it's going to get better as we get away from the Island we are going to be back at San Diego tomorrow morning at 0800 or 0830 hrs. Yesterday and this morning was very good fishing on forty to eighty pound Yellowfin Tuna with one fish pushing one-hundred and fifteen pounds it was really fun fishing.

Julio and RR III crew

Sept. 3rd, 2006

Good morning folks, we had a very good day on Yellowtail fishing at Benitos Island, we also had very nice weather eight to twelve knots all day. The highlight for the day was landing forty-three Yellowtail in the twenty to forty pound range that was at the end of our day just perfect. We are now heading to Guadalupe Island to try our hand at some Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail. We will report back again tonight with our day's totals.

Julio and RR III crew

Sept. 2nd, 2006

Good morning folks, we cleared the point yesterday at 1300 hrs. We got our bait early so that we can leave early and try to get a day of fishing at the Island before this Hurricane comes up the beach as predicted, as it turns out the Hurricane is going across the peninsula and still going that way so that's very good news for us we are very happy to see that. We are headed to Benitos Island in hopes to catch some Yellowtail we will arrive to the Island at 1230 hrs. We still have to keep an eye out on the Hurricane but hopefully it does not effect us that much if it continues on it's present course. We will report again tonight with our day's catch.

Julio and RR III crew

Fish Species: Tuna, Yellowtail, Albacore
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