All New Hampshire Fishing Reports

Stripers in NH 2011 by Joel Koch (8/14/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Except for Monday fishing really good. Great air show at end of week added to the great times.
striped bass NH by Joel Koch (8/07/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing had it ups and downs. Mackerel hard to find. some trips were great though.
great week by Joel Koch (7/31/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] 2 keeper, 5 keepers, 11 keepers oh my!. Good week, saturday was best.
temps soar, fishing good by Joel Koch (7/23/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Even though the temps soared this week the striped bass fishing remained good. We caught the first bluefish of the season this week.
striped bass NH by Joel Koch (7/16/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Midweek best this week. 35 inch striper best for the week. Only one day we didnt get at least 1 keeper.
striped bass 7/10/11 by Joel Koch (7/10/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Some good days, some great days. Baits were easy some days but harder to catch other days. Bookends of the week were the best.
Striper report NH end of June by Joel Koch (7/03/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing Report Week Ending 7/3/11 The fishing was a mixed bag this week. We caught at least one keeper striper (over 28") on each trip.
fishing off the hook by Joel Koch (6/19/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Striped bass NH report. Fishing is incredible. Multiple keepers on every trip.
NH stripers 6/12 by Joel Koch (6/12/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] good fishing. good sports. OK weather. Had a great week with many stripers caught and keepers on every trip.
Stripers in NH 2011 by Joel Koch (6/05/2011)
[Portsmouth,NH] Stripers are in. Live baits are in. Season has begun.
Striper fishing slowing down in the piscataqua. by Joel Koch (9/20/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Striper fishing slowing down in the piscataqua. Great Metal Art striper made for me by Western Metal Art.
week ending 8/29/10 by Joel Koch (8/31/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Sea bass and Stripers. Air show and Seals.
week ending 7/31/10 by Joel Koch (8/01/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Good fishing. First Bluefish of season. Many striper caught including some big ones. Chunk bait and live bait doing the trick.
Striper fishing NH in July by Joel Koch (7/17/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Good fishing. Chunking and Live Bait productive.
Fishing report Week Ending 7/3/10 by Joel Koch (7/04/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Live bait still a good bet for stripers. Macks and pollock work their magic..
Bigger Striped Bass by Joel Koch (6/27/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Weeks ending 6/27/10. Fewer fish but bigger.
NH Striper fishing by Joel Koch (6/13/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] Week ending 6/12/10. Striper Bass Fishing in NH.
first striper trip by Joel Koch (5/30/2010)
[Portsmouth,NH] First trips yielding stripers. Baits are plentiful.
What a difference a day makes. by Joel Koch (8/23/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Week ending 8/23/09. Another big fish.
Striped Bass Fishing In The Summer While It Last by Joel Koch (8/09/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Great Fishing, Big Fish, Great Weather. Summer at last.
Reel Ecstasy week ending 8/2/09 by Joel Koch (8/02/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Great weather this week. Trips producing 15-25 stripers.
NH Striped bass 7/19/09 by Joel Koch (7/19/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Weather starting to improve. Catching striped bass, one or two blues and on Sunday some sea bass.
NH Striped Bass. by Joel Koch (7/04/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Wind, rain, striped bass. Another week of bad weather and OK fishing.
NH Striped Bass Report 6/28/09 by Joel Koch (6/28/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Good Fishing, Bad Weather for the most part. Sounds like the story for June 2009.
NH striped Bass. by Joel Koch (6/21/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Weather was tough but stripers are around. Averaged 15-25 fish except for one trip.
Striped Bass Fishing Piscataqua river by Joel Koch (6/14/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing was good wish the weather cooperated better. We need summer...
Striped Bass in NH by Joel Koch (6/07/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing was good but not great. Lots of fun was had though and the weather cooperated.
NH striped bass fishing by Joel Koch (5/24/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] First two charters of the season were successful. Looking forward to many more..
Stripers in NH by Joel Koch (5/15/2009)
[Portsmouth,NH] Striped Bass arriving in NH to spend the summer.
NH striped bass by Joel Koch (7/13/2008)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing is a roller coaster ride the last two weeks.
Striped Bass report NH by Joel Koch (6/29/2008)
[Portsmouth,NH] Consistent action for some not so good for others.
NH Striped Bass have arrived. by Joel Koch (6/15/2008)
[Portsmouth,NH] 20-30 stripers caught on each trip. Great fathers day trips this week.
Piscataqua Striped Bass Fishing by Joel Koch (8/26/2007)
[Portsmouth,NH] The fish was over 40inches and was fat. This was our largest fish of the year so far. Michael, his brother John and father John, left Burlington at 3:45 a.m. for the 4 hour drive to Portsmouth. They were rewarded with a lot of fish and two keepers including the 40" fish.
Week Ending 7/7/07 by Joel Koch (7/08/2007)
[Portsmouth,NH] Plenty of fish this week with the occasional over 28" keeper size striper mixed in. The Tall ships were in port in Portsmouth and that is always a nice side trip when we want to take a break from fishing.
Wind Was The Buzz Word by Joel Koch (6/24/2007)
[Portsmouth,NH] Wind was the buzz word this week, lots and lots of it. On each trip however we did manage to find a few spots holding numbers of fish and caught between 25-50 fish each day.
NH striper fishing by Joel Koch (6/10/2007)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing report week ending 6/10/07. First full week of fishing
Stripers arrive in 2007 by Joel Koch (6/03/2007)
[Portsmouth,NH] Plenty of small stripers found their way to NH.
Fishing On The Piscataqua River by Joel Koch (8/15/2006)
[Portsmouth,NH] Fishing remains excellent with many 6 hour trips yielding 70 or more fish. Most of these fish are under 28inches but every so often a big one comes over the side.