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Recent Fishing Reports

Chasing Reds Before the Storm by Joe Ezell (10/12/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Chased some reds on the Delacroix marsh with a little catch and release. We managed to get some good catches before the winds picked up from the storm to the south.
Fishing report 10-12-19 by Mike Gerry (10/12/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It keeps getting better and better we need a little more cold temps and it will be right!
Charter Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/11/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Husband and wife fished with the Topshotsport Fishing Team - had a good time fishing, catching a couple of Wahoos and Black Fin Tuna.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report October by Pete Vines (10/11/2019)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] Fall fishing is pick up in Puerto Vallarta with all kinds fish being caught
White Bait Galore, Mullet Run Slowing Down by Michael Grimm (10/06/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The mullet run has slowed down off the beach, but the bridges and creeks have been hopping with bait and fish.
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/04/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Anglers from Chicago fished Fort Lauderdale waters catching 5 Mahi Mahi's, Bonitas and a Sailfish that pulled the hook. Action and fun had by all.
Fall is Here and Striper Fishing is Heating Up on Lake Texoma by Steve Barnes (10/03/2019)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Capt. Steve We had a great summer on Texoma this year but summer keeps dragging on. I’m ready for some fall weather and if the forecast is correct we should finally see some cooler weather next week.
A Sailfish to commence the Season by Mike Laubscher (10/03/2019)
[Durban,KZN] Once deep I tapped the throttles back a little and started working some previously productive areas and BANG the port corner went and I thought it was a small Striped Marlin as it took off, 30 minutes later .......
Daytona New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (10/02/2019)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Fall is here with east breezes off the ocean, cooler mornings, high water levels in the lagoon and backcountry, bait fish and migratotry game fish start to arrive with the the change of season starting.
A Very Good Tuna off Durban for Fat Girl by Mike Laubscher (10/02/2019)
[Durban,KZN] we were out deep off Salt Rock with that strong current and made the turn to head back, on the way back we found some smaller Yellowfin Tuna and then for the grand finale we landed a stunning........
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2019 wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (9/30/2019)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2019 wrap-up...........................................................
Light Tackle Mullet Run Action with Junior Anglers by Tim O'Connor (9/30/2019)
[Miami,FL] Junior Anlgers have a big time fishing the Mullet Run with light tackle! Snook and Tarpon action!
Bluefish Blitzing off of the Nature Coast. by Kyle Messier (9/29/2019)
[Homosassa,FL] The Bluefish Blitz along the Nature Coast is going down off the coast of both Crystal River and Homosassa. Anglers looking for consistent action should look no further our coast as its on fire right now!!!
Fishing report 9-28-19 by Mike Gerry (9/28/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There was a great pick up in catching this past week!
Two-Day Trip in the Delacroix Marsh by Joe Ezell (9/22/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Helped out Captain Chad Dufrene of Dufrene's Guide Service with a two-day trip. We bounced around the Delacroix marsh, catching some great fish before the storm rolled in.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August 2019 wrap-up. -Very Late- by Jeff Rogers (9/21/2019)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August 2019 wrap-up. -Very Late-............................................
Fishing report 9-21-19 by Mike Gerry (9/21/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The cooler nights have helped make the fish active, not everywhere but helped!
Big Tarpon Eat Big Mullet by (9/19/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] After a lot research online and on YouTube, I came to a conclusion. Large Tarpon eat very large (very wounded) mullet fish! Sounds simple right?
Bad Luck Friday the 13th? by Rory Rorison (9/17/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Bad luck Friday the 13th? Last Friday I had Mathew, Bianca, and Abijah from Georgia on the Blazer Bay. They wanted to do some rig fishing for what bigger fish, so the plan was to run out deep into the Sound. Besides being Friday the 13th, the wind was blowing harder that forecast, we had a full moon to deal with, and to top it off the crew brought bananas.
Mullet Run/South Florida-Twinstagator Charters by (9/16/2019)
[Hollywood,FL] Amazing Mullet Run charter onboard "Twinstagator" Charters with Capt. Tim O'Connor. 9/15/2019
First-Time Mullet Run Chaos! by Tim O'Connor (9/16/2019)
[Miami,FL] Doug and Dan joined Capt Tim aboard TwinstiGator Charters to get their Mullet Run Baptism of Fire and they got to see a show! Several pods of mullet showed up near the trough and the pods were getting worked by Tarpon, Snook and Jack Cravelle.
Delacroix Redfish Bite by Joe Ezell (9/15/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently we had a crew out of Texas looking forward to getting out on the water to catch some Redfish. We had a successful run with some big catches.
65th Wedding Anniversary Fishing Trip by Tim Rushing (9/15/2019)
[Marco Island,FL] Art , Bob, their 86 year old dad, Art, and Brother in law Matt grinded out a hard working windy morning beating up the little snook, reds, and big mangrove snapper.
Good Fishing in SW Florida by Tim Rushing (9/13/2019)
[Naples,FL] If you have ever wanted to get in some good fishing in SW Florida, September is always a good month because we start to feel the breezes cool us a little, and the angle of the sun starts to wane, but the water is hot, and the fish are still all over the place
Milwaukee Fishing, Down and Deep by Jim Hirt (9/09/2019)
[Milwaukee,WI] Fish are in the colder water out over 110 feet. We fished east west out to 150 feet. We did not get out over 150 feet of water yesterday. Have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing! Call for dates!! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094
Catching Redfish in Delacroix by Joe Ezell (9/07/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Last week we have a great 4-man crew join us from Georgia. We picked up one or two here and there, gathering 20 before heading in with a storm bearing down on us.
Fishing report 9-7-19 by Mike Gerry (9/07/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The tale of two stories on Guntersville this past week!
Hurricane Dorian Kick Started the Mullet Run by Michael Grimm (9/06/2019)
[Miami,FL] It was a like a switch. The mullet appeared immediately as Hurricane Dorian was sitting off our coast. It is go time!
Sept 2019 New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (9/04/2019)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Early fall patterns are starting, bait fish migration has just begun with inshore game fish following down the coast as the the season begins to change to autumn.
Meat Hauling Fun in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (8/29/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Meat hauling fun in Shell Beach. Forrest Fife and Sean Stuckey came down for another round of crab eating and fishing. They cooked and ate some pretty crabs the night before at the lodge and in the morning we headed into the Sound. They really were not too interested in trout, so I hit some rigs I have not fished this year.
Redfish and Trout in the Delacroix Marshes by Joe Ezell (8/28/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Went out on a two-day fishing trip in the Delacroix marshes and islands targeting Redfish and Trout. Both days were successful, and we had a great time with Captain Christopher Pike and the crew!
Stormy Day in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (8/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Stormy day in Shell Beach. Rudy Ramos and his son Jonathan came down to get in a trip before classes started up again. The plan was to start out looking for trout.
Juvenile Tarpon Time along the Nature Coast. by Kyle Messier (8/25/2019)
[Homosassa,FL] Summer time is a perfect time to target juvenile Tarpon around the Nature Coast. Crystal River and Homosassa Fishing Report.
From Texas To Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing by Tom Zsak (8/24/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Troy Caraway and his wife, Lindsay, along with their sons, Liam and Colby, and their daughter, Blake, were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale from Houston Texas.  While in Fort Lauderdale, they chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing charter boat team for a private deep-sea charter boat sport fishing trip.   As the Caraway’s boarded the boat, they were greeted by Captain Zsak, and his mate. 
Finding Big Bass In Deeper Oxygenated Waters by Mike Gerry (8/24/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The heat and lac of water oxygen is making the end of August tough!
Fishing Continues to be Outstanding! by Tim Rushing (8/23/2019)
[Naples,FL] As August has settled into the full fledged dog days of hot muggy weather mixed with rain, the traditional Southwest Florida fishing patterns have settled in as well. The bait is still readily available to get, but has gotten smaller, and we are getting it along the beaches. In spite of my normal instincts to go out to the bait wrecks and get the bigger baits, the old adage 'Elephants like peanuts' has seemed to become the norm on our trips the past few weeks.
Junior Angler Trip-Action Packed by Tim O'Connor (8/20/2019)
[Miami,FL] Junior Anglers can't get enough of the inshore action aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Yellowfin Schools Are Back in Session! by James Peters (8/19/2019)
[Venice,LA] The main attraction for Venice, Louisiana sportfishing, Yellowfin Tuna, are back to school for the Fall and now is the time to get out ahead of these bigger fish aboard Osprey Charters. Like many of us, the big Yellowfins went on a summer vacation but they're showing back up and fatter than ever!
Fishing report 8-17-19 by Mike Gerry (8/17/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Another great week for dog days on Guntersville, the top water bite is on!
Chasing Those Delacroix Reds by Joe Ezell (8/16/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Helped Captain Casey Brunning of Hurricane Bay Charters with a trip for a crew from Georgia just a few weeks ago. Our first stop produced a Sheepshead and the 8th Flounder of the year with one Redfish. We moved around the marsh hitting several spots but finding nothing stacked.
Offshore Fishing Reports in Fort Lauderdale, FL by Tom Zsak (8/14/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Offshore fishing with young anglers in Fort Lauderdale - Caught Vermilion Snapper, as well as yellow-eye Snapper - anglers enjoyed their fishing experience.
Took The Day off To Do Maintenance by David Ide (8/14/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Boat and gear maintenance is extremely important to us. We don't schedule charters on specific days for each boat to go through our checklist of motor maintenance, safety gear, etc.
The Bigger Mahi Are Showing Up off Miami by Michael Grimm (8/14/2019)
[Miami,FL] If you can get out there, now is a great opportunity to get on some bigger fish of the season. We found some nice gaffers about 15 miles offshore.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report August by Pete Vines (8/14/2019)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] Puerto Vallarta fishing report for August with some nice pics and rob bending action.
Non-Stop Action Off the Beach by Tim O'Connor (8/10/2019)
[Miami,FL] We decided to get in on the red-hot bite off the beach in Dade County aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Fishing report 8-10-19 by Mike Gerry (8/10/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing for the dog days of august remains strong, a great year on Guntersville!
August 2019 Daytona New Smyrna Beach Backcountry by Michael Savedow (8/10/2019)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Has been a great summer on Mosquito Lagoon now looking forward to the start of fall with the seasonal migration of game fish and bait fish coming down the Florida coast line.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Lots of rain, but fishing good when you can go by Dave Hanson (8/09/2019)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Among a lot of stormy days and drenchings, I managed a few inshore and offshore trips, most of which yielded good results.
All You Want Whitefish & A Nice Yellowtail! by Chris Coletta (8/09/2019)
[San Diego,CA] Captain Brian running the Wanu and first mate Trevor back at it again this afternoon.
Huge White Sea Bass Makes Afternoon Session Successful! by Chris Coletta (8/07/2019)
[San Diego,CA] Huge White Sea bass caught in San Diego made for an epic day close to shore.
A Good King Fish. by Mike Laubscher (8/07/2019)
[Durban,KZN] This is not a fish we often catch here and so a really memorable catch.
Sportfishing in Martinique by (8/05/2019)
[Le Marin,] Went fishing with my dad in bad weather, the sea was rough but many fish on the fad. Released 1 sail and landed 3 on 4 Yellowfin tunas.
Redfish Wednesday in Delacroix by Joe Ezell (8/04/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently, we had two husband and wife teams joins us in chasing redfish. At first, it was a little slow going, but we ended up catching quite a bit before the storms rolled in and had such a fun time!
Red Hot Summer Fishing in Miami, FL by Jason Robinson (8/03/2019)
[Miami,FL] Fishing has been almost as hot as the weather here in south Florida. We started the summer off still in live bait mode, flying kites on the edge of the reef and some days slow trolling baits. The fishing on the edge has been steady the last few months we have caught Blackfin Tunas, Kingfish, Bonita and even the occasional summer sailfish!
August Fishing Forecast on the Indian River by Charlie Conner (8/03/2019)
[Port St. Lucie,FL] The dog days of August have arrived, and you can bet on hot muggy weather for the Treasure Coast. Make sure you take the usual precautions of sunscreen and hydration when outside this time of year.
Big Snook Near The Inlets by Bob Bushholz (8/03/2019)
[Stuart,FL] We have been spending a lot of time on charters the past few months live baiting with greenies and pilchards on circle hooks south in the St. Lucie Inlet area.
Fishing report 8-3-19 by Mike Gerry (8/03/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Great week some ups and downs but for a hot August week its all good!
Good action on the deep grass flats in north Sarasota Bay by Jim Klopfer (8/03/2019)
[Sarasota,FL] Summer rains have the water temperature down a few degrees and fish have responded. Trout, bluefish, mackerel, and more are hitting jigs while drifting the flats.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - July 2019 wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (7/31/2019)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - July 2019 wrap-up................................................
Better Weed Lines, Decent Action, Schoolie Dolphin off Miami by (7/30/2019)
[Miami,FL] After weeks of scattered weeds making trolling tough, found some decent weed lines and weed patches with life and mostly schoolie-sized Dolphin
One Stop Shopping in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (7/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] One stop shopping in Shell Beach. Today I had the Kirk’s Tire and Accessories gang of Kirk, KB, Blake, and David on the Blazer Bay. We opted to go for redfish and it was a good move, even though the calm winds were tempting for a trout run.
Fishing report 7-27-19 by Mike Gerry (7/27/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the cool temps really picked up the bite this past week!
Nice Snowy and Roosters! by MIchael Alligood (7/26/2019)
[Los Suenos,CP] Released 4 sailfish for 5 bites. Raised a marlin but didn’t get a solid bite out of it.
Trout r biting by (7/25/2019)
[Venice,LA] 50 trout, 12 reds, 3 black drum and 2 sheepies py 10 am.
Crab Man Hits Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (7/24/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Monday I had Alvin Crab Man Royce and his son Justus out to look for some trout before school starts up again. Conditions were nice, but the bite was tough for us. We started out wasting a lot of bait at the Rocks.
Fishing in the Heat of July in Tampa Bay by John Rivers (7/24/2019)
[Tampa,FL] It's been hot and we've had a lot of rain, but despite that were still catching quality snook, Mangroves and some redfish mixed in.
Juvenile tarpon 7/23 by (7/23/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We caught a handful of tarpon in the dock lights around Port Everglades this week. Fish were actively feeding on minnows in the lights when we pitched at them.
Mahi madness by (7/23/2019)
[Pompano Beach,FL] Catching mahi is super fun for everybody. And not that difficult. We chose to hop around weed patches and Chum and before we know it mahis showed up. Great fish always measure those small mahis and have a big rod ready when that big mahi shows up.
Off To A Great Start In July! by Tim Rushing (7/23/2019)
[Naples,FL] I hope everyone had a great 4th of July last week! After starting the week red hot, the fireworks continued all week and right on through the 4th on the water…It’s been a Southern Gentlemen style start to the month!
Dock Light Madness by (7/23/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Tarpon and Snook, non-stop action. Bridges and Dock lights inshore at night.
The Tarpon are Coming by (7/23/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] I went fishing in Port Everglades and saw some tarpon rolling. I went fishing, although I didn’t catch anything I saw many tarpon.
The Mahi are out there! by (7/22/2019)
[Miami,FL] School of Mahi very present 10 miles offshore. It was a blast with Captain Mike and crew.
Transitioning from Tarpon Time to Shark Hunting. by Kyle Messier (7/21/2019)
[Homosassa,FL] After a great 2019 Tarpon season anglers are now searching for other angling options. Shark fishing the Nature Coast is one of the HOT bites going on right now.
Nighttime Fly Fishing Action! by Tim O'Connor (7/21/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We had a chance to fish with a Dream Team for some amazing nighttime fly fishing action in Fort Lauderdale! It was non-stop action and the tarpon bite was on fire!
Tarpon Fishing the Florida Keys by Rick Stanczyk (7/21/2019)
[Islamorada,FL] July is half way over – boy does time fly!  It’s definitely felt like summer time, though as of late it’s actually been a little nicer out.  We’ve had a little bit more wind so that has helped keep things a hair cooler, as well as several overcast/rainy days. 
Fun Flats Action for All Ages by Tim O'Connor (7/20/2019)
[Islamorada,FL] While down in Islamorada for the Independence Day Holiday, it was time to explore the bayside flats and the flats did not disappoint aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Snook & Redfish Slowing Down, But August Will Be Great! by Stewart Ames (7/20/2019)
[Tampa,FL] Redfish, snook and trout…all closed to harvest thru May, 2020. Great! A full year for fish to grow in a protected environment. Inshore fishing is a lot more about the sport and less about the harvest anyway, so business remains largely unaffected.
Fishing report 7-20-19 by Mike Gerry (7/20/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There was some ups and downs this past week, but had some success on schoolers!
Redfish in full swing by (7/18/2019)
[Jacksonville,FL] Did some fishing off the dock. Caught 3 reds up to 24'' on cut mullet and live shrimp on the incoming tide.
Palm beach Jupiter fresh and saltwater Inshore report by Craig Korczynski (7/17/2019)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook are in inlets and along beaches as the spawn with the full moon. Tarpon are active early morning and evening around deep channels and areas with moving water. Peacock bass can be found along shorelines and near bridges.
Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 11th, 2019 by Sam Vandervalk (7/16/2019)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Report on fishing Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Summer Time Mahi Fishing! by Dean Panos (7/15/2019)
[Miami,FL] The South Florida Mahi fishing is incredible with weedlines and bait, we are finding the fish just about everyday.
Typical Summer Fishing In Beach Haven by Jim Hutchinson Sr. (7/13/2019)
[Beach Haven,NJ] As the waters warm in Beach Haven, the variety of fish available has increased. In addition to the summer flounder and black sea bass, offshore species such as tuna are showing up. There are also reports of other fish such as blowfish and someweakfish.
While The City Sleeps, The Permit & Tarpon Fishing is on Fire! by Jeff Maggio (7/13/2019)
[Miami,FL] Big city lights and big fish is the name of the game. We are getting tight on some beautiful fish including bonus permit.
Fishing report 7-13-19 by Mike Gerry (7/13/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] An exceptional week on Guntersville very unexpected with hot temperatures.
Breezy Day Two in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (7/12/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Breezy day two in Shell Beach. Tuesday was day two for Forrest and Robert. We tried to get on the trout early like the day before, but the winds were just too high. We managed to put 12 good trout in the box, before giving up on the trout.
Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 11th, 2019 by Sam Vandervalk (7/11/2019)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Report on fishing Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Sport Fishing Off Shore Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (7/10/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Family from New Jersey fishing with Topshotfishing team, catching Kingfish, Bonita and a fighting Hammerhead Shark!!
Speckled Monday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (7/10/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speckled Monday at Shell Beach. Forrest Fife brought Monroe radio personality Robert DjWorm Jarvis down for his first taste of the salt marsh. We started out looking for trout and got on a good bite right off the bat.
Fishing report 7/6/19 by Mike Gerry (7/06/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Good week on the water, some good numbers days with good size and productive fishing!
Incredible July Fishing in Costa Rica by MIchael Alligood (7/04/2019)
[Los Suenos,CP] The fishing was incredible this month and it is only going to get better going into August!
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing is great again! by Dave Hanson (7/03/2019)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing inshore has yielded some nice redfish catches, along with some drum, sheepshead and snapper. Offshore has been good for cobia, triggerfish, snapper, porgies, shark and cobia.
Family Fishing Trip by Mike Laubscher (7/03/2019)
[Durban,KZN] The sons definitely out fished the dads on this trip.
Ucluelet Fishing Report - July 2nd, 2019 by Sam Vandervalk (7/02/2019)
[Ucluelet,BC] After slower days in early June things have really picked up!
The Fireworks Are Aboard Our Sportfishing Fleet! by David Ide (7/02/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The hot Summer bite continues to explode in time for Independence Day! The Lady Pamela Sportfishing Fleet continues to declare its independence from the oppression of slow fishing with big catches of the following species: Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tunas, Amberjacks, Barrcuda, Sharks and a battalion horde of Snapper and Grouper species!
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Bull Shark by Tom Zsak (6/30/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Family went fishing with the Topshot fishing team and caught Kingfish, Bonitas and a Bull Shark, which was released.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (6/29/2019)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June wrap-up................................................
Fishing report 6-29-19 by Mike Gerry (6/29/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the heat started to take effect on the fishing this past week its turning summer and it will be more work!
One of Those Days at the Beach by Rory Rorison (6/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] One of those days at the Beach. Tuesday I had Oneofthepack and Big Leon on the Blazer Bay. Our goal was to fish deep in the Sound for trout. The wind was a little more than forecast, but not too bad. We made several moves and covered a lot of water.
Fathers and Sons Fishing. by Mike Laubscher (6/26/2019)
[Durban,KZN] We had 2 families on the boat for a short morning charter. Water is very cold and under 20deg.C and we had a screaming reverse current.