I had the opportunity to get out fishing after getting a short break from work.   The mahi fishing has been absoultey incredible and I just wanted a few fresh filets to try in the air fryer rather than using frozen fish.

We set sail around 10am and was greeted with beautiful weedlines. It wasn't long until we found the right one and the aciton started.

Back at the dock we cleaned up the fish and decided tonight we would try out the new air fryer.  We also added a salad, mashed potatos and I pushed for some lava cake.

I was extremely impressed with the air fryer.  When cooking with oil, one thing for sure is OIL is expensive we always seem to be out of it.  So being able to cook without it is a huge plus.

The air fryer we purchased was a bit small, but it did say MICRO and for 2 people it was really all we needed.   We saved the rest of the filets to cook fresh another day.

Overall, I highly recommend every household has one.

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