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How To Rig Bonita or Mullet Strips for Trolling by David Ide (07/17/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] It is an industry secret that mullet strips when trolled on a planer using a sea witch is an extremely effective bait for kingfish, Mahi, tuna, sailfish and many more species. In this how to, we show you how to rig them up.
Carolina Rig by Mike Gerry (07/13/2019)
[Bass Fishing] There are some very important keys to fishing a shallow Carolina rig!
How To Tie Haywire Twist - Wire Leader Rigging For Toothy Fish by Michael Grimm (07/08/2019)
[Live Bait Fishing] Using wire leader is the key to catching toothy fish. You must be able to properly rig wire using a haywire twist.
Summer Chase for Big Bass by Mike Gerry (07/06/2019)
[Bass Fishing] The key to finding big bass in the heat is find the oxygen and here is some tips !
Rigging for Deep cranking by Mike Gerry (06/29/2019)
[Crankbaits] Rigging can be everything when it comes to catching fish on a deep running crank bait.
Schooling Bass by Mike Gerry (06/23/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes its just fun to target the schooling fish and here are a few tips!
How To Make Mullet Strips by David Ide (06/19/2019)
[Big Game] Trolling mullet strips on a planer is extremely effective for tuna, Mahi, kingfish, sailfish, wahoo and many more species. This is how we make 4 strips out of each mullet.
Creating a Bite by Mike Gerry (06/15/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some times the bass just don\'t feed and when that happens you have to create a bite!
Catching Summertime Sheepshead by Woody Gore (06/11/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] Sheepshead fishing in the summer can be incredibly fun and they are great to eat especially now that snook, redfish, and trout are off the menu. Give it a try and take the kids along with you.
Fishing Grass Lines by Mike Gerry (06/08/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to find the obvious and fish them hard but understanding the good and bad is important!
How To Hire A Fishing Guide by Woody Gore (06/07/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] When deciding on a charter captain you are about to make a serious investment in not only money but in your safety and the safety of your family, friends, and possible business associates.
Safety First by Mike Gerry (06/04/2019)
[Boating] Sometimes you just have to understand that boating is different than driving a car most people don\'t know the rules!
The Affect of Current by Mike Gerry (06/04/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Current is the trump card when things are tough, understanding how to use it to your advantage is key!
How To Throw A Cast Net Without Using Teeth or Getting Wet by Michael Grimm (05/29/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] In order to catch more bait, being able to throw a cast net is a tool you need to have in your arsenal. And while there are several ways to throw a net, I have found this method to be one of the easiest without putting the lead line in your mouth.
How To Rig A Live Bonita For Wahoo and Big Kingfish by David Ide (05/17/2019)
[Live Bait Fishing] A live bonita we call \"bullet bonita\" make great baits when slow trolled for wahoo, but you need to learn this technique in order to hook more fish and avoid the short strikes.