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Carolina Rig

[Bass Fishing] Some spring tips for fishing a Carolina rig in the spring time!

Monster Bass Baits

[Bass Fishing] If big fish is your thing then there are ways to target the big bites!

Safety First

[Bass Fishing] With the spring breaks about to kick in and the crowds picking up here are a few safety tips!

High Pressured Lakes

[Bass Fishing] There no doubt about it todays fishermen face more crowds than ever before!

High Water lakes

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on the high water time of year!

Different Rattle Trap Presentations

[Crankbaits] Some thoughts on how to work a rattle bait and get the most out of it!

Rattle Trap time of Year

[Crankbaits] Its time to get those rattle baits out and get on the water!

Are the Good Times Over?

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on the crowded lakes of that today\'s fisherman are challenged with!

What is Retrieve speed

[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on how to purchase your Christmas gift when it comes to reels.

A Bait from the Past

[Bass Fishing] Every now and then it is time to dig out some of the good old successful baits from the past!

December on Guntersville

[Bass Fishing] Some tips on how to handle the changes we see on Guntersville in December!

Its finally time for the frog bite

[Bass Fishing] The frog bite is on, Guntersville is doing its thing!

Falling Water Temps in the Fall

[Bass Fishing] some thoughts on what is going on when the water temps drop!

Boat Houses and the Fall

[Bass Fishing] Sometimes the fall forces you to do things you may not be comfortable doing like fishing boat houses.

The Florida Mullet Run Could Be the Best Thing About 2020

[Surf Fishing] The Fall Season is here and the mullet are migrating down the coast of SE Florida. Now is your time to get on epic surf fishing.