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How To Rig A Live Bonita For Wahoo and Big Kingfish by David Ide (05/17/2019)
[Live Bait Fishing] A live bonita we call \"bullet bonita\" make great baits when slow trolled for wahoo, but you need to learn this technique in order to hook more fish and avoid the short strikes.
The Jig Bite by Mike Gerry (02/25/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts o the early spring jig bite, this will help you!
Spring Top Water Bite by Mike Gerry (02/20/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some of the best fishing of the year and some of the best top water fishing!
Fly fishing near Vancouver BC Top 3 Fly Fishing Venues near Vancouver British Columbia by Brian McKinlay (02/20/2019)
[Fly Fishing] In this article we’ll focus on freshwater fly fishing locations. British Columbia has an endless supply of top fly fishing destinations so it’s no surprise there’s a ton of them near Vancouver.
Lake Seminole Fishing Guides Lake Seminole Fishing by Lake Seminole Fishing Guides (02/18/2019)
[Bass Fishing] When you think of freshwater fishing, Lake Seminole is usually in the list of dream locations. Lake Seminole fishing is world-renowned, not just for the many species of Bass, but for many other varieties, as well.
Top Fishing Spots in South Florida - Bird Key, Miami FL 25.8384° N, 80.1678° W by Michael Grimm (02/08/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] A great spot for everyone to fish whether on a boat, kayak or paddle board is Bird Key. With a beautiful and healthy grass flat it is no wonder the fish hold there year round.
How To Tie the Bimini Twist In Under 30 Seconds by Michael Grimm (02/06/2019)
[Tackle] The bimini twist is the only double line knot you need to know and it\'s easy!
Ethanol Gas Issues Subsiding by Mike Gerry (01/19/2019)
[Engines] Ethanol gas has been the killer of outboard motors but things are changing!
Cold Winter Day Tips by Mike Gerry (01/12/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some ideas when the weather seems to make your day tough on the water!
How to fish A-Rig by Mike Gerry (01/07/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some keys to the a-rig how when and where to fish it, it catches fish!
Ideally Rigged Bass Boat by Mike Gerry (12/23/2018)
[Bass Fishing] My thoughts on the must have vs. the should haves on bass boat rigging!
The Only Fishing Hooks You Will Ever Need by Michael Grimm (12/19/2018)
[Tackle] Circle Hooks Increase Your Hook Up Ratio and Help you Catch More Fish!
How To Make Mullet Strips by David Ide (12/09/2018)
[Big Game] Don\'t get rid of your dead mullet, they make great strip baits when trolling.
[Fly Fishing] Soča valley in Slovenia is considered one of the most spectacular destinations in the world for do fly fishing. In its emerald waters live the mysterious Marble Trout. ALPS FLY FISH invites you to know it.
How To Catch Goggle Eyes in Florida by Michael Grimm (12/07/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] The Goggle Eye is the most prized baitfish in South Florida by many. When you have a baitwell full of them, you are pretty confident you will find the fish.