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Dead Vegetation in the Winter

[Bass Fishing] Knowing and understanding the grass is key to winter fishing; here are some keys.

Early Spring Changes

[Bass Fishing] Spring changes things quickly your ability to adapt and understand is the key to successful fishing!

Confidence is Everything

[Bass Fishing] Being positive and finding a self esteem when fishing is tough, will get you over the though times on the water!

Transition between Fall and winter

[Bass Fishing] Where do the fish go between seasons here is some ideas on what to do!

Things to be Thankful for!

[Bass Fishing] As we approach Thanksgiving it never fails that the fishing industry has pushed fishing to new levels and we should appreciate it!

Keys to Fall Fishing

[Bass Fishing] Some of the natural keys to fall fishing, you just need to look around!

Rod tip angle makes a difference

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on how to guide your rod tip through cover!

Some cold Water Baits

[Bass Fishing] Some of the baits I turn too when the water temperature turns cold.

The Cold Winter

[Bass Fishing] What to do when it gets cold and nasty? Where to go and what to look for!

The Truth about Electronics

[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to invest some study time into your electronics!

Why is fall fishing tough

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on what makes the fall bite so tough until the feeding starts!

Water Temperature in the Fall

[Bass Fishing] Some thing so think about as the temperature in the water changes!

A-Rig is Getting hot Again

[Bass Fishing] the a-rig is coming back to many tackle boxes!

The Florida Mullet Run 101 - Epic Drone Footage of Sharks and Tarpon!

[Tarpon] The mullet run is one of the most epic migrations of baitfish in the world and it happens right here in Florida. Here is what you need to know.

Fishing Spot

[Bass Fishing] Some ways to expand your fishing spot with just a little effort!