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Don't give up on Bladed baits

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on bladed baits in the heat of the summer, don\'t let the heat scare you!


[Bass Fishing] the lure of ledge fishing is as strong as ever!

Summertime Changes

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on what to look for and accomplish in the heat of the summer!

Jigging spoons Anyone

[Bass Fishing] Some times in the heat of the summer jigging spoons are a great option!

Boat Houses and Summer

[Bass Fishing] Its no secret that boat houses always hold fish and the summer is a great time to prove it!

Rot Tip

[Bass Fishing] When worm fishing the rod tip angle can be everything, read below!

Summer Time Thoughts

[Bass Fishing] What decisions do you have to make to have a successful summer time trip?

Retrieve can make a Difference

[Bass Fishing] Retrieve speed and cadence can make a big difference in your catching!

Always Get Better

[Bass Fishing] If your not getting better your getting worst and that applies to bass fishing!

Bedding Facts

[Bass Fishing] Some facts about bedding fish, that hold up every year!

Its Time!

[Bass Fishing] It\'s time to get to your plastics and work the spawning beds!

Getting The Big Bite

[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to use the biggest baits in your box to get the big bite!

Where to fish next

[Bass Fishing] What to do when you seem to run out of locations to find fish!

Fishing Targets

[Bass Fishing] Targets especially hard targets are ideal patterns for the winter!

Restocking Guntersville

[Bass Fishing] A much needed restocking program is about to begin on Guntersville!