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A-Rig is Getting hot Again

[Bass Fishing] the a-rig is coming back to many tackle boxes!

The Florida Mullet Run 101 - Epic Drone Footage of Sharks and Tarpon!

[Tarpon] The mullet run is one of the most epic migrations of baitfish in the world and it happens right here in Florida. Here is what you need to know.

Fishing Spot

[Bass Fishing] Some ways to expand your fishing spot with just a little effort!

How To Sell Your Boat by Owner

[Boating] Avoid hefty broker fees by using the free tools we have today to list your boat for sale and do the entire transaction yourself.

Flipping anyone

[Bass Fishing] A fall technique that proves itself every fall, and its time to get to it!

Rambling Around the Fishing Industry

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts as we move past 2019 I-Cast.

The Art of top Water fishing

[Bass Fishing] Some things to make you a great top water fisherman, ideas, thougths sounds !

Baits for the Inexperienced Fisherman

[Bass Fishing] Some baits that catch fish and will be easy to hook a bass for the inexperienced

The Truth Behind Reel speed

[Bass Fishing] Some of the truths behind reel speed is it necessary and how does it benefit you!

Rigging for Deep cranking

[Crankbaits] Rigging can be everything when it comes to catching fish on a deep running crank bait.

Carolina Rig

[Bass Fishing] There are some very important keys to fishing a shallow Carolina rig!

Fall Changes

[Bass Fishing] Some changes for fall fishing that you need to be aware of to catch fish.

How To Rig Bonita or Mullet Strips for Trolling

[Saltwater Fishing] It is an industry secret that mullet strips when trolled on a planer using a sea witch is an extremely effective bait for kingfish, Mahi, tuna, sailfish and many more species. In this how to, we show you how to rig them up.

How To Tie Haywire Twist - Wire Leader Rigging For Toothy Fish

[Live Bait Fishing] Using wire leader is the key to catching toothy fish. You must be able to properly rig wire using a haywire twist.

Summer Chase for Big Bass

[Bass Fishing] The key to finding big bass in the heat is find the oxygen and here is some tips !