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Spinner bait bite in the Fall

[Bass Fishing] Nothing catches more fish in the fall than a spinner bait!

Heat of the Summer

[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on where to fish when the water turns hot!

Deep Cranking Time

[Crankbaits] The lure of the deep crank bait is addicting, try it you\'ll see what i mean!

Submergent Vegetation

[Bass Fishing] When the grass grows we are in the start of a great 2 to 4 weeks of some great fishing!

May and June fishing

[Crankbaits] Sometimes its all about the time of year, May and June!

Louisiana Fishing License Info

[Regulations] In preparation for your fishing charter with Hook Dat Fishing Charters, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare. Most importantly a Louisiana fishing license.

cold spells in the winter

[Bass Fishing] The cold spells can really mess up your pattern in the winter, you have to adjust!

Advantage of Fluorocarbon Line

[Bass Fishing] The pure fact that sometimes line makes a difference, come fish with me!

Patterns for Early Spring

[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on early spring patterns and locations on Guntersville!

Cold Water and jerk Baits

[Bass Fishing] Some keys to winter jerk bait fishing, its that time of year!

Jerk Bait Bite is Near

[Bass Fishing] With the cold water comes the jerk bait and its fun! Come join us

Key Fall Baits

[Bass Fishing] some key baits for the active fall feeding bass!

Some Fall Techniques

[Bass Fishing] The fall can be great but your competing against lots of natural bait!

Boat Houses Anyone

[Bass Fishing] Fall and fishing is all about shallow fishing an boa houses!

Fall Largemouth

[Bass Fishing] The fall is unique doing things a little different will pay off!