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Effects of the virus on the Fishing Industry

[Bass Fishing] this is how I see the change of the fishing industry from all the problems the virus has caused!

Igniting the Summer Bite

[Bass Fishing] Many times you just have to find the right bait to ignite the summer bite!

The Art of Swim baiting

[Bass Fishing] The swim bait has become one of the most versatile baits ever, here are some tips to fish it!

The Power of Confidence

[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to believe and confidence is the game changer!

A Constant Education

[Bass Fishing] The never ending process of learning on the water, all fisherman evolve be part of it.

The Significance of the Shad Spawn

[Bass Fishing] The beginning of the best part of the bass fishing season starts with the shad spawn!

Summertime Weather Affects the Bite

[Bass Fishing] Weather in the summer changes everything you thought you knew from the winter!

Scanning Key to the Summer

[Bass Fishing] Sometimes the best things are the things we don\'t understand!

Boat Houses and the Post Spawn

[Bass Fishing] Some patterns to look for as the shad spawn becomes front and center!

How to fish a Spinner Bait

[Bass Fishing] Some tips on fishing a spinner bait during the post spawn time of the year!

Bass Love Edges

[Bass Fishing] One easy area to target are the edges of grass lines, humps and more!

Habits of Spawning Fish

[Bass Fishing] The habits of the spawning bass changes over time especially with all the pressure on crowded lakes!

Big Fish Time

[Bass Fishing] if you can take the constant weather change now is the time to catch a big fish!

The Advantage of Non Stretch Line

[Bass Fishing] Sometimes there is more to fishing than meets the eye and line stretch is one of those considerations.

Line size in the Winter

[Bass Fishing] There is no doubt in my mind that line size can be a difference maker!