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Spinner bait bite in the Fall

Nothing catches more fish in the fall than a spinner bait!

Heat of the Summer

Some ideas on where to fish when the water turns hot!

Submergent Vegetation

When the grass grows we are in the start of a great 2 to 4 weeks of some great fishing!

cold spells in the winter

The cold spells can really mess up your pattern in the winter, you have to adjust!

Advantage of Fluorocarbon Line

The pure fact that sometimes line makes a difference, come fish with me!

Patterns for Early Spring

Some thoughts on early spring patterns and locations on Guntersville!

Cold Water and jerk Baits

Some keys to winter jerk bait fishing, its that time of year!

Jerk Bait Bite is Near

With the cold water comes the jerk bait and its fun! Come join us

Key Fall Baits

some key baits for the active fall feeding bass!

Some Fall Techniques

The fall can be great but your competing against lots of natural bait!

Boat Houses Anyone

Fall and fishing is all about shallow fishing an boa houses!

Fall Largemouth

The fall is unique doing things a little different will pay off!

Advantage of Vertical Fishing

Some times in the fall you must pull out your vertical baits to get them to bite!

Try something Different

As we get into fall fishing being creative and trying a different pattern might be the key!

Adjustments for fall fishing

The fall can be a tough time of year adjustments are what it is all about!

Frog Mats in Detail

The success is in the details, look close and be observant!

Search Baits in the Fall

The fall is time to cover water and search baits are key!

wind and fishing

sometimes you have to make the wind your friend!

Frog Mats

With all kinds of grass to choose from what do you fish?

Jig Profile

Size and look is more important then color, match the hatch!

Don't give up on Bladed baits

Some thoughts on bladed baits in the heat of the summer, don\'t let the heat scare you!


the lure of ledge fishing is as strong as ever!

Summertime Changes

Some thoughts on what to look for and accomplish in the heat of the summer!

Jigging spoons Anyone

Some times in the heat of the summer jigging spoons are a great option!

Boat Houses and Summer

Its no secret that boat houses always hold fish and the summer is a great time to prove it!

Rot Tip

When worm fishing the rod tip angle can be everything, read below!

Summer Time Thoughts

What decisions do you have to make to have a successful summer time trip?

Retrieve can make a Difference

Retrieve speed and cadence can make a big difference in your catching!

Always Get Better

If your not getting better your getting worst and that applies to bass fishing!

Bedding Facts

Some facts about bedding fish, that hold up every year!