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Submergent Vegetation Time is Here

As the water warms on most southern lakes, we start to really see the affect of the vegetation on our lakes; the grass is showing and growing off the bottom, the holes in the grass are holding fish and the good news is most bass this time of year feed upward! When this occurs and the bass are feeding upward off the bottom it allows you to move baits over their heads and attract them with dropping and moving baits in-between the grass clumps. Giving you a variety of different baits, you can attempt to fish and mostly likely have success with.

Examples of this are dropping jigs that can sliver and move in-between the clumps, big worms that cause long snake type movement around the edges of the grass clumps before they solid up and force you to go heavy where you then must penetrate the thick grass. Swim baits moving over their heads and slowly sinking 4-inch type worms become easy baits for young and inexperienced angler to use. These are all types of baits that can be successful in this period; the biggest thing is to just be patient and detect the bits so you can get a good solid hook set. It is also necessary to find the shell-cracker beds as the bass will load up and feed on the shell cracker as they try to bed in the shallow water. Matching the hatch in color and size will also be key to having success.

Success can also be measured and experienced by examining the grass you’re fishing as there is also keys to successful fishing as many times this time of year the bass seem to attract to one kind of grass over the other. Be observant and understand the types of grass and make sure when you get a bite you know what type of grass the fish came from as it may be the key to your next move. Its also true that there is plenty of dying grass from last year still in parts of the lake, it turns greenish, and mossy and the bass do-not like it. Make sure its new growth as this is what holds the fish! Submergent vegetation is key, find it fish it!


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