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Fly fishing near Vancouver BC

Top 3 Fly Fishing Venues near Vancouver British Columbia

In this article we’ll focus on freshwater fly fishing locations. British Columbia has an endless supply of top fly fishing destinations so it’s no surprise there’s a ton of them near Vancouver.


Soča valley in Slovenia is considered one of the most spectacular destinations in the world for do fly fishing. In its emerald waters live the mysterious Marble Trout. ALPS FLY FISH invites you to know it.
Now thats a hand full of fish, and a mouth full of fly rod!

Alabama Lakes for Trophy Striped Bass on a fly

Fishing for Alabama\'s Striped Bass with a fly rod may not seem practical but it can yield some surprising results! Just be ready for tackling big, trophy striped bass and a lot of chasing them down!
Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo

Avalon Fishing Center is dedicated to salt water sport fly fishing and diving on the best locations in Cuba - the Southern Coast: Jardines de la Reina, Isla de Juventud and Cayo Largo. Enjoy fishing a grand slam of tarpon, bonefish and permit with us, along with other species such as snapper, snook, jack crevalle, barracuda and other species.
King Fish (Jack) on Fly

Dont give up on the Salt!

An article I wrote on Salwater Fly Fishing some time back.

Tarpon on fly

A quick article on fly fishing for Tarpon on fly
Cristian Rodriguez


Our friend and representative in Chile, Cristin Rodrguez owner of Fly Fishing the Run, helped us to verify that the Avalon fly is not only successfully with the elusive PERMIT in CUBA, is INTERNATIONAL .

Make the Perfect Cast When Fly Fishing With Nymphs

Making the perfect cast when nypmh fishing can be the difference between a few strikes here and there and consistent action throughout the day.

How To Fish The Flats When It's Windy

This is a how to artificial on fishing the Saltwater Flats Of the Laguna madre.
June limit on the Upper Kenai River

Sockeye On The Fly (Red Salmon)

When Sockeye are plentiful, they are quite easy to catch on fly-fishing tackle. Often anglers fishing with conventional gear are amazed to watch fly rodders catching fish regularly while they may be missing out or occasionally foul hooking fish. I thoroughly enjoy the battle of a fresh sockeye on an 8wt fly rod.

Montana Post Runoff Fly Fishing

The period directly after runoff is a great time to fly fish Montana\'s legendary rivers. Learn some of the tips and tactics used for this exciting time.

Montana Early Season Hatches

Several of Montana's best hatches occur in the spring before runoff begins. A combination of midges, mayflies and caddis often produce explosive surface fishing.
Jon Magee Red on Fly

Learn How To Cast At Tailing Redfish

Tailing redfish learn to cast at or lead the fish? Amelia Island tailing redfish and the mullet run is going off this time of year the next flood tide is comming up soon.
Joe in my 'partner' Creek Company ODC-816 pontoon boat, telling a really good story!

Me and Joe Went Fishing

"Me and Joe went fishing on Wednesday night. Where we went ....", OK, I can hear the groans already. "NOT another so-called, 'Me and Joe' story." Well, I'm with you on that. I've had enough of those old brag-pole, exploit riddled tales, too. But this is NOT just another, 'Me and Joe'. This is a real life, honest-to-goodness, Me (Les Booth) and Joe (Joe Cornwall) fishing story. It's not what you'd expect... really.

Fly fishing the Sacramento River

A day on the water with my Grandson, fly fishing. Sacramento River - Redding, CA . Just returned from a great trip to Redding, Calif. to attend my Granddaughters graduation and take my Grandson on his first fly-fishing adventure.

A Woman with a Mission!

Glenda Powell Ireland's World Champion Flycaster (as featured in the Countryside Alliance Ireland Newsletter, December 2007)

Salmon Feminine Style

Let's go fishing with Glenda Powell Salmon Feminine Style Two French journalists travel to Ireland to visit the Cork Blackwater and meet a unique fisherwoman. Article written by Olivier Plasseraud (editor - Salmo magazine) & translated by Ian Powell from the French original. Photos by Marc Delacoste (assistant editor - Salmo magazine).