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Fly fishing near Vancouver BC
Fly fishing near Vancouver BC

Vancouver's #1 Fly Fishing Adventure The upper Pitt River - A unbeatable Fly Fishing Experience!

May 15 to July 7


Without a doubt this is the Best Fly Fishing for Trout available in Vancouver, British Columbia. Why you ask? For us it’s the combination of a super scenic jet boat ride up Pitt Lake, into the upper Pitt River and a fly fishing venue that is comparable to some of the best places on Earth! Glacier capped mountains dominate the scene here along with some old growth rainforest settings. Sure the scenery is great but the fishing is equally as good if not better.

The Fly Fishing

Now about the Trout fly fishing here. The upper Pitt River is host to a enormous Sea-run population of Bull Trout that start their journey into the river around mid May every year. This usually goes into mid July. Weather patterns play a key role here and late Spring to mid Summer offer ideal conditions for this. We limit our trips hre during this peak time.

Upper Pitt River Bull Trout tend to average 2-5 lbs but fish over 10 lbs are not uncommon. These Bull Trout are typically bright silver, indicative of the sea-run status.

Vancouver's #2 Fly Fishing Adventure Pink Salmon on the Squamish River

July 10 to September 1 - odd years only


Salmon jumping on the line?

This could be described as rather easy fishing. The kind where fish seem to jump on your line! Imagine a river stuffed with Salmon and your fly swings right in front of them over and over for hours. This is why Squamish River Pink Salmon fly fishing is one of the Best fly fishing venues in Vancouver.

The Fish and Method:

Pink Salmon will average 4 " 8 lbs but they can get up to 14 lbs. They are only hours from the Pacific Ocean and thus offer tremendous scraps on 7-8 weight fly gear. Swinging flies or stripping both work using floating line and sink tip. Any Pink coloured fly in sizes 2 to 8 can work.

Vancouver's #3 Fly Fishing Adventure Bull Trout & Steelhead - Squamish River


A place of beauty & tranquility!

Although 3rd on the list of Best places to go Flyfishing this is our 2nd Best Trout Fly Fishing available in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Squamish River holds true to it’s reputation as a quality fly fishing destination. The lay of the land here is breath taking. This glacial fed mid size river is 80 km long and holds at least 30 km of very fishable fly water in the lower half. Like many river basins on the West Coast the geography here is dominated by glacier capped mountains that suddenly jut out from the narrow valley floor. This is rainforest country. Very large Douglas Fir trees, Cedars and Alder can be seen everywhere. But then there’s the wildlife! Residing in the Squamish River Valley there is: Elk, Deer, Moose, Mountain Goat, Cougar, Wolf, Lynx, Black Bear, Grizzly, Bald Eagles and several water fowl species.

The Fly Fishing

The Squamish River holds a good population of resident and sea-run fish. This includes Bull Trout, Steelhead, resident Rainbows and Cutthroat. Squamish River Bull Trout tend to average 2-5 lbs but fish over 10 lbs are encountered each season. The sea-run Bull Trout are typically bright silver, the rezzies tend to be a bit less chrome and show shades of natural colors to blend in to the river bottom easier. Steelhead are the largest trout and are specifically sea-run. Sizes range from 5 to 15 lbs.

In Closing:

Get out there and enjoy the 3 Best fly fishing spots within 3 hours of Vancouver. If you can hire one of our fly fishing guides and experience the fishing here at it's full potential!

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