Fishing Reports by Captain Brian McKinlay

About The Author: Captain

Company: Silversides Fishing Adventures

Area Reporting: Vancouver and Fraser River valley

Bio: Silversides Fishing Adventures was established in 1996. We are proud to offer a 5 Star rated premium fishing guide service operating in the Fraser River Valley and Vancouver BC. Our fresh water guided fishing services include Big Game Sturgeon Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Steelhead & Trout Fly Fishing. Fishing tours are available year round. Book and fish with confidence because we know where the fish are !!

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It's Steelhead time! (2/19/2019)
[Vancouver,BC] Numbers of Steelhead entering the Vancouver area rivers is on the rise now. Expect some good results until mid April.
Fraser River Sturgeon Report (4/10/2017)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Welcome to our Fraser river Sturgeon fishing report for April 10, 2017. We are happy to report that Spring is here and the Sturgeon fishing has been simply 'ON FIRE!' latley. Our guided charters are hammering a lot of fish in the Mission BC area.
Amazing Sturgeon fishing (6/23/2016)
[Fraser Valley,BC] White Sturgeon fishing is excellent. Our clients are consistently landing big Sturgeon over 7 feet and up to just over 9 feet this season.
Amazing White Sturgeon fishing! (4/22/2016)
[Fraser Valley,BC] What a week of Incredible Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river in the Mission - Chilliwack area! In 2 days we hooked up with 25 fish and all of them quality fish.
Big game White Sturgeon fishing in Canada (10/17/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] October means incredible White Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river, British Columbia and it's certainly true this year!
Phenominal Fraser Sturgeon fishing! (9/23/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] So many big White Sturgeon in the Fraser river this fall its simply unbeatable fishing! This is the real deal for big game river fishing.
Fraser river BC Sturgeon fishing report (8/20/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Fraser You're not going to find better Sturgeon fishing!river Sturgeon fishing is HOT now and will be until later November.
Epic Pink Salmon Fly Fishing (8/20/2015)
[Vancouver,BC] The salmon fishing is so good in Vancouver it's hard to believe! The rivers are stuffed with Pinks
Fraser river Salmon & Sturgeon report (8/09/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Fraser river Sturgeon fishing trips are producing amazing results. Chinook salmon fishing opened Aug 3 and has been very good on bar fishing rigs.
Father & son team catch giant fish in BC! (7/30/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Our guests were from Columbia, South America. They wanted to fish in BC and experience something different so they booked 2 days guided fishing with Silversides Fishing Adventures. What they ended up with was a lifetime memory.
Sturgeon fishing great on the Fraser river! (5/30/2015)
[Vancouver,BC] The Fraser Sturgeon fishing report is quite impressive this past week. We've gotten our clients into some beauty fish up to 200 lbs this week.
Fraser river Sturgeon fishing report (5/10/2015)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Hey there, it's Brian Mack. Writing a Sturgeon fishing report is easy and not time consuming. Here it is: Good. Perhaps Very Good.
Fraser river Sockeye salmon fishing on FIRE! (8/29/2014)
[Fraser Valley,BC] There are millions of Sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser river this month and next. Salmon fishing is extremely good! Limits for everyone on our Sockeye fishing charters!
Big Game Sturgeon fishing heats up! (5/02/2014)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river near Vancouver, British Columbia offers the best big game river fishing in North America and this year is off to another good start with plenty of fish in the 5-7 foot range already
Vancouver flyfishing on local rivers is Hot! (4/13/2014)
[Vancouver,BC] Salmon fry are migrating downstream and tons of big trout are gorging on them. This has enabled the fly fishing to be amazing!
Steelhead Fishing BC (3/29/2014)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Good Steelhead fishing finally! After a slow start in Jan-feb the fish decided to show up late and now the fishing is very good.
350 lb Fraser river White Sturgeon (2/25/2014)
[Fraser Valley,BC] A nice winter's day delivers a Giant Fraser river Sturgeon for our Missouri client on Feb 19th. Winter Sturgeon fishing is producing some great results!
Steelhead fishing Vancouver BC area (2/12/2014)
[Fraser Valley,BC] A frigid cold snap is over and conditions are looking great for the remainder of February. Steelhead fishing in Feb - March is peak time so if you're in town be sure to look us up!
HOT Salmon fly fishing near Vancouver, British Columbia (10/31/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] The Chum and Coho returns this fall are amazing and the fly fishing is excellent!
Fraser river Salmon and Sturgeon fishing report (9/17/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Pink salmon have invaded the Fraser river and fishing is INCREDIBLE! Limits of 4 fish/day are easy to get for all our clients and then we are off Sturgeon fishing and catching very big fish!
Salmon Fishing - Sturgeon fishing: HOT !!! (9/06/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river near Vancouver British Columbia is open and the salmon fishing is on fire! 25+ million Pink salmon are heading into the river...
Sturgeon fishing impressive! (7/11/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river in the Mission area of BC has been spectacular this past month! The river is in prime shape too, 2013 will be a hot one!
Sturgeon fishing heats up (7/05/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river near Mission-Chilliwack has been rather impressive all spring/early summer and as we head into the 'peak' season its looking great!
HOT Sturgeon fishing! (6/22/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] We've been out quite a bit over the last week and all I can say is WOW! Totally impressed with the numbers and quality of fish.
Vancouver BC Fly Fishing report (5/02/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] Nice weather, good river conditions and good results for Bull trout on our custom tied fly's. The Squamish river fishes very well in early May, we hope you can join us for some really nice guided fishing on a beautiful river valley!
Vancouver BC Fly Fishing report (4/17/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] Fly fishing is very good right now for Bull trout averaging 2 lbs and we have landed a few around 5 lbs this week.
Sturgeon fishing report Fraser river Canada (4/02/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] We are very impressed with the number of hookups this season so far and also the size of some fish! Weather patterns have made conditions perfect...
Vancouver BC Fly Fishing report (4/02/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] The Squamish river is in perfect condition now and we are seeing great results for Bull trout up to 6 lbs! Only a 50 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and you're in flyfishing paradise!
Vancouver BC Fly Fishing report (3/09/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] Spring is arriving, the weather has been good this month and fish are everywhere!
Vancouver BC Steelhead fishing report (2/25/2013)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Recent rains are bringing lots of fresh fish into the river! Now is the time to book a guided fishing trip with us!
Vancouver BC Steelhead fishing report (2/19/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] There has been lots of BIG chrome fish this year! I anticipate a great fishery over the next 8 weeks.
Vancouver BC Steelhead fishing report (2/18/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] A lot of above average sized fish this season! We are encountering lots of 12-18 lb fish!
Vancouver BC Steelhead fishing report (1/28/2013)
[Vancouver,BC] Jan 28, 2013 Freshwater Fishing Report for Vancouver BC: Well folks its mid winter and that means it's Steelhead season in the Fraser river valley just 1 hour east of Vancouver, BC! We are just starting the peak migration for the Chilliwack river so over the next 8 weeks the fishing will be prime!
Vancouver Salmon fishing in November is a gem (11/13/2012)
[Vancouver,BC] Many might think that November means the end of our great fishing season, but its actually quite a magical month! November on the famous Harrison river is well known by local guides and anglers as having stellar fishing for Chum salmon...
Excellent fall Salmon Fishing on the Fraser river BC (10/03/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Salmon are everywhere in the Fraser river valley and plenty more on their way too! You won't want to miss out on some great salmon action!
Great Fall Fishing on Fraser river near Vancouver BC (9/23/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Late September means great Chinook salmon fishing, Sturgeon fishing too and October is primetime for more salmon such as Coho and Chum
Sturgeon fishing near Vancouver BC is great! (7/09/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river flood threats are long gone and the fishing is back to normal. It's been a very good start for us this season with lots of 5-7 footers
Sturgeon fishing heating up on the Fraser river (5/14/2012)
[Vancouver,BC] Gorgeous weather and the fish are biting quite good right now! Water temps are on the rise so fish become really active. From now until late November we experience good fishing for these prehistoric beasts that have earned their place in the Big Game sport fishing world.
Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing (5/06/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Get ready for some really big fish and some epic battles when your Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river with Silversides. We know this river and we have worked hard over the years to prove that. Our expertise in Sturgeon fishing the Fraser really pays off for you, especially during the summer months of May-July when fish can tend to be difficult for others to get.
Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river BC (4/12/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Finally the weather turned into spring and the fish are geting a bit more active. Recent trips have produced decent results for average spring sturgeon(2-5 feet) with the odd bigger fish around 7 feet.
Great Fly Fishing around Vancouver-April (4/12/2012)
[Vancouver,BC] April is prime time for fly fishing around Vancouver BC! As salmon fry emerge from the river gravel and travel towards the ocean they must dodge hungry Bull trout!
Vancouver BC Canada Steelhead fishing report (2/26/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] A great season so far for Steelhead. The season started late December and is now in full swing with another 2 months left!
Great winter run Steelhead near Vancouver BC (1/29/2012)
[Fraser Valley,BC] We are almost in the prime time for winter run Steelhead fishing just 1 hour from Vancouver BC Canada. February is a hot month for these fish!
Vancouver Canada Steelhead fishing report (1/11/2012)
[Vancouver,BC] Around Vancouver BC Canada the Winter Steelhead return is very good and its early season so we are looking at a great season until April with mid January to late March being peak times!
Great Salmon fishing this November! (11/05/2011)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Harrison river is crawling with fresh big Chum Salmon, often getting fish on every cast! all our recent trips have produced limits for our clients!
Hot fishing near Vancouver BC in Fraser river valley! (10/10/2011)
[Fraser Valley,BC] It's been a great salmon fishery this fall with record numbers of big Chinook salmon and Coho salmon entering the rivers as I type.
Vancouver area river fishing report (8/02/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Fly fishing in Vancouver for Salmon is very good this August!
Good Sturgeon fishing on Fraser river (6/23/2011)
[Fraser Valley,BC] We have been catching some real nice Sturgeon this past 2 weeks. Fish up to 350 lbs have been encountered!
Vancouver area river fishing report (5/25/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Great Trout fly fishing on some rivers around Vancouver BC Canada
River fishing around Vancouver is great! (5/03/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Bull Trout and Sturgeon fishing is very good right now and we're offering 25% off our regular rates for May.
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