Fishing Articles by Captain Brian McKinlay

Top 3 Fly Fishing Venues near Vancouver British Columbia (2/20/2019)
[Fly Fishing] In this article we’ll focus on freshwater fly fishing locations. British Columbia has an endless supply of top fly fishing destinations so it’s no surprise there’s a ton of them near Vancouver.
Big Kings - Big River (4/02/2013)
[Salmon] Big waters are conducive to big fish they say. The Fraser river is home to some mighty big fish and fall run King salmon fit the bill.
Salmon farming attacking free speech, wild salmon and science (1/29/2012)
[Conservation] Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq goes after activist who artistically speaks the scientific facts about farmed salmon and the elevated cancer risks associated with consumption. Legal bills are stacking up for this defence of free speech and wild salmon all over the world.
Farm Salmon Facts- the ugly scary truth (1/22/2011)
[Conservation] \"Raising salmon in net pens began in Norway, thus Norway is a forerunner. Today, nine out of ten salmon rivers in the heavily farmed Hardanger Fjord have collapsed and sea lice and escaped fish from salmon feedlots are blamed\"...
Amazon river under threat from Mega-Dam project (1/18/2011)
[Conservation] Belo Monte would be a project bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding at least 400,000 acres of rainforest, displacing 40,000 indigenous and local people... Sign the petition !!
The problem with Salmon farming along British Columbia's coast (9/20/2009)
[Conservation] The Salmon farming industry in conjunction with our government is responsible for the near collapse of the world\'s largest Sockeye salmon run