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Jon Magee Red on Fly
Jon Magee Red on Fly

Amelia Island tailing redfish and the mullet run is going off this time of year the next flood tide is comming up soon.Give your localOrvis Endorsed Guide Capt. Jeff Crumpton a callto book a trip. 904.753.6379 I like to try and lead my tailing redfish when they are on the grass flatsbut find that sometimes you almost have to hit them right on the head! When I am casting to a tailing red, I like to put the fly right about1-2ft in front of the fish and when his tail goes down give the crab or shrimp fly a little twitch to get his attention.

If the tail goes back up strip up any slack lineand watch your line for subtle movement the take and get ready to strip strike! Now enjoy the fight because you earned it, I can't count how many times I have had refusals because of something not quiet right. But this is a learning experince take in what was happenig to cause the refusal or the take so you can not repeat why the fish fleed.Butwhy the fish ate!

On a closing note I take hoola hoops and place a small pan in side the hoola hoops to practice withYes a Real fly that you would cast in real situations. The nastier the conditions to practice in the better you will be on the flats. Tight Loops and Screaming Drags!

Capt. Jeff Crumpton

Jeff Crumpton

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