Fishing Reports by Captain Jim Hale

About The Author: Captain

Company: Cane Polin' Charters

Area Reporting: Florida and Biscayne Bay

Bio: Cane Polin' Sport Fishing Charters will take you to numerous places on the South Florida waters.  From the world famous gin clear water flats of Biscayne Bay, where you will fish for permit, bonefish, tarpon and redfish to the backcountry creek mouths, passes and flats in Everglades National Park.  Here you will fish for snook, tarpon, redfish and a variety of others.

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Miami Fishing Charters (5/15/2011)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon around the bridges in Miami and the Fla Keys
Great Tarpon Fishing Miami (4/20/2011)
[Miami,FL] bridge fishing of following the tarpon oceanside on Fly in Miami and the Florida Keys
Excellent Tarpon fishing Miami area (4/12/2011)
[Miami,FL] Fly fishing or fishing bait around the bridges in Miami
Tarpon on Fly or spin (3/01/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Whitewater Bay and Flamingo fishing for tarpon Reds and Snook
Great fishing here (2/22/2011)
Lots of fish here (8/16/2010)
[Miami,FL] Talking about all the fish here on the flats of Biscayne
Tarpon Time (5/03/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] All about Tarpon on a fly rod fishing rivers bays and the florida bay backcountry
Reds on Fly lots of them! Who says there are no fish here? (3/26/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] A brief look at flyfishing for hundreds of Redfish on fly and a look at Tarpon fishing next week!
Cast for a Cause tournament 2010 for reds Snook Bones Poons and Permit (3/22/2010)
[Miami,FL] Cast for a Cause tournament 2010 sight fishing for redfish and Black Drum
Bones in Miami and great rod bending action in Miami area (2/23/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] a new way to fish at flamingo and good bones In Biscayne Bay
Great action in South Florida (1/04/2010)
[Miami,FL] Fish Biscayne bay for Bones or great family rod bending action at Flamingo
Muttons, Bones and Poons Inshore Miami Report (12/21/2009)
[Miami,FL] forecast for Tarpon and Bonefish and Snapper
Permit in warm Miami (12/09/2009)
[Miami,FL] Snook Tarpon Permit in December 2009 Miami area and the Kys on spin lite tackle and fly
Mutton and Snook (11/25/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] Snook fishing the flats and fishing for nice fat mutton snapper on the patch reefs
Tarpon before Ida and they will be there after (11/09/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] It is a blessing to be able wake up early on a hot November morning, drive through beautiful Everglades National Park seeing all kinds of birds from Egrets to Herons and Hawks and the occasional Alligator on the side of the road warming himself on the warm pavement, then a amazing boat ride across slick Florida Bay to find the best thing.Hundreds of Rolling Tarpon!
November (11/28/2007)
[Flamingo,FL] Late fall fishing came in big! Here's what we did in both the Atlantic and Pacific sides.
Florida and Biscayne Bay August fishing report (8/21/2007)
[Flamingo,FL] Capt. Jim Hale lets you know where it's hot and where its not in Florida and Biscayne Bay
Florida and Biscayne Bay Fishing Report (3/09/2007)
[Flamingo,FL] Talking about hard times. Determination is what my clients had this past month as the conditions were not favorable.
Winds Blowing You Off The Flats (2/05/2007)
[Flamingo,FL] Winds howling blowing you off the flats, but coves and mouths are still good fishing. Bonefish have been the targeted species this month, the water temps have been above normal, bringing cruising and tailing fish from all over into the shallow flats of beautiful Biscayne Bay we have been catching fish from 7 to the 13 lb bruisers...
Redfish and Snook Still Biting Flamingo FL (11/15/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] Redfish and Snook are still around Flamingo even though the winds are picking up and cooler weather coming in.