Slovenia is known to many of us by Ernest Hemingway's famous book "A Farewell to Arms" or for being the home country of Melania Trump, the wife of the current president of the United States. But what not all fishermen know is that this small country in Europe is one of the best destinations in the world for the practice of fly fishing.

Despite the small size of this country located on the sunny side of the Alps there are thousands of kilometers of rivers for fishing. In a radius less than two hours we can fish from alpine streams, lakes or plain chalkstream.

Some of the most beautiful are:


Emerald waters of Soča River

Sava Bohinjka: one of the most beautiful rivers situated next to the famed Bled Castle

Radovna River: a wild river that goes through the Triglav National Park.

Idrijca River: excellent river for trophy Marble Trout.

Lepena River: Pretty alpine stream of turquoise waters

The fisherman who visits Slovenia can enjoy fishing for different species such as:

Marble trout: It is a unique salmonid in the world that is located in countries of the Adriatic Sea basin such as Croatia, Italy, Slovenia ... It is characterized by its great aggressiveness.

Rainbow trout: it is an allochthonous trout that comes from hatchery. The waters of many rivers in Slovenia are repopulated continuously by these fish existing excellent populations already naturalized.

Adriatic Grayling: Are a kind of Grayling whose populations are extraordinary in some plain rivers like Unec. Fishing grayling is spectacular in the months when there are May fly hatches.

Also is posible fishing Brown trout and Taimen.

The taímen is fished from November to March and the trout fishing season begins in March and ends in October. The variety of rivers to fish in Slovenia is very large so it is very difficult to determine which are the best months of the year.

Bovec town is located in the upper part of the Soča River Valley, is considered the capital of fishing in Slovenia and one of the points used for a lot of anglers as a center of operations on his fishing holiday in Slovenia.

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