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Company: Arthur O'fieldstream Outdoor Journal

Area Reporting: USA, Canada, freshwater, saltwater

Bio: -- Creative Writer and New Mediast -- Thirty-plus years in communications, graphics, design, marketing and entrepreneurism. Twenty-plus years in technology, web development, new media and writing: technical, social and outdoor/nature. Outdoor recreation communicator: writer, photographer, videographer, illustrator, designer. Lifelong avid outdoorsman, recreationalist, conservationist, activist and educator. BSc AgSystems Managerment (Fisheries/Aquatic Science/Communications) Purdue University. Active Member Outdoor Writers Association of America: 1990 -.

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Early is good (9/04/2008)
[Fairfield Lakes,IN] Best time for late summer lakes is early morning, post sundown. Deep lakes offer mid-day success with depth in your work.
OnStream Smallmouth Seminar: w/Tim Holschlag (8/07/2007)
[Tippecanoe River,IN] Fishing was modest, conditions were excellent, company friendly as usual