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Our early morning entry (7:45AM) was at least 2 hours later than we should have mounted for the time of year and the water we were to encounter. But, hey, we're 'older men' now and quick-movement isn't as fast, nor as important as it was at one time. The day was a bonafide "Glory Day" though. None more beautiful to have. Air temps in the low 60's and there was no wind to speak of Plus, the water was ours alone.

My buddy Ed and I enjoyed a comfortable float on our Creek Company pontoons. Easy access to any spot on the lake was ours to have and behold. We did.

Our location/destination was the Fairfield Lakes State Fishing area just east of Lafayette, IN. This little assortment of water offers 4 very nice bodies of water; former gravel pits. So, water quality is top-notch!

The gate on the main parking lot opens at daylight, but the Wildcat Creek access lot offers an earlier entry for those who want to take advantage of the 'active fish' hours: before and after the main gate 'offers entry/exit'.

We used fly rods the entire day; our standard fare. Our choice for all-around enjoyment. They did not let us down in any way we could see.

We did OK as far as 'catching' goes. Nothing to brag about, if that's what you're looking for. But our objective was never about fish sizes or numbers. We were there to enjoy a beautiful late summer morning, on the water, during a rare quiet moment in life, pursuing our favorite past time of fly-fishing.

I took a couple of descent LMB's in the 1# range. And several smaller fish in the 1/2 to 3/4 # range. All very eager and aggressive. The bluegill were in like numbers and sizes. Nothing spectacular. I did take (shown below) one descent bull bluegill, though. A dozen like this would have made a very nice 'mess o' fish' for the frying pan. But, that wasn't to be. It was late when I caught this one - had a noon departure time with no slide room '. - so after a couple of photos, back into the water he went.

Ed pretty much mirrored my day as well. He didn't have a camera with him and we were apart most of the time - so I didn't get any pics of him taking fish. I trust him. He usually out-fishes me so him catching is not an issue.

What I didn't capture on the screen, but really should have tried, was what I COULD SEE .. down in the water!

In over a dozen places in the lake we were in (Lake #2), I could see into the extremely clear water - note for anyone listening - CLEAR WATER!!, head-up and plan accordingly! - dozens of very nice fish. Both bluegill and bass. Several bass in the 5# range - milling around together - along with smaller 1-3# bass and big bluegills. Some of the 'gills were in easily 2# fish.

Yes, I tossed everything but my infamous "KY Jerkbait".. 1/4lb of dyn-o-mite - somewhat frowned upon by sportsmen, fly-fishers and DNR officials alike '. ), and got NADA! ZIP! NOTHUN! They would follow. Nip at it. But not take it. One of those, 'We know you want us to take it and can see us, but we ain't buyin'!" ... sort of days. Hmmmmm. Well, in addition to having a near Nirvana day-on-the-water, I now know for sure, there are some very worthwhile fish in there to occupy my pastime on. Suspected it for some time. Actually have a few in 'caught' category, but now know there are even better treats in store.

Ed again, mirrored that same frustration: on all accounts. But, he too, had a great day overall. How could you not? Well, I guess, if we'd have been looking for 'catching' more than 'fishing' .. we could have come away disgruntled at the outcome. But as I said before, that wasn't out objective. So, we won.

We will be back at 'em again - soon. If we are able to break their 'code'. I'll report back... Maybe. ". )

Until later ..

Really enjoy your Fishing. 'Cause, catching is only a by-product.


Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill
Bait Used: Flys: Shenk's Streamer, Black Woolybugger, Froggy Popper, Michigan Spiders and m
Tackle Used: Reddington 7wt; Reddington large arbor reel
Method Used: Pontoon drift and cast
Water Depth: 10' to 40'
Water Temperature: High 70s
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Speed: 5-15 knots
A very nice, handsome bull bluegill
A very nice, handsome bull bluegill

A small but very healthy largemouth
A small but very healthy largemouth

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