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Great Half Day with Mark and his Wife by Michael Grimm (12/05/2019)
There is nothing quite like a winter morning in Miami. You can't count all the species available on one hand, but you can count on some action.
Blackfin, Wahoo & Mahi! by Tom Zsak (12/02/2019)
Anglers from New England came down to Fort Lauderdale for some deep sea fishing action and got plenty - starting out with a Black Fin Tuna and a Wahoo, ending with 4 Mahi Mahi's - great day fishing!
Getting in on the Redfish Bite by Joe Ezell (12/01/2019)
Went out chasing Redfish again yesterday. Had a lot of fun with the crew and fished a few spots before reaching their limit.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November 2019 wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (11/30/2019)
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November 2019 wrap-up......................................................
Searching for Delacroix Redfish by Joe Ezell (11/30/2019)
Just recently went out on the marsh again with another great crew! While our first spot didn't yield great results, we fished several other spots and got some great bites.
Fishing report 11-30-19 by Mike Gerry (11/30/2019)
November has been the best of the fall so far; December will be until we turn really cold!
Nov 2019 New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (11/28/2019)
Late fall is here, water temps starting to cool, won't be long now until the winter pattern arrives, fish will begin to school up, winter fish being caught, Sheepshead, Redfish, Bluefish, Black Drum.
The Big Tarpon Crashed Thanksgiving Day! by Michael Grimm (11/28/2019)
Like clock work, the big tarpon made an appearance just before thanksgiving day. And now the silver king is all I can think about.
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (11/24/2019)
Fishing off shore in Fort Lauderdale - anglers caught two Wahoo's!! Great fighting fish!! Delicious to eat as well!!
Fishing for Reds in the Marsh by Joe Ezell (11/23/2019)
Just recently helped out another captain with a trip. The family boarded the Majek and while at first, we didn't have much luck, we fished spots until we ran into them again!
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing Action good offshore and inshore by Dave Hanson (11/23/2019)
Tides have been pretty good in the bay, for winter season, so far, and conditions in the gulf have been variable, but with plenty of calm enough days to get well offshore.
Swordfishing is florida # 1 fishery these days there is nothing in the world like hooking on of these gladiators of the sea and seeing them jump.
Fishing report 11-23-19 by Mike Gerry (11/23/2019)
November has been a good one and I believe it will continue through most of December!
Sport Fishing Off Shore Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (11/18/2019)
While bottom fishing, angler caught a 8+ft. Golden Hammerhead Shark - exciting fight and catch. Shark was released.
False Albacore getting fired up in Crystal River, FL. by Kyle Messier (11/17/2019)
Great fly action on False Albacore out of Crystal River, FL. Long drag screaming runs and busted knuckles. Life is Good.