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Two Day Fishing Trip in the Marsh by Joe Ezell (1/23/2021)
This week we had a crew come out on a two-day fishing trip, looking for redfish in the Delacroix marsh. The bite started off slow on day one, but on day two we had some warmer temps and the bite was a bit better.
Delacroix Redfish by Joe Ezell (1/23/2021)
We were a little late leaving the dock due to cooler temps and the bite started off slow. However, we eventually got the bite dialed in and had a great time.
fishing report 1/23/21 by Mike Gerry (1/23/2021)
cold water wind made for a few tough days, some good some not so good!
Two For Tuesday by Mo Estevez (1/22/2021)
Two trips and both were awesome! First I had a 7 year old kick but and then a father/son duo that got worn out.
Looking for Delacroix Redfish by Joe Ezell (1/21/2021)
Last weekend we headed out in search of some more Delacroix redfish. While the colder temps kept the bite slow in the morning, we managed to get a good bite by the early afternoon.
Winter Redfishing by Joe Ezell (1/21/2021)
Last week we helped out another charter captain with a 3-boat trip. We weren’t so lucky in the morning, but by the afternoon we managed to get a good bite.
These women rock! by Mo Estevez (1/17/2021)
When rookies turn pro right before your eyes.
fishing report 1/16/21 by Mike Gerry (1/16/2021)
The winter is shaping up to be a a great time on Guntersville!
Jan 2021 Florida New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (1/14/2021)
Winter fishing conditions have set in at East Central Florida, cold clear water, very little surface activity with fish hugging the bottom. Drop baits down deep or on sun warmed flats during sunny days with fish and baitfish schools coming shallow in certain spots for the sun shine.
Cold Weather Snook Fest! by Mo Estevez (1/13/2021)
Yes, it was cold, yes it was windy but the snook were feeding!
12 year old vs snook by Mo Estevez (1/11/2021)
Kids are awesome to fish with and it is a special moment when they catch a species they won't soon forget.
This never gets old! by Mo Estevez (1/10/2021)
Yeah, it's been cold but the fish haven't cared and today was one of those days!
This Never Gets Old! by Mo Estevez (1/07/2021)
Winter time in Miami is all about variety of species and today was further proof of that.
It's raining silver in Miami! by Mo Estevez (1/04/2021)
Cool water temperatures and the fish have become accustomed to it and they have been on a tear feeding.
Sunny Monday Fishing by Joe Ezell (1/02/2021)
Last week we had a crew board the Majek in search of some redfish here in the Delacroix marsh. The weather today was much better than it was on the previous trip and we caught some great fish!