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Chasing Reds Before the Storm by Joe Ezell (10/12/2019)
Chased some reds on the Delacroix marsh with a little catch and release. We managed to get some good catches before the winds picked up from the storm to the south.
Fishing report 10-12-19 by Mike Gerry (10/12/2019)
It keeps getting better and better we need a little more cold temps and it will be right!
Charter Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/11/2019)
Husband and wife fished with the Topshotsport Fishing Team - had a good time fishing, catching a couple of Wahoos and Black Fin Tuna.
White Bait Galore, Mullet Run Slowing Down by Michael Grimm (10/06/2019)
The mullet run has slowed down off the beach, but the bridges and creeks have been hopping with bait and fish.
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/04/2019)
Anglers from Chicago fished Fort Lauderdale waters catching 5 Mahi Mahi's, Bonitas and a Sailfish that pulled the hook. Action and fun had by all.
Fall is Here and Striper Fishing is Heating Up on Lake Texoma by Steve Barnes (10/03/2019)
Capt. Steve We had a great summer on Texoma this year but summer keeps dragging on. I’m ready for some fall weather and if the forecast is correct we should finally see some cooler weather next week.
Daytona New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (10/02/2019)
Fall is here with east breezes off the ocean, cooler mornings, high water levels in the lagoon and backcountry, bait fish and migratotry game fish start to arrive with the the change of season starting.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2019 wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (9/30/2019)
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2019 wrap-up...........................................................
Light Tackle Mullet Run Action with Junior Anglers by Tim O'Connor (9/30/2019)
Junior Anlgers have a big time fishing the Mullet Run with light tackle! Snook and Tarpon action!
Bluefish Blitzing off of the Nature Coast. by Kyle Messier (9/29/2019)
The Bluefish Blitz along the Nature Coast is going down off the coast of both Crystal River and Homosassa. Anglers looking for consistent action should look no further our coast as its on fire right now!!!
Fishing report 9-28-19 by Mike Gerry (9/28/2019)
There was a great pick up in catching this past week!
Two-Day Trip in the Delacroix Marsh by Joe Ezell (9/22/2019)
Helped out Captain Chad Dufrene of Dufrene's Guide Service with a two-day trip. We bounced around the Delacroix marsh, catching some great fish before the storm rolled in.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August 2019 wrap-up. -Very Late- by Jeff Rogers (9/21/2019)
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August 2019 wrap-up. -Very Late-............................................
Fishing report 9-21-19 by Mike Gerry (9/21/2019)
The cooler nights have helped make the fish active, not everywhere but helped!
Big Tarpon Eat Big Mullet by Mac Brookman (9/19/2019)
After a lot research online and on YouTube, I came to a conclusion. Large Tarpon eat very large (very wounded) mullet fish! Sounds simple right?