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Fishing Continues to be Outstanding! by Tim Rushing (8/23/2019)
As August has settled into the full fledged dog days of hot muggy weather mixed with rain, the traditional Southwest Florida fishing patterns have settled in as well. The bait is still readily available to get, but has gotten smaller, and we are getting it along the beaches. In spite of my normal instincts to go out to the bait wrecks and get the bigger baits, the old adage 'Elephants like peanuts' has seemed to become the norm on our trips the past few weeks.
Junior Angler Trip-Action Packed by Tim O'Connor (8/20/2019)
Junior Anglers can't get enough of the inshore action aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Yellowfin Schools Are Back in Session! by James Peters (8/19/2019)
The main attraction for Venice, Louisiana sportfishing, Yellowfin Tuna, are back to school for the Fall and now is the time to get out ahead of these bigger fish aboard Osprey Charters. Like many of us, the big Yellowfins went on a summer vacation but they're showing back up and fatter than ever!
Fishing report 8-17-19 by Mike Gerry (8/17/2019)
Another great week for dog days on Guntersville, the top water bite is on!
Chasing Those Delacroix Reds by Joe Ezell (8/16/2019)
Helped Captain Casey Brunning of Hurricane Bay Charters with a trip for a crew from Georgia just a few weeks ago. Our first stop produced a Sheepshead and the 8th Flounder of the year with one Redfish. We moved around the marsh hitting several spots but finding nothing stacked.
Offshore Fishing Reports in Fort Lauderdale, FL by Tom Zsak (8/14/2019)
Offshore fishing with young anglers in Fort Lauderdale - Caught Vermilion Snapper, as well as yellow-eye Snapper - anglers enjoyed their fishing experience.
Took The Day off To Do Maintenance by David Ide (8/14/2019)
Boat and gear maintenance is extremely important to us. We don't schedule charters on specific days for each boat to go through our checklist of motor maintenance, safety gear, etc.
The Bigger Mahi Are Showing Up off Miami by Michael Grimm (8/14/2019)
If you can get out there, now is a great opportunity to get on some bigger fish of the season. We found some nice gaffers about 15 miles offshore.
Non-Stop Action Off the Beach by Tim O'Connor (8/10/2019)
We decided to get in on the red-hot bite off the beach in Dade County aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Fishing report 8-10-19 by Mike Gerry (8/10/2019)
Fishing for the dog days of august remains strong, a great year on Guntersville!
August 2019 Daytona New Smyrna Beach Backcountry by Michael Savedow (8/10/2019)
Has been a great summer on Mosquito Lagoon now looking forward to the start of fall with the seasonal migration of game fish and bait fish coming down the Florida coast line.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Lots of rain, but fishing good when you can go by Dave Hanson (8/09/2019)
Among a lot of stormy days and drenchings, I managed a few inshore and offshore trips, most of which yielded good results.
All You Want Whitefish & A Nice Yellowtail! by Chris Coletta (8/09/2019)
Captain Brian running the Wanu and first mate Trevor back at it again this afternoon.
Huge White Sea Bass Makes Afternoon Session Successful! by Chris Coletta (8/07/2019)
Huge White Sea bass caught in San Diego made for an epic day close to shore.
Redfish Wednesday in Delacroix by Joe Ezell (8/04/2019)
Just recently, we had two husband and wife teams joins us in chasing redfish. At first, it was a little slow going, but we ended up catching quite a bit before the storms rolled in and had such a fun time!