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Recently Submitted Florida Fishing Reports
    Big Tarpon Eat Big Mullet by Mac Brookman (9/19/2019)
    [Fort Lauderdale] After a lot research online and on YouTube, I came to a conclusion. Large Tarpon eat very large (very wounded) mullet fish! Sounds simple right?
    Mullet Run/South Florida-Twinstagator Charters by Doug Colwell (9/16/2019)
    [Hollywood] Amazing Mullet Run charter onboard "Twinstagator" Charters with Capt. Tim O'Connor. 9/15/2019
    First-Time Mullet Run Chaos! by Tim O'Connor (9/16/2019)
    [Miami] Doug and Dan joined Capt Tim aboard TwinstiGator Charters to get their Mullet Run Baptism of Fire and they got to see a show! Several pods of mullet showed up near the trough and the pods were getting worked by Tarpon, Snook and Jack Cravelle.
    65th Wedding Anniversary Fishing Trip by Tim Rushing (9/15/2019)
    [Marco Island] Art , Bob, their 86 year old dad, Art, and Brother in law Matt grinded out a hard working windy morning beating up the little snook, reds, and big mangrove snapper.
    Good Fishing in SW Florida by Tim Rushing (9/13/2019)
    [Naples] If you have ever wanted to get in some good fishing in SW Florida, September is always a good month because we start to feel the breezes cool us a little, and the angle of the sun starts to wane, but the water is hot, and the fish are still all over the place
    Hurricane Dorian Kick Started the Mullet Run by Michael Grimm (9/06/2019)
    [Miami] It was a like a switch. The mullet appeared immediately as Hurricane Dorian was sitting off our coast. It is go time!
    Sept 2019 New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (9/04/2019)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Early fall patterns are starting, bait fish migration has just begun with inshore game fish following down the coast as the the season begins to change to autumn.
    Juvenile Tarpon Time along the Nature Coast. by Kyle Messier (8/25/2019)
    [Homosassa] Summer time is a perfect time to target juvenile Tarpon around the Nature Coast. Crystal River and Homosassa Fishing Report.
    From Texas To Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing by Tom Zsak (8/24/2019)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Troy Caraway and his wife, Lindsay, along with their sons, Liam and Colby, and their daughter, Blake, were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale from Houston Texas.  While in Fort Lauderdale, they chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing charter boat team for a private deep-sea charter boat sport fishing trip.   As the Caraway’s boarded the boat, they were greeted by Captain Zsak, and his mate. 
    Fishing Continues to be Outstanding! by Tim Rushing (8/23/2019)
    [Naples] As August has settled into the full fledged dog days of hot muggy weather mixed with rain, the traditional Southwest Florida fishing patterns have settled in as well. The bait is still readily available to get, but has gotten smaller, and we are getting it along the beaches. In spite of my normal instincts to go out to the bait wrecks and get the bigger baits, the old adage 'Elephants like peanuts' has seemed to become the norm on our trips the past few weeks.
    Junior Angler Trip-Action Packed by Tim O'Connor (8/20/2019)
    [Miami] Junior Anglers can't get enough of the inshore action aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
    Offshore Fishing Reports in Fort Lauderdale, FL by Tom Zsak (8/14/2019)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Offshore fishing with young anglers in Fort Lauderdale - Caught Vermilion Snapper, as well as yellow-eye Snapper - anglers enjoyed their fishing experience.
    Took The Day off To Do Maintenance by David Ide (8/14/2019)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Boat and gear maintenance is extremely important to us. We don't schedule charters on specific days for each boat to go through our checklist of motor maintenance, safety gear, etc.
    The Bigger Mahi Are Showing Up off Miami by Michael Grimm (8/14/2019)
    [Miami] If you can get out there, now is a great opportunity to get on some bigger fish of the season. We found some nice gaffers about 15 miles offshore.
    Non-Stop Action Off the Beach by Tim O'Connor (8/10/2019)
    [Miami] We decided to get in on the red-hot bite off the beach in Dade County aboard TwinstiGator Charters!