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Browse Recent Stick Marsh - Farm 13 Florida Fishing Reports

Golden Ticket by Dean Herdman (11/10/2011)
It's wild shiner time at the Stick Marsh. November weather is great and fishing is on.
The Time is Right by Dean Herdman (11/05/2010)
The weather is perfect now for fall catching!
Stick Marsh Bass Bite Remains Steady by Dean Herdman (5/07/2010)
The bass bite on the farm side remains steady as the water temps continue to rise and fish transition to traditional post spawn areas.
Two Weeks of Winter by Dean Herdman (2/03/2010)
Unusual cold spell leads to busy buzzardsand Lazy Gators. February looking up.
Another Trip Around the Sun by Dean Herdman (1/01/2010)
Looking forward to great fishing in 2010.
A Junebug Worm by Dean Herdman (12/09/2009)
Q: What did you catch that on and where were you? A: Junebug worm on the SE shore.
Stick Marsh Prime Time by Dean Herdman (11/06/2009)
November signals the beginning of the best time of year to fish the Stick Marsh in Central Florida. Next 6 months should be considered prime time.
Summertime heats up by George Welcome (7/17/2009)
Even with the heat the big gals are being caught
Stick Marsh in the summer by George Welcome (6/16/2009)
Summertime and the weather is warm, but the fishing is hot.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (6/09/2009)
Things are swinging into a hot summer bite
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (6/01/2009)
Fluctuating conditions bring varied success
Lake is getting low by George Welcome (5/16/2009)
Caution is the word as the lake levels drop
The wind is still blowing by George Welcome (4/30/2009)
Wind contributes to difficulty on the lake.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 this winter by George Welcome (4/26/2009)
It's been tough but it will be better as things calm down weatherwise.
Fall has arrive at the Marsh by George Welcome (10/04/2008)
Fall is here and it is time to think hot fishing.
Sometimes the lake wins by George Welcome (9/22/2008)
Things were a bit cooler this trip but the season is just aroud the corner.
Farm 13 on a warm September day by George Welcome (9/17/2008)
It was hot and humid but it didn't bother the fish. Summertime can be tough, but a bit of knowledge and perserverance can pay off.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 and Ansin/Garcia by George Welcome (9/14/2008)
Checked both lakes - Garcia for conditions and the Marsh to check the conditions specifically at the spillway.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 with the Swede by George Welcome (9/08/2008)
Fantastic day, great weather, and wonderful comaraderie.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 update by George Welcome (8/31/2008)
Good to excellet fishing.Lots of water inflow.
Fishing the Marsh by George Welcome (8/28/2008)
Heavy rains mean outstanding fishing. Fay did us a fayvor.
Good times on the Marsh by George Welcome (8/05/2008)
Fishing has been good with projections of some outstanding fishing in the up coming year.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (6/24/2008)
Two great days of fishing! The bite is hot and the fish are big.
More summertime on Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (6/20/2008)
A recap of a summer morning on one of the best lakes in North America.
Summer and the Marsh by George Welcome (6/18/2008)
A summary of events on the Marsh over the last month and a half. It's pretty exciting.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (4/22/2008)
Several fantastic days and events on the lake. These lakes just can't be beat.
Fishing on the Marsh by George Welcome (4/13/2008)
Another super day on the Marsh. Rene and Julio experience good fishing.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (4/06/2008)
March cloes out windy but producing good numbers and size.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (3/21/2008)
Overview of last months activities and locations on the lake fished
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 by George Welcome (2/13/2008)
The fishing has been fantastic - Bass are spawning
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