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What started as a very slow day ended up in a not-so-bad manner. This morning Tim Wong from San Francisco and myself left the ramp under a full moon, anticipating a hot bite at one of the local hot spots. It was not to be however as the current that produces the bite wasn't there. We did try for a short while looking for some possible leftovers, but what we got was nothing.

Moving from that location to the outside wood on the south end of the Farm we worked from the bottom of the eastern N/S ditch all the way over to the bottom of the western N/S ditch. Nary a bit was to be had as we worked weightless Senkos, Swimimg Senkos, and Lewis rattle traps.

Giving that up as a cause that was lost I headed to the E/W feeder canal. The move was the right one as we soon found fish that wished to play. At the start we had a weightless Senko and a rattle trap going. First hookup was on the plastic but it was a short lived fight as he/she slipped off. The second fish came on a rattle trap, as did the third, and from there through the end of the day all fish were caught on a rattle trap.

Twenty six fish from 3 - 9-pounds were landed throughout the day. Conditions were tough today with heat and humidity soaring to uncomfortable levels. The big fish inhaled the trap and was solidly hooked up. She put up a gallant fight, posed for pictures, weighing, and measuring, and then returned to her watery home to fight another day.


Tim and I will be out there tomorrow looking for more of the same. Hopefully the heat will be less, and the big fish more. See you out there. Say hi if you get the chance.

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: Bill Lewis rattle trap
Tackle Used: baitcasting
Method Used:
Water Depth: 7
Water Temperature: 87
Wind Direction: calm
Wind Speed:

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George Welcome

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