Fishing Reports by Captain George Welcome

About The Author: Captain

Company: Imagination Bassin Guide Services

Area Reporting: Stick Marsh/Farm 13

Bio: Capt. George Welcome has been guiding on the Stick Marsh & Farm 13 for many years. His weekly fishing report for provide a good overview on what's biting and where. Capt. Welcome offers a first class customer oriented guide service and will do the best job possible to help you catch the bass of a lifetime! He wants to hear from you. So, if you have questions or comments, please email him.

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Summertime heats up (7/17/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Even with the heat the big gals are being caught
Stick Marsh in the summer (6/16/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Summertime and the weather is warm, but the fishing is hot.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (6/09/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Things are swinging into a hot summer bite
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (6/01/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Fluctuating conditions bring varied success
Lake is getting low (5/16/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Caution is the word as the lake levels drop
The wind is still blowing (4/30/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Wind contributes to difficulty on the lake.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 this winter (4/26/2009)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] It's been tough but it will be better as things calm down weatherwise.
Fall has arrive at the Marsh (10/04/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Fall is here and it is time to think hot fishing.
Sometimes the lake wins (9/22/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Things were a bit cooler this trip but the season is just aroud the corner.
Farm 13 on a warm September day (9/17/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] It was hot and humid but it didn't bother the fish. Summertime can be tough, but a bit of knowledge and perserverance can pay off.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 and Ansin/Garcia (9/14/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Checked both lakes - Garcia for conditions and the Marsh to check the conditions specifically at the spillway.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 with the Swede (9/08/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Fantastic day, great weather, and wonderful comaraderie.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 update (8/31/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Good to excellet fishing.Lots of water inflow.
Fishing the Marsh (8/28/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Heavy rains mean outstanding fishing. Fay did us a fayvor.
Good times on the Marsh (8/05/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Fishing has been good with projections of some outstanding fishing in the up coming year.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (6/24/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Two great days of fishing! The bite is hot and the fish are big.
More summertime on Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (6/20/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] A recap of a summer morning on one of the best lakes in North America.
Summer and the Marsh (6/18/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] A summary of events on the Marsh over the last month and a half. It's pretty exciting.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (4/22/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Several fantastic days and events on the lake. These lakes just can't be beat.
Fishing on the Marsh (4/13/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Another super day on the Marsh. Rene and Julio experience good fishing.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (4/06/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] March cloes out windy but producing good numbers and size.
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (3/21/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Overview of last months activities and locations on the lake fished
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (2/20/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Excitement on the Marsh is here and the catching is fantastic
Stick Marsh/Farm 13 (2/13/2008)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] The fishing has been fantastic - Bass are spawning
Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Bass Fishing (12/01/2006)
[Stick Marsh - Farm 13,FL] Monday, 11/27,2006: Thirty six bass to 4 pounds out of the south central area of Farm 13. Rattle traps were the bait that the bass preferred and with the wind not too much else was workable.