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Before the excitement of the chase ensues there is a lot of planning and preparation in hopes of ensuring a successful day on the water. I rise at least two hours before the scheduled rendezvous time in order to get the boat prepped for the days outing. There is fuel to be gotten, drinks to be put on ice, and equipment to be prepared for the much anticipated seeking of our wily adversary.

Once all is ready it is off to the ramp to meet the days clients. Most of them have been preparing for this trip for a considerable period of time, making accommodations, airline reservations, auto reservations, and in general prepping their gear. Their excitement level is difficult to control as they ready for their day on the waters of Stick Marsh/Farm, a lake that is reputed to have some of the finest fishing in the world.

Today I met Troy and Ray Rogers at the ramp at daybreak. This was their second trip to these fabled waters. After a two hour drive from Winter Haven, Florida the guys were ready to wet the lures and bring some bass into the boat. We started the day using three different baits to see what the bass would prefer if anything. Ray worked a popper while Troy worked a frog in hopeful anticipation of a top water bite. I picked up my rod rigged with a Yamamoto Swim Senko on a 4/0 Gammy, and weighted with a 1/4 ounce torpedo. The first fish of the day which came early on showed us the today would be a day that the slow retrieval of the Swim Senko would be the enticement that they preferred.

The hot rod on the boat belonged to Ray with the bar being set by this 5.5 pound lady. During the course of the morning the catch would be repeated again and again giving us a accumulation of 45 bass in the 4 hours spent on the water.

Although Troy worked hard to better his big gal caught on his last trip he never quite got there. The numbers were there, but size avoided his baits throughout the morning. Several of Troy's bass came on a 10" power worm.

Heading in after a very successful trip, I headed home to do the inevitable: clean the boat in preparation for my next trip, answer e-mails, and put together a report of the days occurrences. My life is a series of early rises, the daily challenge of finding our wily prey, and a lengthy follow-up to insure that tomorrow will yield what today's efforts did.

Water temperatures are up as we come into the summer months, and as has been the case in years gone by, the fishing is in a word, fantastic. If you find the bait, the forage, and the bass, the catching will be something that you will rarely experience on any other body of water. This time of the year look for the deeper water directly adjacent to shallow and work slowly. Once you catch one, you probably are on a bunch so slow down and work the area thoroughly. Don't be in a rush to move on as a bit of work and perseverance can send you home at days end with a smile and memories of an experience to be treasured forever.

See you on the water.

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used: artificials
Tackle Used: Baitcasting and spinning
Method Used:
Water Depth: 5'
Water Temperature: 80
Wind Direction: wsw
Wind Speed: 5-10

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George Welcome

About The Author: Captain George Welcome

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Area Reporting: Stick Marsh/Farm 13

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