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Things are doing well on the Marsh despite the early blast of heat that we are getting. Mid-day temperatures are hitting the mid-90s. The bass are scattered but perseverance can get you some nice fish. Both reports below come from regulars that fish the lake frequently so locations are only hinted at so as to not impose on their findings.

This In from 6/15/09 - Courtesy of Don Willis (WWF)

I love fishing alone. With no witnesses the fish are bigger and more plentiful. Today was a case in point.

It was pretty windy from the NW when I got to the Farm. I tried working a couple of ditches but it was a pain in the ass. Most of you know how I feel about wind. To get out of the wind I opted to go to the west wall of the Stick Marsh just across the divider ditch. I found a nice school and took about 7-8 out of there including a nice 5 pounder. I worked the wall all the way north to the heavy wood that juts out and then back again. I worked several areas and got a few here and there. I had 17 when the wind went calm and the lake went flat. I hit the heavy outside group of wood east of the cove. One cast to a stump with a swim senko and it was ON!! I felt a pull and slammed the hook home. When it took off I thought it was a gator. At first she just pulled but didn't fight hard. Then she hauled ass and took drag. I thought I would lose her in the wood but she made it to the boat. 11.2 oz. on my digital scale. I didn't have a camera, just the cell phone. That picture sucks. I called Steve to see if he was close enough to come over but got no answer. I put her back in and she swam away. I worked the area good and hit another big one that got off. She came up once and looked to be maybe 7 or 8. I saw a shad bust and went that way. When I got there they were busting all around the boat. I dropped anchor and picked up another 12 in the boat in about 30 minutes. I missed about 6 or so. All in all 30 fish made it to the boat. I have been waiting 3 years to get another one over 10. By the way. This was in the same "general" area where Bucky got his big ones and George hit one over 9 last week.

This in from 6/10/09 - Courtesy of Bucky Miller

The water levels are up and still rising due to all the recent rains. That usually means the fish are spread out. It also means there is enough water to get back to 'em. Now we can 'neak up on 'em. And provide a breakfast full of hooks.

I have ventured out into the treacherous waters of the "world famous" Stick Marsh twice, so far, this week - Sunday and


Sunday, I took my good buddy and softball teammate, Marc. We tried several places and finally found fish back in the wood of Farm 13. FYI: Farm 13 is the southern half of Stick Marsh. We boated 19 bass. 5 of them were over 4 pounds. No BIG fish but lots of fun. Marc caught 11 (4 of the 4-pounders) and I landed 8 (1 4-pounder). He is still crowing about out fishing me. He won't be going anymore, he just doesn't know it yet.

Today, Tuesday, I fulfilled a promised trip with the young man who performed the wind abatement inspection on our house a couple months back. Cody flies motorized parachutes and offered to trade a flight for a Stick Marsh fishin' trip. There's no pressure there - strap yourself into a parachute with a guy whom you didn't put on fish!!!! Riiiight!!!!

So I burned incense to several pagan gods that he would catch a memory. I prayed at my in-house shrine to Bill Dance. I consulted "The World's Worst Fisherman" (My buddy, Don). I checked 4 different astrological charts. I studied the weather reports. I noted the moon phase. I researched the wind prognostications. Then I went to sleep reading back issues of Bassmaster's magazines. And I dreamed of finding fish. Ya gotta cover all the angles.

Dawn. A quick stop for coffee and ice. At the ramp at 6:15AM. I told Cody I would give him the geographical tour so he would know how to navigate the lake and avoid most stumps. He said, "Later, let's go fishin'!". My kindda guy. On plane. 45 MPH. Rippin' across slick water. Stopped at the pump house for 15 minutes. And he caught one!!! Hooray!!!! No skunks in the back of the boat. No more fish there. I noticed a lot of floating debris so we ran to the spillway. The pipes were flowing. Good current but a lot of junk in the water. No fish. I had visions of being dropped into a gator infested swamp from a parachute and decided to look elsewhere.

Roared off to find fish in some timber. Now we are getting somewhere. He threw a Senko worm. I started throwing a rattletrap. And started catching fish. Cody switched off the worm and tied on a rattle trap I have had in the box for 15 years. Business picked up quick. 2 pounders. 3+ pounders. 4 pounders. No dinks. Then my 'trap stopped. And my rod started to throb. My heard started to pound. I heard myself use a fisherman's favorite line: "You better get the net!" After a nervous couple minutes and a couple laps under the boat I had me a 7 pounder!!!! 30 minutes later the same song was sung. This time it was a fat 8 pounds of happiness for the "Old Hooker". I was grinnin' and feelin' good.

Then Cody hooked up. His rod was bending a LOT more than it had been. And he got to use the line. I got the net. She took a couple runs away from us, tried to run around the boat. Ran under the boat and kept pullin' drag. I'm givin' advise and prayin' it is right. "Keep the rod tip up, let her fight the rod. Don't pressure her too much it might pull out." She took one more run away from the boat and tried get back under. Ran smack into the net!!!! What a fish!!!! Onto the scale. 10 Pounds and 4 ounces!!!!!!!! A true memory fish.

After several pictures, we released her and, as she swam away I felt great relief. Now, maybe, Cody won't drop me in the swamp.

We finished the day with 31 Bass. And a memorable fishin' trip burned into our mental photo album.

I am thankful every day that I have been blessed to enjoy days like this.

I hope your day was good.

"The Old Hooker": Bucky

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: artificial
Tackle Used: bait casting
Method Used:
Water Depth: 7
Water Temperature: 85
Wind Direction: se
Wind Speed: calm

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