George Welcome

Submitted 9/14/08

Went out yesterday to see just how well the spillway was producing. Parties that had fished it Friday were there regaling us with tales of wonder of the numbers and size of the bass caught on Friday. Having fished these conditions many times before, I knew that their tales were very true.

However, yesterday was a complete contradiction of the previous days event. Seven fishermen fishing the mouth of the spillway only produced eight fish over the two hour period that I was there.

Amazingly the water flowing into the Marsh went from excellent to poor with DO levels dropping and pushing the bass back out into the lake. Since my goal was to follow up on the previous days report I was down the road and headed to check on conditions at Ansin/Garcia.

Ansin/Garcia's condition is typical summer conditions. The impoundments are hydrilla packed making for difficult travel with the big motor. Of particular note was, contrary to rumors being spread by those that don't truly know, the reported fish kill was false. I traveled this lake in all navigable waters, talked with a couple of the fishermen out there, and at no time saw so much as one dead fish. I do know that some carp had washed through the gate south of route 60, and drifted through, but no fish kill on Ansin/Garcia. Of particular interest was the inflow of water through the pipes from the east marsh. Water was screaming through all three pipes, and I marked many fish on the bend.

Still have some openings on the Sale. There isn't much time left before I withdraw the offer so give us a call and save some money! See ya out there.

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: artificials
Tackle Used: baitcasting
Method Used:
Water Depth: 6 feet or less
Water Temperature: 85
Wind Direction: se
Wind Speed: mile

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George Welcome

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