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From low water conditions that almost equaled 2001, the Marsh has recovered with all the rain that we have had. Inflow areas have been flowing in three locations. Only the pump house produced a substantial bite. The front pipes had a good current flowing but the bite produced was primarily cat fish.

We have had eight trips since the last report and the catch has been varied with days of over forty to fighting to get ten. Over the last week and a half trips have been restricted to half days as the afternoon rains have been laden with lightning and pretty heavy winds. Yesterday's trip was executed with calm winds and lots of sunshine. Water conditions ranged from complete cloudiness to barely clean. The best water was found in the south end, center pin ball alley. Pin ball alley is located east of the center ditch. No big fish were caught, but then size is relative to where you are fishing.

Baits of choice continue to be lipless crank baits and Senkos in dark colors. Non-weighted was the best approach with the Senkos. Locations of fish have been varied and of course fishable water has been limited by low water. With levels up this situation has been alleviated and the south end of the Farm is again very fishable. Fish found yesterday were deep into the south end.

Moving water does not necessarily mean good fishing as debris coming with the inflow can make the current very difficult to fish. Also at this time of the year the inflow water can have a low dissolved oxygen content and not be a friendly environment for the bass. However, assuming the inflow continues the water generally cleans up and this can become the hottest place on the lake, and the bite can be only called phenomenal.

I think June may will turn into a super month as the rains continue and the water clears. I would suggest working the submerged ditches on the Farm side with emphasis on the main E/W feeder ditch. I am running a super summer sale this year so if you want to learn more about these ditches give me a shout.

Strong possibilities exist for a top water bite. The Senko will probably remain the best choice along the ditches but don't forget the lipless cranks and the ever producing spinner baits. Plastics should be dark, spinner baits white, and my favorite lipless crank bait, the rattle trap should be chrome/blue back w/orange belly.

See you out there: say hi if you get the chance.

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: artificial
Tackle Used: Bait casting
Method Used:
Water Depth: 5
Water Temperature: 77
Wind Direction: calm
Wind Speed: calm to breezy

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George Welcome

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