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I am extremely sad for the loss of my fishing companion and partner, but happy for his new endeavors and achievements. I have to announce that Scott has moved on to bigger and better things what with his family growing and the responsibilities that come with that. I will certainly miss him working with me. He will however on occasion fill in here and there. For the hundreds that have fished with him, he thanks you for great times on the Marsh.

February has shown us that the health of the Marsh is in good shape as the bass came out of their summer/early winter haunts and moved into the bedding areas. Both numbers and size of the bass have been really good and my clients have left with smiles on their faces.

Ken Klasmeier of Pasadena, Maryland, and friend Ed Balinsky were out with me on the 2nd and had a very good day with a total to the boat of 63 bass. A combination of Senkos and SwimSenkos were the producing baits and the key was the dense wood at the south end of Farm 13.

Bob Tymon of Bridgewater, Connecticut, and his friend Ed Rosa were out with me on the 3rd spent the first of the four day trip with me on the Indian River looking for some of those salt water critters. An extremely low high tide and lack of flow on the outgoing tide made for a difficult day.

Ray Waltz of Limerick, Pennsylvania, and his friend Todd Fulmer spent the 4th and managed to catch bass in and around the south end wood, using a combination of Senkos and SwimSenkos. As with every trip so far this month the fish were deep in the south end and tight to the wood. If you could bump-a-stump you were pretty much assured success.

Bob Tymon and Ed Rosa rejoined me on the 5th, 6th, and 7th and proceeded to put a whooping on the bass with well controlled casts, the correct presentation, and very importantly the bait that was hot. SwimSenkos produced bass after bass and Bob and Ed left with a 3 day total of bass to boat of 209.

Saturday the 9th found me on the water with my favorite fishing partner Scott for a 1/2 day foray. Fishing deep in the wood of the south end produced a good number of bass with the bump-a-stump technique, and to finish out the morning we went north to check out the back lot. Our big fish for the day came off a lone stick and was caught by Scott.

Yesterday Pat Riley and Ed Bailey arrived for a 1/2 day trip which turned out to be a good call as the weather worsened as the wind moved in and the sky clouded over. The highlight for the morning was an 8-pound lady that came as the second fish for the day. Ed handled the rod brilliantly and in short order we got the picture, weighed her, and returned her to her watery depths for the next angler to find.

It appears that things should continue in this direction so if your looking for some excitement give us a holler. I do have a few days open this month and a few in March. April, one of our hottest months with the strong possibility of top water action has quite a few days open, but the calls are coming in now. Give me a call - you will glad you did.

See you on the water.

Fish Species: Bass
Bait Used: artificial
Tackle Used: rod and reel
Method Used: weightless Senkos and SwimSenkos
Water Depth: 3-7 feet
Water Temperature: 68
Wind Direction: varied
Wind Speed: varied

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George Welcome

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