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Submitted by: Kevin "Swede" Oleen - 9/8/08

Florida's famous Stick Marsh and Mr. George Welcome summoned me to prepare my gear and depart Tampa eastbound at O dark thirty yesterday morning. George and I agreed to meet up at about 6:30am - so I left early enough to beat George to our meeting spot. No such luck - arrived at 5:55am and George was there waiting on me. After grabbing a quick McDonald's breakfast - we made the trek to the Marsh.

What a beautiful morning we had after TS Hanna departed for the NE USA. Partly cloudy skies, water 85 degrees and a light breeze - perfect. We pulled up on the first stop - George says lipless CB or TX-rig - so I pull out an El Grande 6 inch Pepper Stick in Tilapia color. George hooks up with a couple smaller fish to start the day off right. Then I get a thump - I set the hook - and fight the fish pictured below to the boat. It went about 4.5 pounds and man what a fight. My 5/0 Gami was bent - a first for me - had to replace a hook after fish number 1.

We went and checked out a couple more areas with not a lot happening - probably due to effects of Hanna passing through the day prior. We picked up a couple of fish though - one here and one there.

George's experience on this water showed and he kept up the search. We idled into another area of Farm 13 - and there they were. Fish started busting shad out in front of us. I cast that lipless CB as far as I could in the direct of the fish and wham - fish on. Did I mention these fish can fight. I lost count - but guessing George and I had fish on - on each of our next 10 casts. All these fish in the 1.5-4.0 lb class.

The fish took a short break before schooling once again - more catching action ensued before George and I decided to call it a day at 3pm. I was a hot day and I was plum wore out.

I've fished most of Florida's larger bodies of water - and I can definitely tell you - fish here fight better than any other. They'd give Coosa River Spots a run for their money. They just refuse to give up.

Additionally - I was thoroughly impressed by George Welcome and had an absolutely fantastic time. George and I shared some life stories, he has great equipment, and he put us on fish. I've never actually fished with a guide before, but as George now knows - I will be back. Thanks for the adventure George!

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: artificials
Tackle Used: mixed
Method Used:
Water Depth: 6
Water Temperature: 85
Wind Direction: ssw
Wind Speed: 5-10

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George Welcome

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