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This is not a comment that you will hear from me usually, however, if you don't know your way around this lake it's not the best place to be without a guide.

The lake is getting low! Use extreme caution on the Stick Marsh side. Getting to the lake it is prudent to go out west of the cypress just outside of the entrance cut and proceed to the east ditch in a big arc. Keep you motor trimmed up and use a dead idle as you will be hitting wood. Do not use the diagonal route as there are a lot of multi-limbed tree tops in that path and if you get on top of them you will be looking for a tow.

Once in the east ditch you have a clear run to the SE corner of the Marsh but watch for possible floaters. Going around the grass to the divider ditch is touchy so I recommend getting off plane and idling into the deeper ditch. Westward is a clear run of deep water, but again watch for floaters.

I don't recommend fish in the Stick Marsh side unless you have some idea of where you are in relation to the dense wax myrtle and big stumps. As the water drops this side will have more visible wood and actually become easier to navigate.

Knowing this side has its definite advantage. My last three trips out have been quite successful on the Marsh side.

On the Farm side be aware that with low water the ditch edges can be quite shallow. There is still plenty of water except at the center ditch intersection. The pump house area humps are both too shallow to go over so be careful in that area.

If you are headed to the spillway area do not attempt to go straight in as you will be high and dry. Go into the channel behind the island and enter that way. Idle in on the north end of the island.

The south end of the Farm is difficult right now but as with the Marsh as the wood becomes more visible it will get easier.

The low conditions in theory should bode well for the regrowth of grasses as the water clears and sunlight hits the bottom. I have my fingers crossed for that one.

On the Farm side concentrating on the ditches should stand you well for some pretty good catches. This is the time when a good sonar unit on the bow is going to earn its keep.

If you go out use common sense and you will be okay. I would recommend that you don't go alone! I will be out there so give a wave or say hi if you see me.

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: Artificials
Tackle Used: Bait casting
Method Used:
Water Depth: 3
Water Temperature: 70s
Wind Direction: E
Wind Speed: calm to breezy

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George Welcome

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