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Weather has dealt a serious blow to fishing this winter but daylight is peeking through as we move into spring. Wind is still an issue but as it subsides the fishing will be strong. I am looking forward to some outstanding fishing over the next few months.

Our spawn season will roll right on into May, however the locations and spawning populations will shrink as time progresses. We had a major push a few weeks ago, and if you were here for that you had some unbelievable bass times. It was almost impossible to throw a bait and not have something bit it within seconds of the bait entering the water. Both numbers and size were tremendous. We had several fish in the double digit area, and many that were 8 pounds or better.

Since that period of spawn the wind has walloped us, giving us no more than a couple of days of calm. Right now, even a 10-15 mph wind is making it difficult for us as the water has a lot of suspended matter which has pushed the bass away from usual areas as they look for clearer water. With 11 square miles of water out there, this makes it tougher to find the fish. Today is another of those windy days or 25-30 w/gusts to 35. Shut off the fans!

As the weather calms down the bass should again inhabit the outside wood of the southern areas of Farm 13. Top water should be a consideration right on through May and perhaps longer. The rattle trap bite should be strong as should the plastics.

As we move further into May look for a fair amount of fish moving to the ditches and there adjacent levees. With three ditches running north to south, and one running from east to west there is plenty of places for them to hide, but some perseverance on your part should result in some pretty significant catches. Some of the baits that really work well along these ditches: C-rigged, T-rigged, and weightless plastics - our preference lies with the Senko as the most productive bait. Spinner baits in either white or chartreuse with a trailer in the 3/8 and 1/2 ounce. Our preference is with the Terminators, but any good spinner bait will obviously work. Rattle traps in 1/2 ounce that are chrome/blue with orange belly. Smaller crank baits as well as jigs are also good options to try. If you want a decent map of the location of these Farm 13 ditches you can find it on my pages. (link: Index to Important to Stick Marsh aerial Map.)

I would expect most of the action to occur on Farm 13, (south end of the lake), throughout the summer months. However, remember that the Marsh side is wall-to-wall wood and always worth a look.

Some of our best fishing occurs during the summer with plenty of big fish willing to play. I will be offering some super deals for the months of June through October, and you can find that offer on my pages.

The ICAST show is in Orlando during July this year and we will be having several VIP's out prior to or after the show. Can't wait to show them this great fishery or reshow those that have been with me before. However if you book early you will be able to get dates of choice.

Hoping to see some of you through the summer months. For those of you that are local, see you out there and say hi if you get the chance.

Fish Species: LM Bass
Bait Used: artificial
Tackle Used: bait casting
Method Used: casting
Water Depth: 3-5 feet
Water Temperature: 60's
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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George Welcome

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