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The water still flows heavily as backups causing flooding are released eastward out the C54 into the Sebastian River and ultimately out into the ocean. The inflow area remains unfishable due to the amount of debris that is flowing into the lake. In addition to the debris a good deal of the incoming water is low in dissolved oxygen.

Three days ago I got out for about 3 hours by myself. When I arrived at the pump house area the current was there but it was very weak. Searching the area with a Carolina rig I finally found the bass, but in a completely different location that previous days. They were on a hump but on the opposite side of the current. From no fish all around the current the catching went to a fish on every cast.

By the time I put my pole down I had caught 44 bass with 7 bass reaching 24 to 25 inches. Then an inflow of not so good water came through and the catching slowed. In the meantime a couple of other boats came in and anchored next to me to share in the catching. These fellows have been out here for the last week and caught well over 200 bass in the same general area.

I spent the better part of an hour talking with the areas head biologist. He was out doing oxygen studies and this is his results. Most of the lake had measurements in the area of 4.0, with some areas dropping as low as 2.0, and inversely some areas completely saturated. The lowest measurements came in the old nursery area, (SW area of the Farm). No measurements were taken in the spillway, but with the heavy population of air breathers there it is very likely that the dissolved oxygen levels there are pretty low. However the overall conditions are good to excellent and a great deal of the inflowing weed is expected to take hold as a result.

Yesterday saw winds increasing throughout the day and during the night and presently rain bands are on the increase as well as a result of hurricane Gustav passing to our south west. Based on the storms size and movement we are expecting to see in increase through the day in both wind and rain. Thunderstorm activity will increase throughout the day and the Marsh/Farm is notoriously bad when storms are in the area. Being a shallow lake it gets pretty rough out there when winds exceed 25 MPH and they will definitely be there over the next couple of days. If you are thinking of going this holiday weekend stay alert. I hate to say it but over but we have had several deaths out there in the past because people ignored the storms thinking they could ride them out.

Along with wind and storm be aware that it is hot out there and you need to drink plenty of water, use plenty of skin protection, and wear those sunglasses. The road coming in has been graded, but all the rain made the pot holes substantial, and the dirt soft so drive accordingly. There is no need to go fast as the fish aren't going to leave the lake.

Again, be careful out there, and if you happen to see me, stop by and say hi.

Fish Species: LM bass
Bait Used: artificial
Tackle Used: bait casting
Method Used: Carolina rig
Water Depth: shallow
Water Temperature: 80's
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Speed: calm

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George Welcome

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