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Charter Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/11/2019)
Husband and wife fished with the Topshotsport Fishing Team - had a good time fishing, catching a couple of Wahoos and Black Fin Tuna.
White Bait Galore, Mullet Run Slowing Down by Michael Grimm (10/06/2019)
The mullet run has slowed down off the beach, but the bridges and creeks have been hopping with bait and fish.
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (10/04/2019)
Anglers from Chicago fished Fort Lauderdale waters catching 5 Mahi Mahi's, Bonitas and a Sailfish that pulled the hook. Action and fun had by all.
Big Tarpon Eat Big Mullet by Mac Brookman (9/19/2019)
After a lot research online and on YouTube, I came to a conclusion. Large Tarpon eat very large (very wounded) mullet fish! Sounds simple right?
From Texas To Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing by Tom Zsak (8/24/2019)
Troy Caraway and his wife, Lindsay, along with their sons, Liam and Colby, and their daughter, Blake, were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale from Houston Texas.  While in Fort Lauderdale, they chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing charter boat team for a private deep-sea charter boat sport fishing trip.   As the Caraway’s boarded the boat, they were greeted by Captain Zsak, and his mate. 
Offshore Fishing Reports in Fort Lauderdale, FL by Tom Zsak (8/14/2019)
Offshore fishing with young anglers in Fort Lauderdale - Caught Vermilion Snapper, as well as yellow-eye Snapper - anglers enjoyed their fishing experience.
Took The Day off To Do Maintenance by David Ide (8/14/2019)
Boat and gear maintenance is extremely important to us. We don't schedule charters on specific days for each boat to go through our checklist of motor maintenance, safety gear, etc.
Juvenile tarpon 7/23 by Shane O'Connor (7/23/2019)
We caught a handful of tarpon in the dock lights around Port Everglades this week. Fish were actively feeding on minnows in the lights when we pitched at them.
Dock Light Madness by Ryan Barnett (7/23/2019)
Tarpon and Snook, non-stop action. Bridges and Dock lights inshore at night.
The Tarpon are Coming by Brady Cone (7/23/2019)
I went fishing in Port Everglades and saw some tarpon rolling. I went fishing, although I didn’t catch anything I saw many tarpon.
Nighttime Fly Fishing Action! by Tim O'Connor (7/21/2019)
We had a chance to fish with a Dream Team for some amazing nighttime fly fishing action in Fort Lauderdale! It was non-stop action and the tarpon bite was on fire!
Sport Fishing Off Shore Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (7/10/2019)
Family from New Jersey fishing with Topshotfishing team, catching Kingfish, Bonita and a fighting Hammerhead Shark!!
The Fireworks Are Aboard Our Sportfishing Fleet! by David Ide (7/02/2019)
The hot Summer bite continues to explode in time for Independence Day! The Lady Pamela Sportfishing Fleet continues to declare its independence from the oppression of slow fishing with big catches of the following species: Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tunas, Amberjacks, Barrcuda, Sharks and a battalion horde of Snapper and Grouper species!
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Bull Shark by Tom Zsak (6/30/2019)
Family went fishing with the Topshot fishing team and caught Kingfish, Bonitas and a Bull Shark, which was released.
Charter Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (6/25/2019)
Fishing out of Fort Lauderdale,, after catching Kingfish and Bonitas, the anglers caught a Bull Shark - exciting catch!!
Fishing Fort Lauderrdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today Shark by Tom Zsak (6/19/2019)
Anglers caught a 72" Hammerhead Shark, along with a good sized Mahi Mahi and a couple of Kingfish and Bonitos with the Topshotfishing team.
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (6/17/2019)
Family celebrating son's graduation went sport fishing. While trolling caught 7 Kingfish and while wreck fishing caught 1 Almaco Jack. Good to see young anglers excited about fishing.
Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Sport Fishing Mahia by Tom Zsak (6/08/2019) Happy Day Today Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33316 Deep Sea Sport Fishing Bahia Mar
Charter Fishing Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (6/04/2019) Happy Day Today Fort Lauderdale Fl, 33316 Deep Sea Salt Water Sport Fishing Charter
Deep Sea Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Shark by Tom Zsak (5/31/2019)
www, Happy Day Today Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Sport Charter Fishing
Off Shore Fishing Ft Lauderdale Fl. by Tom Zsak (5/29/2019)
Off Shore Fishing Deep Sea Sport fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today
Mahi Mahi are pouring through! by Steve Souther (5/27/2019)
With winds from the east this Holiday weekend, my fishing forecast if for Mahi- mahi or Dolphin, if you prefer. I had to look up Mahi-mahi to see where it came from in the Hawaiian language. Mahi means strong, Mahi-mahi means very strong. Who knew? I didn't
The Kingfish Were Snapping on Drift Boat by David Ide (5/25/2019)
The drift fishing has been great. This is some of the best fishing we see of the year before the summer comes. Kingfish on the vertical jig have been producing.
From Sea Buoy Blue Runners to Kingfish and Bonitas! by Tom Zsak (5/24/2019)
We starting the fishing trip by catching live bait fish called Blue Runners at the sea buoy north of Fort Lauderdale.   We used small buck tail jigs, and working up the current of the buoy with a chum bag, we caught a dozen Blue Runners. 
Junior Angler - Personal Record Tarpon by Tim O'Connor (5/24/2019)
Junior Angler never dreamed of battling a Tarpon that weighed in at more than 150 lbs!
Fishing in Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Sport Fishing by Tom Zsak (5/19/2019) Happy Day Today Fort lauderdale Deep Sea Sport Charter Fishing
Trolling over Deep Water Wrecks For Kingfish by Tom Zsak (5/15/2019)
Kingfish, bonita and sailfish are the ticket right now. The blackfin tuna are also strong.
It Doesn't Get Much Better! by David Ide (5/14/2019)
The blackfin tuna fishing is going off. We are getting them during the day, early morning and evenings. It doesn't matter, they are pushing through the best we have seen in years!
The Drift Fishing is on Fire! by David Ide (5/12/2019)
Snapper, kingfish, blackfin tuna, they are all possible on the drift right now. I expect it to continue until the temperature get too hot.
Private Fishing Charter Fort Lauderdale Sailfish by Tom Zsak (5/10/2019)
Fifteen to twenty minutes after leaving the dock, lines were in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, 1.8 miles from shore.   If you venture off another ¼ of a mile, you would find yourself in 500 ft. of water, which we exclusively have here in Fort Lauderdale, due to Fort Lauderdale’s extreme drop off.   The further north you go, the further the drop off swings off shore. 
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