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What's Hot Fishing Reports for Fort Lauderdale

What's Hot Inshore - July 2, 2019
The tarpon fishing is really good. The fish are eating crabs on the outgoing tide and mullet just about anytime. The key has been finding the fish that are eating or having patience for the bite and making it count. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - July 2, 2019
The Mahi has been the hot bite. There is so much weed around that using our towers to find the weed patches with the fish has been a huge advantage. Looking for the birds and moving bait is also a sure sign. Back on the reef, the kingfish are snapping too using live pilchards. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - May 15, 2019
The kingfish, blackfin tuna and bonita bite is red hot. We were trolling planers and bonita strips by the whistle buoy this morning with nonstop action. Lot of blue runners and some speedos around keeping the fish feeding just outside the port. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - May 9, 2019
Inshore the tarpon fishing has been incredible on live and dead mullet. On our way in from offshore fishing we have been seeing them from the tower around Port Everglades and off the beaches. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - May 9, 2019
The tuna fishing is red hot right now around 100-200 feet of water mainly in the late afternoons. Kite fishing has been the best success as well as mono leaders fished long on the drift. When you land the tuna be sure to bleed it for the best quality meat. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - July 3, 2018
The kingfish and bonito are solid in our area. Behind them are big hammerheads and bull sharks. If you plan a full day, you can target both and have a great time. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - March 7, 2018
The muttons and yellowtail are snapping inshore. We have had a couple late season cold fronts that sparked a shrimp run along with the full moon. Using a live shrimp on a jig head to get to the bottom has worked best. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - March 7, 2018
Offshore the swordfish have been snapping! Using rigged squid or dolphin bellies that been really good. The bites have been in about 1600 feet. One this trip we landed 2 fish and had several bites. Our friend to to the south caught one over 500 pounds too. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - February 13, 2018
The fishing on the first reef for Grouper has been the story. We are getting some nice ones using live, dead and cut bait. Circle hooks have been the best bite with a light leader. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - February 13, 2018
The wahoo have been around in the early morning trolling bonita strips on planers. We have caught a handful in the past couple weeks. The sailfish have been a bit slow, but finally picked up today as the winds have turned directly out of the east. We hope to find more on tomorrows trip. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - October 3, 2017
The snapper fishing on the reef has been on fire. There has been a variety of species biting. Using dead finger mullet, cut squid, and ballyhoo has been best. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - October 3, 2017
Offshore we have been finding big black grouper on the wrecks and kingfish on the 2nd/3rd reef. Live bait has been your best best, but they are bitting trolled strips on planers as well. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - September 23, 2017
Lots of action on our inshore trips this week. Jack crevale are biting the best and hit just everything you throw at them on light tackle. Snook and small tarpon are biting a bit at night, especially around the docks that have underwater lights. Goliath groupers are being found around the bridges. by Andrew Roydhouse
What's Hot Offshore - September 23, 2017
The dolphin bite is off-the-chain in Ft Lauderdale. Dolphin are stacked up in 15-350ft of water, just outside the reef. If you don't find them there, head a little further offshore to the first weedline you find and troll along it. They are stacked up this month. A few small wahoo are biting too. by Andrew Roydhouse
What's Hot Inshore - September 21, 2017
The mullet run is going off! With hurricane Irma passing over us, it turned on the mullet to move South and they are doing it daily. Check out this awesome angler Captain Tim got while snook/tarpon fishing the inside of Port Everglades. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - September 21, 2017
Offshore has been all about mahi and kingfish. There is a ton of debris and weedlines out here, find the ones with the birds and you are guaranteed to get a rod bent. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - August 26, 2017
The mahi mahi have been thick! Mostly school sizes, however we are finding bigger fish on the days when there is some chop and SE winds. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - August 1, 2017
Inshore on the drift boat there has been a lot of grouper, yellowtail, muttons and mangrove snapper. The night trips have been the most productive however the day trips are finding the fish very well. The recent rain we had today should cool of the temps and make the trips even better. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - August 1, 2017
The kingfish and bonita are on fire! The winds have shifted to the west and we are seeing some amazing kingfish fishing with fish over 30 pounds as well. Trolling bonita strips or live baiting has been most productive. Generally between 80 and 130 feet has been the best bite. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - April 9, 2017
Tarpon are FINALLY starting to bite. It's been a slow off season for tarpon but this past 2 weeks, we're getting into the tarpon on our inshore trips. All our tarpon caught this week have been on goggle eyes and pilchards. Snooks are biting at night, live shrimp works best. Fish near the bridges. by Andrew Roydhouse
What's Hot Offshore - April 9, 2017
Dolphin are starting to bite good in only 100 ft of water. We're catching them trolling and live baiting right over the reef. Sailfish, kingfish and tunas are biting right alongside the dolphin. Wrecks are holding amberjacks, grouper and cobia. Live baits get fewer bites, but bigger bites. by Andrew Roydhouse
What's Hot Inshore - March 13, 2017
The tarpon fishing has been really good during the day and at night on trolled mullet, pinfish and shrimp. Look for the fish up top rolling as we haven't been marketing them too good. by David Ide
What's Hot Offshore - March 13, 2017
Offshore, the Bluefish are migrating off our coast. We are geared up to catch one this week as we target sailfish, mahi, and blackfin tuna. We will be using a 130 class rod and gear. by David Ide
What's Hot Inshore - March 3, 2017
Tarpon have been slim to none lately but snooks are biting good. We're catching the snooks fishing around the bridges mostly and some around the docks. Night fishing is best and live shrimp is the best bait. Jack crevales and goliath groupers are hanging around the docks. Tarpon will be here soon. by Andrew Roydhouse
What's Hot Offshore - March 3, 2017
Strong East winds this weekend are getting the dolphin riled up. Fish dolphin in 100-400ft of water this week. Dolphin are mainly 20+ pounders. Lots of small tunas also. Troll small streamline baits for tuna. Wrecks in 200+ ft are holding grouper and amberjacks. Use live baits for a quick bite. by Andrew Roydhouse
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