Fishing Reports by Captain Andrew Roydhouse

About The Author: Captain

Company: Fishing Headquarters

Area Reporting: Fort Lauderdale South Florida

Bio: I am a 3rd generation fisherman out here off Ft. Lauderdale and have been fishing proffessionally all my life. My company, Fishing Headquarters, runs daily drift fishing trips, sportfishing privae and shared charters, night time swordfishing trips, and any other type of fishing you would like to try.

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Great Fort Lauderdale Fishing This Week (9/23/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great mahi-mahi bite happening now in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of dolphin, 12-20 pounds are biting good just outside the reefs and on the edge of the Gulfstream.
A Great Month For Our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters (8/27/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Awesome fishing on our fishing charters this week. Lots of action on bonitos and kingfish with a few wahoo and sailfish mixed in. Some nice fish are biting.
Great Summertime Action on Our Ft Lauderdale Fishing Charters (7/16/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great action on all our deep sea fishing trips out of Fort Lauderdale. The action is on fire as millions of bonitos flood our reefs, bringing all kinds of follower species with them.
Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing (6/18/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great action on our fishing trips this week. Tons of action on bonitos, kingfish, blackfin tuna, mahi-mahi, swordfish and more. June is a great month for fishing action. Check out the Swordfish we caught.
April is the Best Month For Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (4/25/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Dolphin, Tuna, Sailfish, Amberjacks, Wahoo, Snapper and Grouper are biting GREAT on our sportfishing charters out of Fort Lauderdale. This is perhaps the best season of the year for most of our gamefish species in south Florida. Don't miss this opportunity to catch your biggest fish of the year. Let's go fishing!
Fish Are Biting Like Mad on our Deep Sea Fishing Charters (4/09/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] There's a great bite happening in Fort Lauderdale this week. Lots and lots of tunas, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish and amberjacks are biting. Our drift fishing trips are catching lots of snappers and groupers. Fishing this month is GOOD!
Spring is Here. Great Fishing on our Deep Sea Fishing Charters (3/03/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Spring is here and that means everything is biting. Dolphin, wahoo, tuna, sailfish and amberjacks are all on the menu this month.
February Action on Wahoo, Tuna and Sailfish (2/08/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Wahoo are biting hot in Fort Lauderdale this month. Lots of wahoo, tunas and sailfish are hitting the docks on our Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charters.
Wahoo & Kingfish Action - Ft Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Report (1/30/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Huge wahoo are biting good in Ft Lauderdale this week. Lots of action trolling and also bottom fishing for snappers and tilefish.
Fishing Improving in Fort Lauderdale on the Reef and Wrecks (1/11/2017)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] After a rough couple weeks, fish are accumulating on the reef and wrecks again. We're catching big wahoo, mahi, tuna, amberjack and groupers.
All Kinds of Fish Biting on our Deep Sea Fishing Charters (12/15/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Sailfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, kingfish and amberjacks... lots of big game fish are biting on our deep sea fishing charters this week.
Some Awesome Fish Biting on our Fishing Charters This Week (11/21/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Awesome catches of sailfish, snapper, amberjack, sharks and wahoo this week on our fishing charters. The fishing in Ft Lauderdale is going off!
Windy Weather, Great Fishing! (10/31/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The strong east winds are pushing the fish in close. Dolphin and sailfish are biting like mad on the Ft Lauderdale reefs.
Crazy Good Deep Dropping Offshore Ft Lauderdale (8/26/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We're catching some crazy fish while deep drop fishing on our charters. Huge golden tilefish are biting as well as barrelfish, scorpion groupers, snowy groupers and more.
Mixed Bag of Fish on our Drift and Sport Fishing Trips (8/11/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great catches this week on our drift fishing and sportfishing trips. Bonitos, blackfin tuna, wahoo, kingfish and barracuda are biting good on the Ft Lauderdale reefs.
Loads of Fish, Lots of Action on the Ft Lauderdale Reef (6/30/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Lots of bonitos and kingfish action on the reefs. Our drift fishing trips are catching loads of mutton snappers and bonitos.
Reefs and Wrecks Holding Big Fish in Fort Lauderdale (6/11/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The reefs and wrecks in Fort Lauderdale are holding some big fish. Groupers and amberjacks are pretty solid on the shipwrecks and the action on kingfish, bonitos and tuna is good on the reef.
Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (6/07/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Our deep sea drift fishing trips and sportfishing charters are having equally good trips this week. A good mix of dolphin, tuna, kingfish, cobia, snapper and grouper are biting on the reef.
Good Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (5/26/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] It's been a mixed bag on the reef this week. Tunas are biting strong on our sportfishing charters where we troll with natural feathers and rigged baits. Snappers are biting pretty good on our drift fishing trips and night anchor fishing excursions.
Snapper Fishing on the Drift Boat is Getting Good (5/18/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great snapper fishing on our $40 drift fishing trips. Lots of yellowtails, mangroves and mutton snappers are biting. Groupers are in-season again finally!
Great Fishing in Ft Lauderdale! And the Catching Ain't Half Bad Either. (5/09/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Another great week of fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Dolphin continue to bite well in 300-600ft of water. They are scattered but if you spend some time looking for them, they're out there to be found.
The EPIC Dolphin Bite Rages on in Fort Lauderdale (4/26/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] There's an EPIC dolphin bite happening off the coast of Fort Lauderdale this month. Best dolphin fishing I have seen in years.
First-Rate Dolphin Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (4/15/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Epic dolphin fishing in Fort Lauderdale this week. Big bull dolphin are biting everywhere in 180-400ft of water.
Big Fish Are Here! Nice Catches on the Fort Lauderdale Edge (4/05/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The best season of the year for fishing Ft Lauderdale is here! Everything is in season and the big fish are biting.
March Madness on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters (3/15/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Exhilarating fishing this March with some great catches of wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, sailfish and sharks.
The Best Season of the Year for Fishing Ft Lauderdale is Here (3/01/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The action is starting! Great fishing action on and outside the reefs of Ft Lauderdale. Dolphin, tuna, kingfish, wahoo... EVERYTHING is biting!
Shark Fishing Season and Lots More Action in Ft Lauderdale (2/09/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Shark fishing season is here! Big game sharks biting actively on our sportfishing charters. Lots of other action on mahi and wahoo, plus good bottom fishing.
Great Action this Week in Fort Lauderdale (2/04/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Sailfish season is in full swing here in Fort Lauderdale. Also, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo are biting. Great action just a mile offshore.
Giant Stingray Caught While Shark Fishing (1/13/2016)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We were shark fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Didn't think we would catch THIS!
Mixed Bag of Fish Christmas Week (12/29/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Dolphin, big black groupers, wahoo and more are biting in Fort Lauderdale this week. Good action on both our drift fishing and sportfishing charters.
Great Sailfish and Dolphin Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (12/01/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Mahi-mahi are snapping in 100-300 ft of water. They are everywhere! Also there are some sailfish biting and good action trolling the reef.
Wahoo are Snapping in Fort Lauderdale (11/23/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Nice wahoo bite going on in Fort Lauderdale this week. Today we went on a half day charter and nailed 4 wahoo up to 50 pounds, plus a big tuna and kingfish.
Great Action on the Fort Lauderdale Reef (9/05/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] September is awesome fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Sailfish, bonitos, kingfish, tuna, wahoo, cobia and more.
Great Fishing Action on the Fort Lauderdale Reefs (8/24/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] There's a ton of fish action on the Ft Lauderdale reef. Bonitos and kingfish are biting strong, as are a few wahoo, tunas and groupers.
500 pound Swordfish caught Daytime Swordfishing in Fort Lauderdale (8/06/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We caught an amazing 500 pound swordfish on our daytime swordfishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale. The monster gamefish are starting to bite.
Hot reef action in Fort Lauderdale (6/20/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great action on the Fort Lauderdale reefs this week. Lots of snappers, some mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, kingfish, grouper, etc...
Off and On Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (5/26/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The fishing this week has been off and on for us here in Fort Lauderdale. Some really good catches on some days and some slow days too. Mahi-mahi, wahoo and amberjacks making up the majority of our catches
Great fishing this week in Ft Lauderdale- Some really good catches (5/13/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] What a week of fishing we're having in Ft Lauderdale. Mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, groupers, cobia... everything. This is one of our hottest months for fishing in south Florida.
Grouper Season Open- Groupers biting good in Ft Lauderdale (5/06/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Grouper season just officially opened and the grouper bite in Fort Lauderdale is awesome. Black, red and gag groupers are biting all over the reef on our drift fishing trips.
Mutton snappers are snapping in Ft Lauderdale (4/27/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Great day of mutton snapper fishing in Fort Lauderdale. The mutton snapper bite lately has been awesome, with some pretty large mutton snappers hitting on the bottom
Golden Tilefish Biting in Fort Lauderdale (4/10/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The golden tilefish action off the Fort Lauderdale coast is red hot this year. This week we are catching some monster golden tilefish in 600ft of water.
Great Dolphin Fishing in Ft Lauderdale (2/14/2015)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] This week the dolphin bite has been insane. Dolphin, sailfish, tuna and wahoo are all biting in 100-300ft of water.
Dolphin and Sailfish Biting in Fort Lauderdale (12/18/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Rough seas but incredible fishing. Sailfish and dolphin are biting all over the place in Fort Lauderdale.
Great Dolphin Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (10/29/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Dolphin fishing is going off in Fort Lauderdale this week. 32 keeper dolphin caught on the afternoon drift fishing trip today.
Snook and Tarpon Fishing Hot in Ft Lauderdale (9/29/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Nice tarpon and snook bite going on in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of action inshore fishing with light tackle and live baits.
Great Action Fishing the Fort Lauderdale Reefs (8/28/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Kingfish and Bonitos are biting excellent on the Ft Lauderdale reefs. Lots of action on some good sized fish. Sailfish season is starting now!
Giant Tuna caught on sportfishing trip from Fort Lauderdale (6/19/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We left Fort Lauderdale inlet that morning not knowing that we would catch a 750-850 pound giant tuna. Most exciting fish we have ever caught!
Grouper Season Opens Up With a Bang! (5/04/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Grouper season opened up on May 1 and started out awesome. We caught this 60 pound warsaw grouper deep dropping over a shipwreck in 275ft of water.
Huge 62 Pound Bull Dolphin Caught (4/29/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] A huge 62 pound dolphin caught offshore trolling in Fort Lauderdale. Biggest dolphin I have seen hit the docks in years.
Successful daytime swordfishing trip (4/27/2014)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We had a daytime swordfishing charter today and caught a swordfish on our first drop. We also landed a bunch of dolphin including a 25 pound bull and a tuna.
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