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Nearshore Fishing Keeps Everyone BUSY by Rich Knox (8/09/2012)
Catching over 50 fish in the heat of the summmer in 1/2 day fishing charters. Grouper both Gag and Red, White snapper Variety of Sharks, some peligics !
January between the fronts ! by Rich Knox (1/13/2012)
mid-Winter Flats Fishing on the west central Florida gulf coast,Trout Limits, fishing year round !
Big Tout Clearwater to Tarpon Springs by Rich Knox (1/10/2012)
Spotted Sea Trout 2-6 lbs. on light tackle (8-lb.)spinning.
April Slammin' by Mike Wilson (4/16/2011)
Spring time fishing is heating up on the flats!
Snook and redfish are hot by Tommy Mahinis (10/26/2009)
In the river the snook and redfish bite has been great.
Late September Redfish action by Tommy Mahinis (9/29/2009)
The late part of September has been on fire with some sizzling hot Redfish.
Snooktastic by Tommy Mahinis (6/15/2009)
The snook are eating heavily while they do their thing on the beaches!
Snook on the loose! by Tommy Mahinis (5/31/2009)
The feeding bell has rang for good Snook bite action.
I'm Not Really Hungry by Pat Horrigan (5/15/2009)
Have you ever fished after a spring storm/cold front? How was the fishing?
Snook by Pat Horrigan (5/13/2009)
I had clients in town that had never seen monster snook and wanted to catch a few on artificial in the morning.
Fly Fishing For Monster Snook by Pat Horrigan (5/13/2009)
Today were were fly fishing for monster snook in the back country and there was a great excitment in the air.
Catching Monster Snook In Anclote Key by Pat Horrigan (5/09/2009)
The wind finally backed off and it was near perfect conditions to catch Monster Snook or as I like to call them Snookzilla. Really, they're that big.
All Jacked Up! by Pat Horrigan (4/13/2009)
When you can't find the monster snook, get all Jacked Up.
Redfish Eating On Full Moon Tides by Tommy Mahinis (4/11/2009)
Schooling spring redfish have been eating real good with the full moon tides.
Redfish galore by Tommy Mahinis (4/10/2009)
Spring Redfishing at it's finest. Weather in the low 80's and the fish are busting everything in site.
A Trout by Any Other Name by Pat Horrigan (3/26/2009)
More wind and cold fronts! Don't let it slow you down, just adjust to it and enjoy the trout.
Spring time is here by Tommy Mahinis (3/25/2009)
With the welcome warming water temperatures come the hungry game fish.
February redfish and trout by Tommy Mahinis (2/25/2009)
Late February trout and redfish bite has been great.
Shark of Fly by Pat Horrigan (2/19/2009)
February is shark time. If you can find warm water on the flats the shark will follow.
Permit on Fly by Pat Horrigan (2/18/2009)
Permit in winter at out-flow. Fly fishing for permit and pompano in winter can be good. Very good!
Sunning Redfish on the Flats by Pat Horrigan (1/24/2009)
Tropic Bay Guides on cold weather Redfish
Finding Cold Front Fish on the Flats by Pat Horrigan (12/08/2008)
Finding fish during a cold front can be rewarding.
Trout are all 3-4 pounds making for a nice fish frys.
Trout on the flats by Tommy Mahinis (11/17/2008)
Cooling water temps are bringing in the sea trout.
Redfish are in! by Tommy Mahinis (10/24/2008)
The redfish have made their presence known in the area lately.
Snook and Redfish by Tommy Mahinis (8/03/2008)
Along with the snook, the redfish have made their presence known.
Summer Snook by Tommy Mahinis (7/04/2008)
The summertime snook spawn is on, and it's time to get out and smack down your trophy fish!
Tarpon and Cobia by Chuck Fesler (6/05/2008)
Sight fishing for Silver Kings and Cobia have been the highlight of recent trips. From Johns Pass north the fishing is on.
Snooksational! by Tommy Mahinis (5/26/2008)
May is almost gone but the snook bite is just now heating up in the north Pinellas County area.
The summer is hot in alot of ways, and one is the inshore fishing. All species of fish are raring and ready to attack a wounded bait hooked to your line .
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