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Newbie tears it up and needs to find a new hobby! by Mo Estevez (10/11/2020)
Sometimes it just works out and Keith experienced just that on a less than ideal day. After being spoiled, a new hobby and challenge should be on his list.
Back in the 'Glades! by Mo Estevez (9/27/2020)
Afternoon trip to Flamingo in Everglades National Park was bitter sweet for one main reason....
The Curse is Over! by Mo Estevez (9/16/2020)
Dylan has had some rough fishing trips and the conditions we faced today confirmed that for me but something changed today.
Mahi Mahi schoolies by JORGE LABRADA (9/05/2020)
Ran into mahi school trolling weedline in 200 ft. Caught three mahi 23" and released one. Also had a barracuda.
Epic Bonefishing with the Boys from Cali! by Mo Estevez (8/22/2020)
Slick calm, hot, humid and on fire. That was the bonefishing this morning!
Snook, Tarpon & Snapper! by Ryan Rasberry (8/05/2020)
The summer fishing is incredible with the fall migration around the corner. Now is the time to book and get on the action.
Miami Blue Marlin caught aboard the Sea Cross by Rafael Mayans (7/10/2020)
I am a blue marlin fishing on a half-day is epic especially a father and daughter fishing trip once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on a beautiful majestic Blue
Redemption is so sweet! by Mo Estevez (7/07/2020)
A couple of tough break offs a few days ago had been haunting me. Well, until my client jumped aboard and made the prefect cast.
MiamiBeach Blue Marlin by Rafael Mayans (7/01/2020)
Robert gave me a call a few days ago wanted to get out on the water and do a half day fishing trip with his daughter he’s been fishing with us for a few years now we were really excited......
Fish of a Lifetime! by Mo Estevez (6/27/2020)
My regular client and I had perfect conditions this morning and we couldn't imagine what was about to happen when he made the perfect cast.
Tuna in the house! by JORGE LABRADA (6/20/2020)
They say one fish can turn a bad day into a good day. Such was the case with my personal best blackfin. After a few hours of drifting live ballyhoo I finally hooked up on my final drift....great fighting fish. Went home happy and had some great sushi!
Monster tarpon....Almost! by JORGE LABRADA (5/31/2020)
Slow trolled live mullet up and down bridge span. First had tarpon take a run but lost on first jump. Just before calling it quits saw line peeling off reel. Thought I was stuck on bottom and brought it up and saw huge tarpon (100lb +)which then proceedes to take off. After 10 min fight lost it boat side.....thems the breaks!
Late afternoon Tuna by JORGE LABRADA (5/31/2020)
Took a shot and went out late afternoon with one mullet and pinfish in livewell. Started drift in 200ft with live mullet and got slammed at 170ft. Fish missed and watched it come back to finish the job. 30ish lb blackfin!
Bucket List Checked off, Twice! by Mo Estevez (5/25/2020)
Phil had his bucket list fish to check off and early on I knew we would have a good chance. In spite of tough visibility things started to go our way and then....
Spring Time Fishing by Rafael Mayans (5/24/2020)
Miami beach fishing charters offers Darius opportunities for all the different quarries mahi-mahi tuna sailfish wahoo Baracuda sharks and more
Flamingo redfish on a tear by Mo Estevez (5/14/2020)
A short 3 hour trip was action packed with redfish and snook.
First Day Back on the Water by Mo Estevez (5/12/2020)
First day boat ramps opened and it was great today!
Mahi Mahi by Rafael Mayans (3/09/2020)
Early morning fishing out of Miami is productive for mahi-mahi sailfish tuna wahoo and kings. Trolling fresh baits is key To be able to catch these quality fish so always take your time and be patient while you do your rigs you always want your beach to swim true we have more in the fishing report below
Spring Time Deep Sea Fishing by Rafael Mayans (3/09/2020)
As the cold front passes through bait fish and other game fish push through our waters. Fishing on the reef or if your head off shore always produces just stay consistent and be patient and you soon will be rewarded
It's All About the Current by Michael Grimm (12/08/2019)
Like a switch, the current turned on and the fish starting biting. Pay close attention to your current and you'll find the fish.
Great Half Day with Mark and his Wife by Michael Grimm (12/05/2019)
There is nothing quite like a winter morning in Miami. You can't count all the species available on one hand, but you can count on some action.
Light Tackle Mullet Run Action with Junior Anglers by Tim O'Connor (9/30/2019)
Junior Anlgers have a big time fishing the Mullet Run with light tackle! Snook and Tarpon action!
First-Time Mullet Run Chaos! by Tim O'Connor (9/16/2019)
Doug and Dan joined Capt Tim aboard TwinstiGator Charters to get their Mullet Run Baptism of Fire and they got to see a show! Several pods of mullet showed up near the trough and the pods were getting worked by Tarpon, Snook and Jack Cravelle.
Hurricane Dorian Kick Started the Mullet Run by Michael Grimm (9/06/2019)
It was a like a switch. The mullet appeared immediately as Hurricane Dorian was sitting off our coast. It is go time!
Junior Angler Trip-Action Packed by Tim O'Connor (8/20/2019)
Junior Anglers can't get enough of the inshore action aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
The Bigger Mahi Are Showing Up off Miami by Michael Grimm (8/14/2019)
If you can get out there, now is a great opportunity to get on some bigger fish of the season. We found some nice gaffers about 15 miles offshore.
Non-Stop Action Off the Beach by Tim O'Connor (8/10/2019)
We decided to get in on the red-hot bite off the beach in Dade County aboard TwinstiGator Charters!
Red Hot Summer Fishing in Miami, FL by Jason Robinson (8/03/2019)
Fishing has been almost as hot as the weather here in south Florida. We started the summer off still in live bait mode, flying kites on the edge of the reef and some days slow trolling baits. The fishing on the edge has been steady the last few months we have caught Blackfin Tunas, Kingfish, Bonita and even the occasional summer sailfish!
Better Weed Lines, Decent Action, Schoolie Dolphin off Miami by Gabriel C (7/30/2019)
After weeks of scattered weeds making trolling tough, found some decent weed lines and weed patches with life and mostly schoolie-sized Dolphin
The Mahi are out there! by Jose Reyes (7/22/2019)
School of Mahi very present 10 miles offshore. It was a blast with Captain Mike and crew.
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