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Some guys just score on their first try by Mo Estevez (6/16/2021)
It was the first timer's luck today as Steve got a taste of silver and gold today.
Bucket List Crushed by Mo Estevez (6/10/2021)
"Capt. Mo I haven't caught tarpon, permit, snook or bonefish. Those are on my bucket list."
This is the way to get the day started! by Mo Estevez (6/06/2021)
Perfect conditions and a need to stay close to the marina proved to be the winner game plan today.
It Finally Happened! by Mo Estevez (6/02/2021)
Trip number two with Pat and the pressure was on to get his bonefish.
Tarpon Mania! by Mo Estevez (5/31/2021)
Some conditions look tough but are actually very good.
This was a great start! by Mo Estevez (5/28/2021)
First spot, first shot and Drew got the bonefish he wanted. What a start!
Crushed the bucket list! by Mo Estevez (5/27/2021)
The bucket lists keep getting destroyed!
YES!!!!! by Mo Estevez (5/25/2021)
I almost rescheduled this trip based on the weather forecast. I'm glad I didn't!
We got a jumper! by Mo Estevez (5/19/2021)
Going 0-1 was not good but moments later that would change.
Incredible day! by Mo Estevez (5/17/2021)
There are great days and then there are days like today, wow!
Oh what a day! by Mo Estevez (5/11/2021)
I have to admit, after today's trip I was a bit confused on my way home.
The Golden Slob by Mo Estevez (5/10/2021)
Fishing wasn't easy and we missed some opportunities but in the end there was a prize waiting for us.
Oh so close! by Mo Estevez (5/07/2021)
Bonefish, permit, tarpon...the holy grail of the flats and they were all around us.
Oh so close!!! by Mo Estevez (5/03/2021)
Things have to go just right to get a grand slam and boy did we come close.
Father son team score big! by Mo Estevez (4/24/2021)
Yes, they kicked but, yes they rocked and yes it was a great day!
Great 3 days with Mike by Mo Estevez (4/23/2021)
I got three days with Mike as we do every year and we had a blast plus the bonefishing was epic!
Spectacular day today!!!! by Mo Estevez (4/10/2021)
Wow, fishing ewas firing on all cylinders today and Kevin got to be the lucky recipient of it!
This was a special one! by Mo Estevez (4/07/2021)
You work hard to make things happen and I'm so happy when it happens to someone special.
Two Awesome Trips by Mo Estevez (4/02/2021)
It's tough to run two trips a day but boy was it worth it today!
How to end the month! by Mo Estevez (3/29/2021)
It's been an incredibly busy month but today was a great illustration of how this month has been.
He Strikes Again! by Mo Estevez (3/27/2021)
Kevin has a habit of catching the fish of the day. And today was no exception.
Some guys score on the first try... by Mo Estevez (3/09/2021)
Some guys do, some guys don't, today Sean scored on the first try.
This kid killed it! by Mo Estevez (2/27/2021)
This five year old has a bright future ahead.
This went better than expected! by Mo Estevez (2/26/2021)
Sometimes I just want to cancel a trip when I look at the conditions but today it all worked out.
Two incredible trips today! by Mo Estevez (2/21/2021)
I had my doubts about today with the high winds and dirty water but as they say, you don't know until you go.
I was waiting for this! by Mo Estevez (2/16/2021)
Jerry is now 84 years old and going strong but, there was one species I really wanted him to catch today.
Oh it was on! by Mo Estevez (2/05/2021)
Approaching cold front, variable winds, low water temps, it was perfect!
It was an honor today! by Mo Estevez (1/31/2021)
Every once in a while you get someone in the boat that leaves a mark and today was one of those days.
Jake Vs. Bonefish by Mo Estevez (1/29/2021)
It feels so good when a plan comes together!
And the snook keep coming by Mo Estevez (1/26/2021)
Chilly and breezy but that was what the snook were looking for.
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