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This is November! by Mo Estevez (11/07/2023)
The weather a few days ago was tough but not today. With good weather Rob got to stretch his fly line and more!
Silver and Gold by Mo Estevez (11/05/2023)
It's fall and things are heating up. Now is the time to do what Barry did and target two of our best species.
by Mo Estevez (8/21/2023)
Ha, Bruce wanted bonefish but him and his son were just happy to get out on the water. I was hoping to make it more than that!
Boys Day Out by Mo Estevez (8/07/2023)
Mom stayed home and Steven took his two boys fishing. We caught a variety of species but of course the trophy of the day you already know what it was...
Screw the heat! by Mo Estevez (8/04/2023)
Man it's been hot and the water temps are really high but play your cards right and fish the right conditions and the benefits are there for the taking.
Double in the Heat by Mo Estevez (7/14/2023)
Man it's been hot and the water temps are high but by playing our cards right today was a solid day.
She Killed It! by Mo Estevez (6/26/2023)
Conditions were not terrible except for the cloud cover which has been over us the last week. However, that wouldn't stop Joe and Maria from accomplishing their goal of landing bonefish.
At the Ocean Reef Club by Mo Estevez (6/21/2023)
Hunter is 14 years old and he had never been bonefishing before. Well, staying in Key Largo trying out bomnefishing is a must and he was glad he did!
Bonefish Tailing Fest! by Mo Estevez (5/30/2023)
Wow, it was one of those days with tails all around us, shallow water and no wind.
Holy Smokes!!!! by Mo Estevez (2/12/2023)
It happens sometimes when you have tough conditions but you have to work through them Today it was one of those magical days!
What an eat! by Mo Estevez (1/28/2023)
This job is hard enough as it is and chasing bonefish on fly is even harder but there are times when you just freak at an incredible moment that makes your trip, day and week. Today was one of those days.
It was good today! by Mo Estevez (1/21/2023)
In between cold fronts the fishing has been solid making it worthwhile hitting the water once the warming trends set it.
Back on Track! by Mo Estevez (1/16/2023)
That bomb winter cyclone slowed the fishing down but a few warm days later and the fishing was back on track.
New Years Report by Mo Estevez (1/11/2023)
That winter bomb cyclone slowed things down for us dropping the water temps REALLY low but, there was today.
Bomb Winter Cyclone Report by Mo Estevez (12/30/2022)
Wow, what a tough week being jammed with charters and some very tough cold, wind and rain. Dropping water temps made it tough but here is what worked for me.
Pure Insanity by Mo Estevez (12/21/2022)
Wow oh wow! The last trip was not red hot or even hot for that matter but that all changed today for Jake!
Finally! by Mo Estevez (12/13/2022)
Last trip was a grind and the fishing has slowed down the last few days so I was looking for redemption. Well, when Madison's rod doubled over the moment finally came!
It was a grind but... by Mo Estevez (12/07/2022)
Fishing has been on fire, but not today. It was a grind but we kept working through it and...
Thanksgiving Day! by Mo Estevez (11/28/2022)
I always work on Thanksgiving Day but today I had long time client Ken and his awesome 10 year old Gianna. She was on top of her game again!
Miami offers World Class Fishing...Seriously. by (11/24/2022)
The variety of Miami can only be appreciated by a tourist. As a native Florida fishing guide, we take it for granted, but not on this day.
What????? by Mo Estevez (11/23/2022)
Wind, more wind and plenty of wind is what the forecast called for and it was correct. Oh, but it was one of those glorious days!
Spectacular Day! by Mo Estevez (11/20/2022)
There's something to be said for a client that tells you "let's go catch whatever you think is best.". Today, I made my client's trust pay off big time!
Meet the Robertson's by Mo Estevez (11/09/2022)
Great family, two days, fishing as good as it gets. plus, snook on topwater!
Birthday Bonefish by Mo Estevez (10/31/2022)
Any age, any day, any time, a birthday bonefish is hard to pass up.
Two Firsts by Mo Estevez (10/25/2022)
Two firsts in one day? Yeah it works that way sometimes!
Miami Mahi-mahi fishing by Rafael Mayans (10/19/2022)
Miami has some of the best mahi fishing in the world the golf stream is just minutes away from our dock this means great fishing
Crushed Redemption by Mo Estevez (10/17/2022)
This was the day disappointments of the past melted away. Actually, they were obliterated!
Finally got it done. by Mo Estevez (10/13/2022)
Bonefishing can be brutal and full of disappointment, Fax and I know that but then there are those days full of perfect moments.
The Best Mahi Fishing in a Long Time by Chad Raney (10/10/2022)
Hurricane Ian and the leading to the full moon kicked off some great mahi fishing off Miami.
Permit will be Permit by Mo Estevez (10/07/2022)
For about two hours we kept taking shots at schools of permit but they refused our live crabs and live shrimp. But they had a surprise in store for John and I.
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