Fishing Reports by Captain Rafael Mayans

About The Author: Captain

Company: Sea Cross Deep Sea Fishing Miami

Area Reporting: Miami

Bio: I\'m Capt. Rafael Mayans and I\'ve been a Miami resident my entire life. Living and fishing here in Miami Beach has given me the opportunity to fish and explore some of the best fishing grounds the east coast has to offer - from the Florida Keys to pristine waters of the Bahamas. Fishing these waters i have gained the experience to give my clients the best possible chance for a successful and memorable fishing trip.

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Miami Mahi-mahi fishing (10/19/2022)
[Miami,FL] Miami has some of the best mahi fishing in the world the golf stream is just minutes away from our dock this means great fishing
Miami Blue Marlin caught aboard the Sea Cross (7/10/2020)
[Miami,FL] I am a blue marlin fishing on a half-day is epic especially a father and daughter fishing trip once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on a beautiful majestic Blue
MiamiBeach Blue Marlin (7/01/2020)
[Miami,FL] Robert gave me a call a few days ago wanted to get out on the water and do a half day fishing trip with his daughter he’s been fishing with us for a few years now we were really excited......
Spring Time Fishing (5/24/2020)
[Miami,FL] Miami beach fishing charters offers Darius opportunities for all the different quarries mahi-mahi tuna sailfish wahoo Baracuda sharks and more
Mahi Mahi (3/09/2020)
[Miami,FL] Early morning fishing out of Miami is productive for mahi-mahi sailfish tuna wahoo and kings. Trolling fresh baits is key To be able to catch these quality fish so always take your time and be patient while you do your rigs you always want your beach to swim true we have more in the fishing report below
Spring Time Deep Sea Fishing (3/09/2020)
[Miami,FL] As the cold front passes through bait fish and other game fish push through our waters. Fishing on the reef or if your head off shore always produces just stay consistent and be patient and you soon will be rewarded
Mahi-mahi fishing Miami beach (3/31/2019)
[Miami,FL] It was a great day starting out the morning as soon as we got out to the reef and got Pastor hundred feet of water there were flying fish everywhere and planning a bait a good indication...
Golden tile fishing Miami Beach (1/31/2019)
[Miami,FL] Golden tile fishing in Miami Beach, Has its benefits it’s literally not even 3 miles from shore gives you the opportunity to some really tasty fish. While fishing for other species you could always take the time out and really have lots of fun to catch also ...
Mahi-mahi in Miami (12/04/2018)
[Miami,FL] What a great week and it turned out to be for Paul Lynn his friends coming down from North Carolina to go deep-sea fishing aboard the Sea Cross, It took me just under 12 hours he told me but it wasn’t long before we had our first bite it was literally 20 minutes after we got outside the first reef, Kingfish I told Paul that played a rod started ripping line after a while Shelton had the leader in his hand and he flipped over the king fish into the box ......
Mahi-Mahi Wolfpack (11/20/2018)
[Miami,FL] You don’t need to go out very far when you have the golf stream current literally 2 miles away from the dock in it wasn’t much longer after we took off that we had our first fish on a beautiful mahi-mahi....
Sailfishing Miami Beach (10/23/2018)
[Miami,FL] At the end of summer the waters start to cool up a tad bit and we start getting a huge amount of baitfish migrating down the coast, That sparked up an awesome bite just offshore....
Miami Summer Wahoo Fishing (8/17/2018)
[Miami,FL] Summer time fishing were usually thinking about mahi-mahi. but never forget that there are definitely nice wahoo out there especially under floating debris’s ,birds and weed lines . Just because it is it winter time doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hook up with some really nice quality wahoo.
Summer madness “grouper snapper cobia” (6/04/2018)
[Miami,FL] It was really a tough week we sat in for a few days we were going crazy in the cabin waiting for the wind to die down and the rain to finally move on , Once we get the break we will head out and do some bottom fishing I told Sheldon so let’s troll the reef .....
Kings and tuna day (5/19/2018)
[Miami,FL] Fishing is Exciting every time you head out you just never know what you’re going to catch here in Miami is very unpredictable you could be fighting fish for 10 minutes or for more than four hours
Springtime king fishing (5/07/2018)
[Miami,FL] Every year around this time we have our spring run of king mackerel heading north, We anticipate this run every year some of us live bait for them or troll but either way both are effective so get ready to have some really steady action and as the months go by and we get further in the summer the fishing just seems to get better and like they always say “only on the seagrass “
Miami Beach offshore super slam (4/24/2018)
[Miami,FL] Talking about crushing fish we had a spectacular day deep-sea fishing . It was action-packed right from the beginning all the way to the end, Fishing the Gulf Stream really has its perks!!
Miami Kingfishing (4/18/2018)
[Miami,FL] A great way to catch Kingfish here in Miami is by trolling Planers and fishing for these fish in mid water depth
Miami Mahi-mahi Fishing (4/16/2018)
[Miami,FL] Miami deep-sea fishing is great way for the family to spend the day together especially on vacation , so if it’s either family time or team building with the guys a Deep-sea fishing charter is the way to go
Blue Marlin on Fire (7/21/2016)
[Miami,FL] Blue marlin fishing on the full moon has been awesome. Good weather has been consistent 👍
Miami deep sea fishing (6/23/2016)
[Miami,FL] Summertime is here in the fishing is red-hot. we been catching all types of snapper grouper and we've even caught blue marlin. Summertime just started so I can't imagine how much more action were going to have
Summer Sails and Wahoo (7/29/2015)
[Miami,FL] We're in the middle of the summer it has been red-hot again.It's really nice to be able to get out there and do some nice fishing every day. At different times It has been different but it has been consistent. so get out there and do some fishing
Miami Beach Off Shore Blast! (2/06/2015)
[Miami,FL] Fishing out of Haulover has been starting to heat up! On 1/2 day trips we are we have been catching a variety of fish.
Miami Deep Sea Fishing (1/09/2015)
[Miami,FL] Winter is here and the action is heating up. Sailfish mahimahi and wahoo are starting to show up. So get out on the water today!
Miami Summer Time charter Fishing! (6/21/2014)
[Miami,FL] Finally summers here we can finally get the gear ready for some night time snapper fishing. You need plenty chum and fresh cut bait. While we prefer big eye scad, fresh ballyhoo and sardine works well.With a little current And a good honey hole you should be able to catch you limit.
Miami Mutton Madness (5/28/2014)
[Miami,FL] I don't really know to many Fishermen who don't like the awesome fight of a mutton snapper. Growing up as a kid in miami and fishing the keys every other weekend it gave me the opportunity to catch muttons. Not only are they awesome fighters that will test any anglers skills regardless of there experience!
Deep Sea Fishing Fun! (4/28/2014)
[Miami,FL] Spring time is here and fishing starting to heat up! Deep sea fishing the wrecks and artificial reefs are producing these nice fish.
Miami Spring Time mahimahi is here! (3/25/2014)
[Miami,FL] Winter is Finally gone and spring is here and the fishing is starting to heat up. We have been really catching some nice fish this later part of this month.
Shark fishing and deep drop fun ! (2/25/2014)
[Miami,FL] Winter fishing is here. There's plenty of action off shore miami so go deep sea fishing in miami today!