Fishing Reports by Captain Mo Estevez

About The Author: Captain

Company: Miami Bone Fishing

Area Reporting: Biscayne Bay

Bio: I was born and raised in Miami, FL and have been fishing my entire life. I specialize in light tackle sight fishing Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon as well as fishing for snappers, groupers, mackerels, and snook. I own a 16\' Hewes and accept anglers of all experience levels as well as kids. My primary goal is to ensure my clients have a great time enjoying our beautiful and bountiful Biscayne Bay. You can read my monthly column in Coastal Angler Magazine and am the host of the upcomimg nationally televised show Tailing Silver.

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Spectacular day today!!!! (4/10/2021)
[Miami,FL] Wow, fishing ewas firing on all cylinders today and Kevin got to be the lucky recipient of it!
This was a special one! (4/07/2021)
[Miami,FL] You work hard to make things happen and I'm so happy when it happens to someone special.
Two Awesome Trips (4/02/2021)
[Miami,FL] It's tough to run two trips a day but boy was it worth it today!
How to end the month! (3/29/2021)
[Miami,FL] It's been an incredibly busy month but today was a great illustration of how this month has been.
He Strikes Again! (3/27/2021)
[Miami,FL] Kevin has a habit of catching the fish of the day. And today was no exception.
Some guys score on the first try... (3/09/2021)
[Miami,FL] Some guys do, some guys don't, today Sean scored on the first try.
Birthday Bonefish (3/02/2021)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Yeah, it was windy, yeah it was Jay birthday so we got to work.
This kid killed it! (2/27/2021)
[Miami,FL] This five year old has a bright future ahead.
This went better than expected! (2/26/2021)
[Miami,FL] Sometimes I just want to cancel a trip when I look at the conditions but today it all worked out.
Two incredible trips today! (2/21/2021)
[Miami,FL] I had my doubts about today with the high winds and dirty water but as they say, you don't know until you go.
I was waiting for this! (2/16/2021)
[Miami,FL] Jerry is now 84 years old and going strong but, there was one species I really wanted him to catch today.
Oh it was on! (2/05/2021)
[Miami,FL] Approaching cold front, variable winds, low water temps, it was perfect!
It was an honor today! (1/31/2021)
[Miami,FL] Every once in a while you get someone in the boat that leaves a mark and today was one of those days.
Jake Vs. Bonefish (1/29/2021)
[Miami,FL] It feels so good when a plan comes together!
And the snook keep coming (1/26/2021)
[Miami,FL] Chilly and breezy but that was what the snook were looking for.
Two For Tuesday (1/22/2021)
[Miami,FL] Two trips and both were awesome! First I had a 7 year old kick but and then a father/son duo that got worn out.
These women rock! (1/17/2021)
[Miami,FL] When rookies turn pro right before your eyes.
Cold Weather Snook Fest! (1/13/2021)
[Miami,FL] Yes, it was cold, yes it was windy but the snook were feeding!
12 year old vs snook (1/11/2021)
[Miami,FL] Kids are awesome to fish with and it is a special moment when they catch a species they won't soon forget.
This never gets old! (1/10/2021)
[Miami,FL] Yeah, it's been cold but the fish haven't cared and today was one of those days!
This Never Gets Old! (1/07/2021)
[Miami,FL] Winter time in Miami is all about variety of species and today was further proof of that.
It's raining silver in Miami! (1/04/2021)
[Miami,FL] Cool water temperatures and the fish have become accustomed to it and they have been on a tear feeding.
Two Spectacular Trips (1/01/2021)
[Miami,FL] These are the days you dream of when you are fishing Miami in December.
Bonefishing in the COLD! (12/30/2020)
[Miami,FL] Air and water temperatures plummeted so this wouldn't be easy but sometimes it all works out.
Eight year old girls crushes GIANT bonefish! (11/25/2020)
[Miami,FL] Gianna is eight years old and she is already ahead of most flats anglers in her pursuit of bonefish. This little girl rocks!
Brutal but Rewarding Day! (11/10/2020)
[Miami,FL] Blowing 35 MPH is no joke but my clients and I were on a mission and the winds would only add to the challenge.
Ask and You Shall Receive (11/07/2020)
[Miami,FL] We had beautiful skies and great tides but tough wind to try and check off a bucket list fish.
The Drag Burners Were Out! (11/04/2020)
[Miami,FL] Loaded live well in the fall means the sky is the limit and today was further confirmation of that as evidenced by the screaming drags and explosions around the boat.
Epic Snook Day! (11/03/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] Water levels were a bit funky this morning but I found the right area that is usually too skinny for me to fish and it was game on!
And he does it again! (10/16/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] Keith was back at it in Flamingo fresh off of killing it in Biscayne Bay. And well, he struck again!
Newbie tears it up and needs to find a new hobby! (10/11/2020)
[Miami,FL] Sometimes it just works out and Keith experienced just that on a less than ideal day. After being spoiled, a new hobby and challenge should be on his list.
Birthday in the 'Glades (10/07/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] Eleven year old John celebrated his birthday in Flamingo and it was a blast watching this kid hone his skills throughout the course of the day.
Back in the 'Glades! (9/27/2020)
[Miami,FL] Afternoon trip to Flamingo in Everglades National Park was bitter sweet for one main reason....
The Curse is Over! (9/16/2020)
[Miami,FL] Dylan has had some rough fishing trips and the conditions we faced today confirmed that for me but something changed today.
Epic Bonefishing with the Boys from Cali! (8/22/2020)
[Miami,FL] Slick calm, hot, humid and on fire. That was the bonefishing this morning!
7 Year Old Tarpon Master (8/18/2020)
[Key Biscayne,FL] These boy are tough and the tarpon they were targeting didn't stand a chance when Patrick got his hands on the rod and fought his tarpon like a pro.
Working Hard in the 'Glades (8/16/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] This afternoon trip had high water temps and it started off slow but I got it turned around.
90 Minutes of Magic! (7/11/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] First 10 casts yielded 10 snook hookups. Wow, does it get any better?
Redemption is so sweet! (7/07/2020)
[Miami,FL] A couple of tough break offs a few days ago had been haunting me. Well, until my client jumped aboard and made the prefect cast.
Fish of a Lifetime! (6/27/2020)
[Miami,FL] My regular client and I had perfect conditions this morning and we couldn't imagine what was about to happen when he made the perfect cast.
Last minute trip was well worth it (6/23/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] A last minute call got me into the boat and out in the 'Glades and our brief trip was fun and productive.
90 Minutes is all it took! (6/16/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] A solo trip to Flamingo in the afternoon turned into a frenzy I had all to myself!
Big Snook Flooding the Flamingo Flats (6/06/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] A late afternoon trip turned into a great outing in spite of the dirty water and breezy conditions.
Flamingo Slam and More! (5/29/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] Quickly picking off a few trout, the next two fish landed were snook and redfish to complete the slam and we weren't in the good part of the tide yet! The rest was working on numbers and we lost count.
Bucket List Checked off, Twice! (5/25/2020)
[Miami,FL] Phil had his bucket list fish to check off and early on I knew we would have a good chance. In spite of tough visibility things started to go our way and then....
Glades Double Slam for First Timers (5/17/2020)
[Flamingo,FL] Newbies with no skill still got it done catching two grand slams after learning how to cast.
Flamingo redfish on a tear (5/14/2020)
[Miami,FL] A short 3 hour trip was action packed with redfish and snook.
First Day Back on the Water (5/12/2020)
[Miami,FL] First day boat ramps opened and it was great today!
Last Minute Heroics (3/08/2014)
[Miami,FL] With tough conditions and time running out, the day ended better than scripted!
Last Minute Excitement (2/01/2014)
[Miami,FL] In the 4th quarter with 2:00 minutes left, we needed a trophy fish.
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