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Great Fall fishing by Ariel Cabrera (11/05/2013)
Good fishing on the less windy days in the bau and backwaters.
Tailing Redfish by Jason Sullivan (8/16/2013)
Sight Fishing outfront on the flats near Flamingo has been very good and very consistent.
Flamingo Fishing Report by Jason Sullivan (7/08/2013)
Summertime fishing down in Flamingo has been red hot. The flats outfront have been loaded with Redfish and Snook.
Everglades Fishing by Jason Sullivan (7/08/2013)
Fishing in Flamingo has been red hot up on the flats.
Flamingo 2/13/2013 by Alex Geneteau (2/16/2013)
Got out Wednesday (02/13/13) to Flamingo with local angler Thomas to try and catch a few fish before the South West winds were predicted to start blowing.
Last week of 2012, Flamingo interior by Bob Lemay (1/01/2013)
Great action now with speckled trout as well as lots of slot sized redfish in the interior, along with pompano, permit, and giant tarpon....
Fishing report, Everglades backcountry, 19 November by Bob Lemay (11/19/2012)
This report covers about 10 days from Flamingo to Everglades City. At least half the time we posted backcountry slams on fly or spinning gear.
good redfishing by Ariel Cabrera (10/14/2012)
Good redfishing and bonefishing. The transition from summer to fall has already begun. Much action can be readily seen among east coast beaches and passes but the real secluded fishing begins in the backcountry. The Flamingo waters of Everglades National Park will continue attract many anglers from all over the world but few realize how incredible the fishing really is. Fall fishing Flamingo is fabulous.
Eight days at Flamingo, 30 Sept by Bob Lemay (10/01/2012)
The gulf coast of the 'Glades is loading up with big tarpon now (and the big snook are already there.....).
Flamingo report, 9 September 2012 by Bob Lemay (9/09/2012)
The fishing now from Cape Sable to Lostmans River is as good as it gets for the next six weeks....
Great fishing and weather by Ariel Cabrera (8/20/2012)
TAKE A KID FISHING Flamingo: awesome redfishing. Good snook and tarpon action Biscayne and Key Largo: PERMIT, great
Flamingo report, A day in the life, 15 August by Bob Lemay (8/15/2012)
Broke in a new motor with a solo trip. The fishing is as hot as the weather....
Flamingo Everglades Fishing Report by Steven Tejera (7/22/2012)
The fishing in Flamingo is Hot right now for Snook, Redfish, Tarpon and Seatrout.
Red Hot Summer Fishing by Ariel Cabrera (7/18/2012)
Fishing has been red hot despite the weather. We have had predictable rain storms come and go daily very good. Flamingo has seen huge numbers of redfish. We are catching them on jerk baits, Gulps, and most plastic baits. It hasnít been this good in a long time. There have also been some floating tripletail at the incoming tides. Try the same baits you are using for redfish. If they act finicky, make a long cast with a natural shrimp. That should work.
Everglades days/Biscayne nights, 7 July by Bob Lemay (7/07/2012)
Lots of action both day and night now. The best bet is still the night time tarpon...
Flamingo fishing report, 23 June by Bob Lemay (6/23/2012)
Fish were biting all week long despite lots of rain and poor weather. Tarpon a bit scarce, but snook were biting lures and sharks attacked every live bait they saw....
ENP fishing report, 29 May by Bob Lemay (5/29/2012)
The Gulf coast of the Everglades is where we fished for four days last week... everything's biting there and we pretty much had the entire coast to ourselves.
Flamingo Full of Fish and Bay Bonefish run on... by Ariel Cabrera (5/26/2012)
Flamingo catches have included snook to 12 pounds, redfish to 31Ē, and lots of jacks and trout. I have had several very succesful outings with great all-around action most of the day.
Everglades report, 10 May by Bob Lemay (5/10/2012)
Rainy season is underway now, more and more tarpon biting....
Excellent Flamingo Bite by Steven Tejera (4/22/2012)
Flamingo is a special place. With a variety of wildlife and one of the best inshore fisheries in the world. Flamingo has been on fire this spring with some excellent fishing.
Excellent Flamingo Bite by Steven Tejera (4/22/2012)
Flamingo (Everglades National Park)is a special place. Awesome fishing and an amazing variety of wildlife it is always an adventure fishing in Flamingo.
Spring In Flamingo by Steven Tejera (3/20/2012)
The spring fishing has been excellent down in Flamingo. Big snook and redfish and we are seeing more and more tarpon as it warms up.
Everglades report, 9-19 March 2012 by Bob Lemay (3/19/2012)
Lots of variety at both ends of the Park now. We're jumping a few big tarpon but mostly they seem to be waiting for the weather to lay down a bit...
Good spring fishing by Ariel Cabrera (3/13/2012)
Great action in the Flamingo area of everglades. And bonefishing is getting real hot now near Miami
Everglades backcountry, 28 Feb by Bob Lemay (2/28/2012)
Fished six out of seven days from Flamingo to Everglades City. Everything's biting now.
Everglades days- Biscayne nights, 7 Feb by Bob Lemay (2/07/2012)
Everything's biting now on spinning or fly fishing gear. We're going after them both day and night...
Everglades report, 10 January by Bob Lemay (1/10/2012)
Even with cold water temps the fish are biting in the 'Glades on flies, lures, and bait.
Red Hot Fishing With Cool Weather by Steven Tejera (1/07/2012)
The bite has been hot and the weather has been cool. The inshore fishing in Flamingo has been awesome!
Flamingo Christmas, 29 December by Bob Lemay (12/29/2011)
Guides in my area are fishing daily while the holidays are here. The action in the 'Glades is very good now.
Windy but good fishing by Ariel Cabrera (12/22/2011)
The last few days we have caught redfish, sheepshead, trout, mackerel on a consistent basis. Some of these fish up to 8 pounds using live shrimp and scent baits.
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