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Area Reporting: Florida's Space Coast

Bio: Guiding fly and light tackle anglers on Florida\'s Space Coast for over 20 years.

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 Shad Attack! Orlando Fishing Report  (1/27/2018)
[Orlando,FL] Fished the Mosquito Lagoon, the Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Johns River (twice) this week. The shad bite is strong. The saltwater fish, not so much.
Happy Thanksgiving Space Coast Fishing Report (11/19/2017)
[Orlando,FL] Fished three different places this week, with varying success. Had two good days though, with trout, flounder, redfish, and snook in the mix!
Cold Front Orlando Fishing Report (3/19/2017)
[Orlando,FL] We had a cold front come through on Tuesday and the temperatures were like those typically associated with January. By mid-March Florida standards, it was COLD, baby! And so we have a cold front Orlando Fishing report.
Still Hot Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (2/12/2017)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Incredibly, the fishing this week was even better than last week. Thus the still hot Mosquito Lagoon fishing report.
Hot Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (2/04/2017)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The year is young, but this week was the best fishing of the year. Thus the hot Mosquito Lagoon fishing report.Plentiful redfish, big seatrout, lovely weather, a great week!
Elusive Black Drum Fishing Report (1/21/2017)
[Orlando,FL] As good as fishing was last week was as tough as it was this week. Black drum, shad, redfish- they were all elusive!
Christmas Orlando Fishing Report (12/24/2016)
[Orlando,FL] We fished the Mosquito Lagoon two days, and the St. Johns River three days. Of course results were mixed. We had some solid fishing in both places!
Big Bend Paddle Fishing Report (12/05/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Mike Conneen and I just wrapped up a seven day, 60 mile paddle along Florida's Gulf coast, from the Aucilla River to Steinhatchee. So this is a Big Bend paddle fishing report.
Election Week Central Florida Fishing Report (11/05/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Fished the Loxahatchee River, a retention pond, Loughman's Lake, and the Mosquito Lagoon. Caught fish everywhere, a good week.
Hurricane Matthew South Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report (10/09/2016)
[Stuart,FL] The south Indian River Lagoon is stressed but not dead. DOA Lures accounted for trout, bones, and jacks!
Home Again! Orlando Fishing Report (9/11/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Yucky brown water and clouds make sight fishing difficult. Doesn't seem to be a lot of fish around, either.
Memorial Day Orlando Fishing Report (5/28/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing in the Atlantic cooled some because of east winds, but Mosquito Lagoon fished well. Please take time this weekend to remember those who fell defending our way of life.
Jackzilla Port Canaveral Fishing Report (5/22/2016)
[Cocoa Beach,FL] Four days fishing out of Port Canaveral this week led to some outstanding catches, particularly if you consider a 30 pound plus crevalle jack an outstanding catch. The fishing out there was fairly sizzling. So we have the Jackzilla Port Canaveral fishing report this week.
Lone Ranger Orlando Fishing Report (5/15/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Somewhat self-fishly, I fished alone every day this week. Thus the Lone Ranger Orlando Fishing report. I fish alone, yeah, with nobody else. You know when I fish alone, I prefer to be by myself! My apologies to George Thorogood.
One Day Fishing Orlando Fishing Report (5/08/2016)
[Orlando,FL] For a variety of reasons, some of which were entirely out of my control, I only fished one day this week. So we have a one day fishing Orlando fishing report.
May Day Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (5/01/2016)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The ocean was too rough for me to get out this week, but red fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon was excellent!
The Mudfish Orlando Fishing Report (4/17/2016)
[Orlando,FL] An awesome week of fishing, full of variety and surprises. Freshwater and saltwater, from Spanish mackerel to mudfish!
Broken Trailer Orlando Fishing Report (4/02/2016)
[Orlando,FL] Broken trailers, east winds, and brown yucky water made for an interesting week. We still caught fish everywhere we went.
A Rare (for me) Flamingo Fishing Report (3/28/2016)
[Flamingo,FL] Four days in Everglades National Park this week led to some outstanding catches. Snook, tarpon, sailcats, all an anger could want!
Vernal Equinox Orlando Fishing Report (3/20/2016)
[Orlando,FL] A busy week of fishing on the St. Johns River, Atlantic Ocean, and Mosquito Lagoon led to a very mixed bag of fish and at least a little success every day. This is a great time of year to fish!
Daylight Savings Orlando Fishing Report (3/12/2016)
[Orlando,FL] The Mosquito Lagoon is filthy, but the St. Johns River is fishing well. Don't overlook retention ponds!
Blown Out Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (2/28/2016)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The wind blew, then blew some more, then blew harder, then blew some more again. We fished a couple days in spite if it, and actually caught a few fish.
Camp-Out Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (1/30/2016)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] fly fishing on mosquito lagoon was red-hot monday and tuesday. weather came in and kept us from fishing the rest of the week.
Two Days Kayaking Orlando Fishing Report (1/24/2016)
[Orlando,FL] We had two beautiful days this week, sandwiched between days that were good for web-surfing. I went kayak fly fishing on those two days- the two days kayaking Orlando fishing report.
Two Redfish Orlando Fishing Report (12/18/2015)
[Titusville,FL] We fished three days, in kayak and skiff, in saltwater and fresh, and got two redfish. Had a great time!
Two Bites Orlando Fishing Report (12/13/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Kayak fishing two days this week I managed two bites, thus the Two Bites Orlando Fishing Report.One bite was in the Indian River Lagoon, one was in the Mosquito Lagoon. Water still high and dirty.
Happy Halloween Orlando Fishing Report (10/31/2015)
[Orlando,FL] A spectacular week, with acres of breaking fish off the beaches, and flocks of large, colorful birds along the river. Read it and see!
Blown Off the Water Freshwater Orlando Fishing Report (10/24/2015)
[Orlando,FL] The wind caused me to change my fishing pattern this week. From saltwater to freshwater! From bluefish to bluegills! It was fun!
Mullet Run Winding Down Orlando Fishing Report (10/18/2015)
[Orlando,FL] The mullet appear to be thinning out along the beach. There are still fish out there eating them, though! They (the mullet) never really came through the lagoon in any numbers.
High, Dirty Water Orlando Fishing Report (10/11/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing was on fire along the beach this week. In the lagoons, not so much. And we wrapped up the week with an all-day paddle adventure.
Equinox Orlando Fishing Report (9/26/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Wednesday was the first day of autumn, an important day for pagans. So we have the Equinox Orlando Fishing Report. We fished in the Banana River Lagoon and the Mosquito Lagoon, caught fish both places.
Nasty Weather Orlando Fishing Report (9/19/2015)
[Orlando,FL] We had several days of nasty weather this week, thus the nasty weather Orlando fishing report. In spite of that we went fishing and got bass, redfish, tarpon, and more!
Port Canaveral Nearshore Fishing Report (9/12/2015)
[Port Canaveral,FL] The water along the beach is full of bait. As might be expected, big fish are there eating.
Back in Central Florida Fishing Report (9/05/2015)
[Orlando,FL] We checked out the Indian River Lagoon, along the beaches, and the St. Johns River. Here's what we found!
Quite the Week Orlando Fishing Report (6/06/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Trout fishing in the Indian River Lagoon continues strong. But bass fishing has been of the charts, just awesome.
Wind and Clouds North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report (5/30/2015)
[Titusville,FL] Wind and clouds hampered out efforts. In spite of that we caught fish every trip this week.
Memorial Day Orlando Fishing Report (5/23/2015)
[Orlando,FL] A good week this week, with redfish, big seaport, and black bass. We used both spin and fly tackle, and fished from a skiff and a kayak.
Fished Around Orlando Fishing Report (5/10/2015)
[Titusville,FL] Good week this week, five days on the water- two short Econlockhatchee River trips, two days on the Banana River Lagoon, a morning on the Indian River Lagoon, and fish caught in spite of the wind and clouds.
May Day Orlando Fishing Report (5/03/2015)
[Orlando,FL] There was wind, and clouds, but we caught some fish anyway. Fished the Indian River, Banana River, and Atlantic Ocean.
Jumped a Tarpon Orlando Fishing Report (4/19/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Tarpon have showed up along Brevard County beaches. The algae is blooming in the lagoon system, but it hasn't bothered the fish.
Acres of Bluefish Orlando Fishing Report (4/12/2015)
[Orlando,FL] We have awesome fishing opportunities in east central Florida. If one thing isn't working, just try something else.
Finally Got Cobia Orlando Fishing Report (4/04/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Those of us who like to fish are lucky we have such a wide variety of fishing we can do in central Florida. Even with the continuing onslaught of progress there's still lots of incredible fishing here.
Not Covered Up With Fish Orlando Fishing Report (3/29/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing was certainly up and down this week. Nothing in the Atlantic. Skunked on Mosquito Lagoon. Then trout and reds, and lots of shad.
Vernal Equinox Saltwater Orlando FIshing Report (3/20/2015)
[Orlando,FL] We fished the Atlantic, the Indian River Lagoon, and the Mosquito Lagoon. The algae bloom has started in the lagoons, not good news at all.
Fished Around Central Florida Orlando Fishing Report (3/07/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Fished for largemouth bass, redfish, seatrout, and black drum. Caught them all! A good week...
Saltwater Orlando Fishing Report (1/24/2015)
[Orlando,FL] Things seem to be looking up in the local fishing world. We didn't catch a lot of fish this week, but finding them became a lot easier.
Skipped a Week Orlando Area Saltwater Fishing Report (12/20/2014)
[Orlando,FL] The water levels in the lagoons are dropping. Fishing is heating up in spite of the chilly temperatures!
Flamingo Everglades Kayak Fishing Report (12/07/2014)
[Flamingo,FL] Mike Conneen and I had a fantastic week kayak fishing out of Flamingo. Snook! Redfish! Scorpions! Crocodiles! What more could you want?
Another Only Fished One Day This Week Port Canaveral Fishing Report (11/01/2014)
[Port Canaveral,FL] Awesome fishing out of the port this week. There were acres of fish off Cape Canaveral. I wonder if the weather change will move them?
The Mid-October Saltwater Orlando Area Fishing Report (10/12/2014)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing was up and down this week with tarpon some days and nothing at all on others. We fished the Atlantic, the Mosquito Lagoon, and the Indian River Lagoon.
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