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Area Reporting: Biscayne Bay and Flamingo

Bio: Capt. Bob LeMay began his south Florida fishing career almost thirty years ago. He has worked for area tackle shops, mated on charter boats, but the highlight of those early years was winning the Lauderdale Billfish Tournament in 1973 with two anglers who had never fished for billfish before!

By the end of the seventies he was guiding part-time and tying flies commercially. In 1995, he began guiding fulltime. Through Umpqua Feather Merchants his fly patterns are now sold in shops around the world and in catalogues like LL Bean and Westbank Anglers.

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Snook & Tarpon Fishing Report (5/25/2019)
[Flamingo,FL] Things have finally slowed down enough for a fishing report (March through May are high season for guides in the 'Glades...). The giant tarpon have left now - on their way down to Islamorada or north to Boca Grande - take your choice.
Last week of 2012, Flamingo interior (1/01/2013)
[Flamingo,FL] Great action now with speckled trout as well as lots of slot sized redfish in the interior, along with pompano, permit, and giant tarpon....
Fishing report, Everglades backcountry, 19 November (11/19/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] This report covers about 10 days from Flamingo to Everglades City. At least half the time we posted backcountry slams on fly or spinning gear.
Eight days at Flamingo, 30 Sept (10/01/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] The gulf coast of the 'Glades is loading up with big tarpon now (and the big snook are already there.....).
Biscayne nights, 15 September (9/15/2012)
[Miami,FL] Monster snook and small tarpon all were sight-fished at night in docklights or under bridges.
Flamingo report, 9 September 2012 (9/09/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] The fishing now from Cape Sable to Lostmans River is as good as it gets for the next six weeks....
Flamingo report, A day in the life, 15 August (8/15/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Broke in a new motor with a solo trip. The fishing is as hot as the weather....
Biscayne nights, Everglades days, 19 July (7/19/2012)
[Miami,FL] great night-time sight fishing for small tarpon with a fly rod at night. Lots and lots of redfish in the 'Glades each day.
Everglades days/Biscayne nights, 7 July (7/07/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Lots of action both day and night now. The best bet is still the night time tarpon...
Flamingo fishing report, 23 June (6/23/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Fish were biting all week long despite lots of rain and poor weather. Tarpon a bit scarce, but snook were biting lures and sharks attacked every live bait they saw....
ENP fishing report, 29 May (5/29/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] The Gulf coast of the Everglades is where we fished for four days last week... everything's biting there and we pretty much had the entire coast to ourselves.
Everglades report, 10 May (5/10/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Rainy season is underway now, more and more tarpon biting....
Everglades report, 9-19 March 2012 (3/19/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Lots of variety at both ends of the Park now. We're jumping a few big tarpon but mostly they seem to be waiting for the weather to lay down a bit...
Biscayne nights - Everglades daytime, 6 March (3/06/2012)
[Miami,FL] We flyfished Biscayne Bay at night and the Everglades during the daytime this past week.
Everglades backcountry, 28 Feb (2/28/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Fished six out of seven days from Flamingo to Everglades City. Everything's biting now.
Everglades days- Biscayne nights, 7 Feb (2/07/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Everything's biting now on spinning or fly fishing gear. We're going after them both day and night...
Last week of January, Everglades report (1/31/2012)
[Everglades City,FL] A very mild winter has fish in the backcountry behaving as though it were early spring....
Everglades report, 10 January (1/10/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Even with cold water temps the fish are biting in the 'Glades on flies, lures, and bait.
Flamingo Christmas, 29 December (12/29/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Guides in my area are fishing daily while the holidays are here. The action in the 'Glades is very good now.
Flamingo at Christmas, 13 December (12/13/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] No mosquitoes now, and it will be that way for several months. Lots of light spin and fly action everywhere you go in the interior from Whitewater Bay out to the Gulf coast.
Flamingo report, 25 November (11/25/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Great mixed bag fishing now with the accent on redfish and speckled trout.
Flamingo, 16 November (11/16/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Trout, reds, snook, grouper all biting now. We're using everything from fly fishing gear to spin...
Everglades report, 5 November (11/05/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Very nice sized gag grouper have moved into the rivers that drain the Everglades now. Flamingo is fishable even in bad weather that shuts other areas down...
Flamingo, 27 October (10/27/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo is still hot and now the mullet have arrived in great numbers....
Biscayne nights- Everglades days, 16 October (10/16/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] It's that time of year when everything's biting. Whether day or night the action is solid...
Flamingo report, 8 October (10/09/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Tarpon on fly, redfish on spinning gear, no place in south Florida is better right now...
flamingo fishing report, 25 September (9/25/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Big tarpon and snook along the coast of the Everglades, redfish in the interior.
Everglades action, 20 September (9/20/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Lots of big tarpon now and they're eating well.
Fishing report, 13 September (9/13/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] It's tarpon in both day and night trips this past seven days.
Everglades Flamingo report, 31 July (7/31/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] The action is as hot as the weather... The giant tarpon have returned along coast and will be there for the next 2 1/2 months...
Biscayne nights/Everglades days, 14 July (7/13/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] The fishing is hot right now - both day and night. Tarpon and snook at night, with everything else biting in the 'Glades during hot summer days....
Flying at Flamingo, 24 June (6/24/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Flyfishing the backcountry of the Everglades, my angler posted his first backcountry slam.
Biscayne babies, night tarpon 15 June (6/15/2011)
[Miami,FL] Every night now we've got tarpon from 10 to 30 lbs in the urban portions of Biscayne Bay. We're jumping them on spin and fly fishing gear.
Fishing day/night, 4 June (6/04/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Everything's biting now. Lots of snook along the coast, tarpon - both day and night. Very hungry sharks coming after anything you hook along the Gulf coast of the 'Glades...
Everglades backcountry report, 3 May (5/03/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Everything's biting now but the tarpon in every size are still the stars. Lots and lots of very hungry sharks also present all the way up to ten feet and larger in less than four feet of water, every day...
Everglades days, Biscayne nights 1 April (4/02/2011)
[Miami,FL] Everything's biting now, but the big tarpon are the stars.
Biscayne nights/Everglades days (3/09/2011)
[Miami,FL] Everything's biting now, day or night....
Tarpon Alert (2/23/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] The big fish are up inside the Everglades now....
Everglades backcountry report, 9 Feb (2/09/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] The giant tarpon are in Whitewater Bay, lots of snook, redfish, and trout on lures and flies now out of both ends of the Park...
Backcountry Everglades report, 12 January (1/12/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] On a foggy day, my anglers caught and released ladyfish, speckled trout, redfish, snappers, and one small grouper. We kept two slot sized reds for the table. Oh, and by the way the giant tarpon have shown up in Whitewater Bay...
Backcountry report, 27 Dec to 2 January (1/03/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Lots of fish in the backcountry now...We're catching and releasing trout, reds, and snook every day.
7 Dec, Biscayne nights - Everglades days (12/07/2010)
[Miami,FL] We fished two nights and one day this past weekend. Two different anglers, both using fly gear only...
Night tarpon going strong (12/03/2010)
[Miami,FL] The night scene is up and running... tarpon heaven for fish from 20 to 40lbs. We're fly fishing to fish we can see right at the surface...
Tarpon on fire, 23 November (11/23/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] The big fish have returned to the coast in great nuumbers and should be there as long as the weather holds (the next six days...).
Last two weeks of October (11/01/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] It was Flamingo for three days, one night in Biscayne Bay, and a day exploring out of Everglades City these past two weeks...
Flamingo - Gulf coast and backcountry, 12 Oct (10/12/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] We fished both days this weekend with different anglers. Everything's biting now, great amounts of baitfish and fish feeding, getting ready for winter.
Everglades Gulf coast, 27 Sept (9/27/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] We fished Thursday and Friday in small to medium tarpon and lots of other species, mostly on the fly...
Biscayne night action, 20 Sept (9/21/2010)
[Miami,FL] After the sun goes down the tarpon are biting around bridges and docklights all night long...
Small tarpon on fire, 9 Sept (9/09/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] We jumped 10 fish on fly that morning after making a long run in the dark to get there at first light...
Flamingo snook and tarpon, 29 Aug (8/29/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Our first fish was a 12lb snook... We fished tarpon most of the day, jumping five, releasing two.
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