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Fall Action Continues to Be Hot In Naples by Tim Rushing (10/28/2019)
It has been a very busy several weeks with charters in the Naples Marco Island Area, with lots of folks booking charters in Naples and Marco Island, and enjoying some of the great fishing action we have been having...
Good Fishing in SW Florida by Tim Rushing (9/13/2019)
If you have ever wanted to get in some good fishing in SW Florida, September is always a good month because we start to feel the breezes cool us a little, and the angle of the sun starts to wane, but the water is hot, and the fish are still all over the place
Fishing Continues to be Outstanding! by Tim Rushing (8/23/2019)
As August has settled into the full fledged dog days of hot muggy weather mixed with rain, the traditional Southwest Florida fishing patterns have settled in as well. The bait is still readily available to get, but has gotten smaller, and we are getting it along the beaches. In spite of my normal instincts to go out to the bait wrecks and get the bigger baits, the old adage 'Elephants like peanuts' has seemed to become the norm on our trips the past few weeks.
Off To A Great Start In July! by Tim Rushing (7/23/2019)
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July last week! After starting the week red hot, the fireworks continued all week and right on through the 4th on the water…It’s been a Southern Gentlemen style start to the month!
Spring Means Change&The Snook Are Really Starting To Come Alive! by Jennifer Wolter (4/02/2013)
With fewer cold fronts and warmer water temps, Spring like fishing patterns are quickly becoming apparent.
10K Backcountry Snook Bite by Jennifer Wolter (3/11/2013)
Productive few weeks fishing the backcountry waters of the Everglades/Ten Thousand Islands.
Hot Topwater Trout & Red Bite! by Jennifer Wolter (2/11/2013)
We've been having consistent topwater action lately on quality reds and trout working the edges of the potholes and grass flats. Skitterwalks and Top Dogs worked with a varied retrieve particularly slowing it down and pausing more triggers the reactionary strike.
Great Week of Catching Backcountry Snook & Tarpon by Jennifer Wolter (1/24/2013)
Warmer weather and good tides has brought us some successful days of snook and juvenile tarpon fishing in the backcountry.
Warmer Water Temps Mean Great Snook Fishing! by Jennifer Wolter (1/16/2013)
It's more like summertime on the flats of Southwest FL. The snook bite is on!!
Negative Tide Fishing the Troughs and Potholes of Pine Island by Jennifer Wolter (1/07/2013)
Negative Tide Fishing the Troughs and Potholes of Pine Island. Jigging these areas especially along the grassy edges of these areas is highly effective.
Wintertime Creek Redfishing by Jennifer Wolter (12/30/2012)
Wintertime is the time of year when fish stack up in deep creeks. Jigging proves effective in these areas.
Frisky Tailing Redfish Everywhere in Pine Island Sound by Jennifer Wolter (12/26/2012)
December is a good month to find tailing redfish on the shallow grass flats of Pine Island Sound. The cooler winter months bring along with it super low tides and northeasterly winds which create an even lower tide keeping the water out.
You Never Know What You Might Pull Out of a South FL Canal! by Jennifer Wolter (12/19/2012)
One of the neat things about fishing in South Florida's freshwater lakes and canals if you never know what type of fish you might catch.
December is a prime month for quality reds in Pine Island Sound by Jennifer Wolter (12/05/2012)
WInter kayak fishing tactics for redfish and trout sight fishing the grass flats of Pine Island Sound
December is a prime month for quality reds in Pine Island Sound by Jennifer Wolter (12/04/2012)
Winter redfish tactics for targeting reds in shallow water from kayak
Naples beach Snook fishing strong! by Paul Wolter (6/16/2010)
Great opportunities when the wind cooperates. Warm and clean water + lots of bait = Snook!
Gulf Fishing In Naples Florida For Weatfish and Catfish by Carmine Monaco (3/07/2010)
Had john Davison party for some Gulf Fishing Weatfish and catfish
Good Winter Fishing! by Orlando Muniz (3/04/2010)
Back to back cold fronts continue to keep everyone guessing. On days when things normalize the fishing has been pretty good.
Lucky Carm Charters by Carmine Monaco (3/02/2010)
Had the Larry Newman party out for some nice Black Drum Fishing.
Lucky Carm Charters by Carmine Monaco (2/23/2010)
We had the Bob Barkoff and frinds from Rahway nj for a good day on the Gulf
Lucky Carm Charters by Carmine Monaco (2/17/2010)
Lots of wind this week. I had Paul Polisky grup for some nice back waters Fishing.
Lucky Carm Charters by Carmine Monaco (2/05/2010)
Another good day of Weatfishing.The Greg Johnston parter in joy a graet day of fishing...
Weatfish And Black Tip Sharks by Carmine Monaco (1/30/2010)
A nother 2s Days on the Gluf Had a ball whit the Weatees
Naples Fishing 1/25/2010 by Chris McCubbin (1/25/2010)
After a long time being off the water due to the extreme cold weather, I finally had a good week of fishing. I managed to get four trips in this past week, Its safe to say the fishing was good and pretty normal for this time of year.
Gulf Fishing Of Naples FL for Kingfish by Carmine Monaco (1/23/2010)
Had very good day on the gulf for Kingfish
Lucky Carm in Florida by Carmine Monaco (1/17/2010)
Went with 2 anglers had good in the Gulf
Big Grouper Near shore by Brant Keller (12/21/2009)
Nearshore fishing during the colder months surprisingly produces nice grouper and snapper. The bite is strong and these fish have shoulders that bend the best of rods.
Fish Structure for Cobia by Brant Keller (12/21/2009)
Winter season still has some punch, huge cobia and even red grouper can be had this time of the year. Use live baits when you get them, and hold on tight to the rod.
Going To Naples Florida For Winter Fishing by Carmine Monaco (12/13/2009)
going to naple florda for ahom winter fishing
Tamiami Trail canal Tarpon fishing by Paul Wolter (11/28/2009)
Naples Florida fishing guide update for 11/27/09. Tamiami Tarpon fishing begins for the season!
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