Tim Rushing

From the extreme backcountry to the passes in Naples and Marco, chunky gold and silver fun sized tarpon are everywhere, and eating everything.

We had the water to ourselves in the light drizzle today and jumped tarpon all morning in the backwoods, before spending an hour in the pass, jumping and landing several more tarpon, before Pablo got a thump on his jig that turned into a 20 pound fat piggy if a snook that took almost 20 minutes to land on the 10 pound gear and light leader.

Perfect way to end the day and go clean the dozen fat snapper we landed between the tarpon!

Right now is just a fantastic time of the year to fish the Naples and Marco Island waters for taropn, big snook, lots of snook, and every other inshore fish that make tis region so special!

Fish Species: Snook and Tarpon
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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Tim Rushing

About The Author: Captain Tim Rushing

Company: Southern Gentlemen Fishing

Area Reporting: Naples, Marco Island, Ten Thousand Islands

Bio: As a Fourth-generation native Floridian, I have spent more than 30 years soaking up the unrivaled fishery that is Southwest Florida. I spent much of my youth fishing everywhere for everything that could be caught in fresh or saltwater in this state. As a true Florida “Native” that has fished every single corner of the state for every single species of fish this great state offers, I knew this region was special the first time I laid eyes on her upon moving here after graduating from the University of Florida. Every time I go out on the water, whether it is the mystery and allure of the 10,000 islands and Everglades, the beautiful beaches of Naples and Marco or the grandeur of the Pine Island Sound Islands I feel like I am stealing something wonderful from the rest of the world! For the past 30 years I have studied, mastered, and observed the awesome gamefish and wildlife with the eye of a Florida native, and the excitement of kid at the beach for the first time in his life.

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