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Deep Sea Fishing Topshotfishing Happy Day Today by Tom Zsak (8/06/2018) Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33316 Happy Day Today Charter Sport Fishing
Fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today by Tommy Zsak (10/14/2013) Happy Day Today Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33316
Big Blackfins on the Last Mango by Tris Colket (11/26/2011)
We thought the bottom fishing was hot until we put out the trolls !
The Bite Goes On!! by Tris Colket (12/06/2010)
Fort Pierce and the Treasure Coast continue to rack up record numbers this sailfish season.
Best Oct Mahi Fishing by Tris Colket (10/26/2010)
An exceptionally nice mahi bite throught October has continued to amaze me with good fishing on the Last Mango. Fort Pierce offshore fishing just keeps getting better!
Summer Fishing Frenzy Continues by Tris Colket (9/07/2010)
Add a grouper or two to a very dependable amberjack and kingfish bite, throw in the possibility of sailfish 'catch & release', and the miscellaneous critter bites that make our day that much more interesting; and you have another action packed day on the Mango.
Summer Fshing Still Red Hot by Tris Colket (8/31/2010)
We were on a mission last Saturday. "PRIZE MONEY" was at stake! Our crew from Hiway Safety Devices had entered us in the AGC Treasure Coast Classic and the pressure was on!
Sailfish & Grouper in Fort Pierce Florida by Tris Colket (8/17/2010)
Summer fishing in fort Pierce Florida is filled with action and always makes for offshore adventure! Dolphin, sailfish, grouper, snapper, amberjack and kingfish offer great fishing on the Last Mango.
Fish Fort Pierce on the Last Mango by Tris Colket (7/29/2010)
Versatility, an open mind, immagination and a little patiece pays off in the world of fishing. Come fish the Mango and feel the excitement!
Big Grouper - Limited Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Tris Colket (7/15/2010)
When a grouper senses threat, its first reaction is to head for cover. Vetran anglers know that the first ten to fifteen seconds ...............
Grouper bite is ferocious off of Ft Pierce by Tris Colket (7/15/2010)
Perhaps it's because the amberjack have moved on for the month of July, or maybe that cold water upwelling pushed an abundance of grouper our way; in any case the gag grouper fishing has been exceptional these last few days!
Hot Bottom Fishing on the Mango by Tris Colket (7/15/2010)
Cold water has given way to a great grouper bite!
Upstanding and outstanding. How to fish a sloppy sea condition! by Tris Colket (6/23/2010)
In spite of an annoying three foot short chop and an occasional 4' 'rogue wave' that could catch one offguard, our crew today was most outstanding!
Last minute fishing trip proves to be a great idea! by Tris Colket (6/22/2010)
A last minute call from Steve Stewart who is vacationing in Vero Beach resulted in a rewarding day............
Mango Mania = Sailfish, grouper and more !!! by Tris Colket (6/20/2010)
Great action from sailfish, grouper, kings and amberjack made this another fun filled day on the Mango!
Golden Tilefish on the Mango by Tris Colket (6/16/2010)
The iridescent blue and gold colors of a Golden Tilefish are out of this world. You can see them coming up from 100 feet below in the Gulfstream waters off of Fort Pierce, Florida!
Shades of Frantic by Tris Colket (6/15/2010)
Another flat calm Mango fishing day ended with one nice gag grouper in the boat and another falling victim to ...
Amberjacking on the Mango by Tris Colket (6/15/2010)
When the trolling is off the Last Mango still creates fishing action that makes for a great day and fun times!
How about those spring sailfish! by Tris Colket (6/15/2010)
The sailfish bite is always a bit hap-hazard this time of year but a little effort in that direction usually proves that a sail can be taken throughout the spring and sommer months.
Grouper Season.......Finally! by Tris Colket (6/15/2010)
Grouper season opened May 1st on Florida's Trasure Coast and Adam Reed had his Shimano Jigging Rod ready for the action!
A Birthday Sailfish by Tris Colket (6/15/2010)
A trip to the wrecks SE of Ft Pierce Inlet proved rewarding for Bill Nu and his buddies!
Chart 4-5-2010 by Tris Colket (6/14/2010)
Sunny skies and calm seas greeted Jon Harris and his family who fished aboard the Last Mango today!
Chart 4-3-2010 by Tris Colket (6/14/2010)
We appreciate having 'repeat' customers and Bob Hurbst has been fishing on the Last Mango many times. It's always a good day with this group of guys!
Lindsey's Charter by Tris Colket (6/14/2010)
The weather broke and we were fishing the very next day!
Dolphin Migration Arrives Late to Treasure Coast by Tris Colket (6/01/2010)
The 'Gaffers' are here! The bite has tuned on as large numbers of dolphin off of Fort Pierce Florida and the Treasure Coast are 'jumping in the boat' for offshore anglers fishing from 85'out to 550' of water.
Dolphin action hits Fort Pierce by Tris Colket (5/24/2010)
The dolphin action heated up this weekend off of for Pierce and the Treasure Coast of Florida with a much better showing of dolphin for The Blue Water Open.
Giant Amberjack 101.7 lbs by Tris Colket (5/19/2010)
Our last minute charter booked a family trip on the Last Mango and took home the fish story of a lifetime.
Grouper on the Wrecks by Tris Colket (5/14/2010)
Catching some big gag grouper on the wrecks southeast of Fort Pierce, Florida has been our substitute for 'dolphin fish' yet to arrive. Excellent action on both gray grouper and amberjack has kept the action going on the Mango while the mahi season appears to be at least four weeks late!
Dolphin Bite on Treasure Coast by Tris Colket (4/29/2010)
Warmer water temperature have brought the dolphin bite to Fort Pierce and the Treasure Coast. May dolphin fishing promises to be action packed!
Chart 4-8-2010 by Tris Colket (4/08/2010)
A call came in late last night for an 'inshore half day charter' the very next morning. Although we don't normally do half days 'or' inshore trips, an approaching cold front and deteriorating offshore conditions made this trip a darn good plan!
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