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Browse Recent Lake Okeechobee Florida Fishing Reports

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report by Mark King (2/27/2012)
Lake Okeechobee Fishing Report from Captain Mark King on February 26, 2012
Tempature is hot,fishing is still good! by John Miller (8/21/2010)
Water and weather conditions are hot, the bass are still bitting on Lake Okeechobee.
Patience on the Lake in the Summer Heat by Roy Singer (7/14/2010)
The Bite can still be good in the heat of the summer on Lake Okeechobee you just need to take time to slow down and disect areas more thoroughly.
Bass are hunger by John Miller (4/25/2010)
Bass are biting real good after coming off the beds
Bass Fishing January 2010 by Michael Shellen (1/24/2010)
January is a great month to catch large pre-spawn females on Lake Okeechobee
Late November Bassin on Okeechobee by Michael Shellen (11/26/2009)
Bass fishing is very good on Lake Okeechobee.
Okeechobee Bass Fishing by Michael Shellen (11/10/2009)
Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee is heating up as large females Bass move shallow to spawn
Lake Okeechobee report 7-09 by Mark King (7/13/2009)
Lake Okeechobee has water now and the fishing has been awesome.
Lake Okeechobee Awesome Bass Fishing by Mark King (6/16/2009)
Lake Okeechobee fishing has been awesome!!!!
Lake O' Drops but fish still keep comming! by Roy Singer (3/15/2009)
Lake Okeechobee Drops but fish still keep comming!
Lake Okeechobee report by Mark King (2/17/2009)
Lake Okeechobee bass fishing is improving almost everyday.
Fishing was tuff on Lake Okeechobee by John Miller (2/10/2009)
It was a busy weekend at Okeechobee. The weather did not help, fish were caught
Lake Okeechobee Report 1-7-09 by Mark King (1/07/2009)
Lake Okeechobee bass fishing has been improving and January and February outlook looks great.
Lake Okeechobee update 12-23-08 by Mark King (12/23/2008)
The Lake has really turned around the past week or so.
Lake Okeechobee report by Mark King (12/17/2008)
Lake Okeechobee has finally started to produce bass like it should be this time of the year.
Lake Okeechobee Report by Mark King (10/15/2008)
Lake Okeechobee heading into the hottest fishing of the year.
Lots of boats not to many fish by John Miller (9/22/2008)
There was a lot of boat traffic due to prefishing for the BFL and local Bass Clubs
Lake Okeechobee report by Mark King (9/05/2008)
Lake Okeechobee now has all the water we need to fish almost anywhere in the lake.
The Lake is up and Fishable by John Miller (9/02/2008)
Bass hitting spinner baits at grass edge
Lake Okeechobee report 7-14-08 by Mark King (7/14/2008)
Water is coming up but the fishing has been a little tough for some.
Loxahatchee Summertime! by Roy Singer (6/24/2008)
Loxahatchee is a great place to do some summertime fishing with friends and family. Loxahatchee has many different types of fishing cover, shallow water fishing to canal fishing, which makes an exciting day trying to figure them out.
Everglades Holiday Park Report by Roy Singer (6/19/2008)
Fishing has turned on with the water level comming down!
Lake Okeechobee fishing report by Mark King (10/01/2007)
Bass fishing continues to improve here on the Big "O".
Lake Okeechobee - Clewiston Area Fishing by Mark King (8/21/2007)
The bite on Lake Okeechobee has gotten a little tougher but good bass can still be caught.
Okeechobee report for week of May 20th by Mark King (5/25/2007)
It's been windy here on the Big "O" but the bass fishing has been great.
Lake Okeechobee High Winds by Scott Martin (11/05/2006)
Clewiston-----The wind the past week has been relentless on th lake Okeechobee, with north and east winds blowing up to twenty five miles and hour the lake has become muddy on most of the south end of Okeechobee. The West Wall has remained fishable but it too has become dirty from the wind, We did ok on wild shiners in this area most of the week with the inside area being the most productive.
Fishing On Okeechobbe by Scott Martin (10/23/2006)
Clewiston-----The fishing on Okeechobee is improving by the day not to say it is great yet but we are starting to catch more and bigger bass almost everyday. The nights are starting to cool off and the water temperatures are also dropping a few degrees and all of this have the bass starting to feed much better.
Tin House Cove to Horse Island Fishing by Scott Martin (10/16/2006)
Clewiston-----The bass fishing this past week has taken a turn for the better in spite of the cold front that came through at the end of the week. The lake level is at 13.07 above sea level and dropping slowly and the water is clean in most areas from Ritta Island to Tin House Cove.
Pelican Bay and around Ritta Island Fishing by Scott Martin (10/10/2006)
Clewiston-----The fishing is starting to pick up as the fall season approaches and the water temperatures start to cool off. We are just coming off a full moon and the bass are finally starting to eat both wild shiners and artificial lures.
Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report by Scott Martin (9/10/2006)
After tropical storm Ernesto went through our area and did little damage except for the rain that has the lake level rising and the fishing really starting to pick up.
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