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Birthday Bonefish by Mo Estevez (3/02/2021)
Yeah, it was windy, yeah it was Jay birthday so we got to work.
7 Year Old Tarpon Master by Mo Estevez (8/18/2020)
These boy are tough and the tarpon they were targeting didn't stand a chance when Patrick got his hands on the rod and fought his tarpon like a pro.
Fishing is Good! by Ariel Cabrera (8/13/2014)
Summer fishing in south Florida proved to be nothing less than spectacular this season. Even though we had a very wet season with lots of rain and storms there was still ample sunshine and an overall excellent bite. Let's take a look at the inshore fishery first.
Good warm weather in winter by Ariel Cabrera (1/02/2014)
Winter fishing in south Florida has been a gradual extension of our fall season thus far. While temperatures will lower so do the fish, the bottom feeders will be found in slightly deeper water in order to keep warm.
Constant action in Biscayne Bay by Mo Estevez (12/21/2013)
Cooler water temperatures have heat up the fishing.
Calm winds, flurry of action! by Mo Estevez (12/07/2013)
With calm winds we headed to 20' of water and didn't move for a while!
Hot trout Action by Mo Estevez (12/07/2013)
After the new moon, the bite has truned on!
Birthday Fishing! by Quinton Dieterle (6/08/2013)
What a day for dolphin. For pics go to our sites or facebook page.
Winter Fishing Hot by Ariel Cabrera (12/09/2012)
Flamingo backwaters will be teeming with fish from snake bight to sandy key, and beyond. If water is cooling to sixties head for the deeper sections like the rivers and deep creeks. Fish slow. You will catch all kinds of fish this time of year.
Dolphin fishing great by Quinton Dieterle (5/29/2012)
Fishing off miami on the cutting edge is heating up, large dolphin, kingfish and nice size black fin tuna making the headlines.
great action on the edge by Quinton Dieterle (1/16/2012)
Sailfish bite is still going on, cobias showing up as well.
Miami FLorida Sailfish by Quinton Dieterle (9/09/2011)
Fishing is getting up to par off miami, and the Miami beach area. Sailfish, Kingfish and some nice Dolphin are the main catch. This month is also good for some Big Wahoo which will soon be showing up
Miami FLorida Sailfish by Quinton Dieterle (4/04/2011)
Fishing off Miami Florida for Sailfish could not get any better, there are also Dolphin and Kingfish around.
Great fishing off Miami by Quinton Dieterle (1/14/2011)
Miami charter fishing could not get better with the Cutting Edge catching Sailfish / Dolphin and Kingfish
Great Sailfish Action off Miami Florida by Quinton Dieterle (12/25/2010)
With the wild weather north of Miami, we are enjoying great Sailfish action along with other rod benders
Cold Front Passes Through by Quinton Dieterle (12/20/2010)
Fishing has even gotten better off Miami for Sailfish and cobia after front made it through
Weather Delay in Miami by Quinton Dieterle (9/28/2010)
Fishing was starting to heat up, but then came the rain. Though we believe the Sailfishing and Kingfishing should get better soon.
Bait making it south by Quinton Dieterle (9/20/2010)
The Bait Migration has started with large schools of mullet and Pilchards moving south.
Sailfish Show Early by Quinton Dieterle (9/14/2010)
Weather off miami has been great and the fishing has been picking up. Sailfish, Dolphin, and some nice Wahoo have made a good showing this week
Dolphin fishing good by Quinton Dieterle (6/13/2010)
Fishing is improving offshore of Miami, Dolphin are in good numbers along with Artic Bonito, and Kingfish
Wild Weekend off Miami by Quinton Dieterle (4/24/2010)
Sailfish action hits a peak, with Bonito, kingfish, and dolphin picking up the slack between bites
Winter Bonefish Fishing Biscayne Bay by Mo Estevez (1/06/2010)
Winter time is a great time for hunting big bones
Key Biscayne Triple on a half day by Nel Martinez (12/18/2009)
Key Biscayne repeat customers score 4 for 6 on Sailfish
Dolphin Fishing Improving Off Fowey Light Miami by Quinton Dieterle (8/18/2009)
The last week has showed signs of improving Dolphin and Wahoo fishing. We expect it to continiue
Action slows down by Quinton Dieterle (7/02/2009)
The action off Miami Florida has finally slowed down a bit. The west winds are pushing the fish offshore
SAILFISHING CONTINUES OFF MIAMI by Quinton Dieterle (5/10/2009)
Miami Sailfishing by Quinton Dieterle (4/25/2009)
Fishing off Miami is the Best I have seen in years, Miami waters are full of Fish
Sailfishing Crazy by Quinton Dieterle (1/17/2009)
Fun and Exciting fishing day on the Cutting Edge. Sailfish action was steady and the weather has been good.
LATE RALLY by Quinton Dieterle (1/06/2009)
SAILFISH IGNITE by Quinton Dieterle (12/04/2008)
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