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Two Redfish Orlando Fishing Report by John Kumiski (12/18/2015)
We fished three days, in kayak and skiff, in saltwater and fresh, and got two redfish. Had a great time!
Wind and Clouds North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (5/30/2015)
Wind and clouds hampered out efforts. In spite of that we caught fish every trip this week.
Fished Around Orlando Fishing Report by John Kumiski (5/10/2015)
Good week this week, five days on the water- two short Econlockhatchee River trips, two days on the Banana River Lagoon, a morning on the Indian River Lagoon, and fish caught in spite of the wind and clouds.
Backcountry Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (12/11/2014)
Winter months bring on some of the greatest flats fishing in east central Florida.
Another Orlando Area Fishing Report by John Kumiski (4/12/2014)
Fished for bass on the Econlockhatchee two days and in the Indian River Lagoon one day. All three were great!
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (7/19/2013)
July fishing is improving along with the Indian River water quality.
Moisquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (5/07/2013)
Great fishing awaits the sumnmer time in central Florida.
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Chris Myers (1/28/2012)
The fishing in Mosquito Lagoon has been excellent lately. Lots of tailing redfish and black drum can be found on the flats along with some large seatrout.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (10/11/2011)
Large and even bigger fish can be caught here in the north Indian River Lagoon system. Several days of great fishing have been here with a pattern of great weather coming...
Orlando Area report, 4/11/10 by John Kumiski (4/11/2010)
a variety pack of fishing trips throughout the east central Florida area this week!
Mosquito Lagoon March 2010 by Shawn Williams (3/02/2010)
Light tackle sight fishing for redfish, snook, and tarpon.
Yakking to Reds on the Mosquito Lagoon by John Kumiski (2/28/2010)
When the fishing gets tough, the tough go paddling
Mosquito Lagoon report 1/32 by John Kumiski (1/31/2010)
lots of reds and trout in shallow water in the mosquito lagoon
Cold Fish are not Hungry by John Kumiski (1/17/2010)
Below freezing temperatures have lowered the water temperatures and has reds and trout in a funk
Windy Weather SUpressing Lagoon FIshing by John Kumiski (11/08/2009)
It's been blowing! The wind had made fishing difficult. We bravely went fishing anyway, and actually caught some fish!
Mullet Run In Mosquito Lagoon by John Kumiski (9/22/2009)
Mullet running and fish eating this week
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report by Chris Myers (9/17/2009)
Fishing for tarpon has been consistent and redfish have been biting well when you can find them.
Tarpon Fishing Mosquito Lagoon by Chris Myers (9/02/2009)
Excellent fishing continues for a variety of species throughout Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish, trout, tarpon, snook and more can all be caught this month
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report by Chris Myers (8/23/2009)
Great action with a variety of species is available every day.
Summertime Fishing by Keith Mixon (7/09/2009)
With the full moon occurring this past Tuesday, night fishing has been good along the flats in the North end of the Indian River north of Titusville. Small top water lures have worked well around schools of mullet in two to three feet of water.
Belated tarpon and more report by John Kumiski (6/26/2009)
Fishing in Pine Island Sound and along the Lee county beaches, Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River Lagoon, and Brevard county beaches
Trout On Fire by Keith Mixon (6/18/2009)
The trout bite is on fire reports Captain Keith Mixon ( In the past week several trout weighing up to six pounds have been caught during the last few hours of daylight. At Port Canaveral, many flounder with an average weight of four pounds has been caught around boat docks and other areas with sandy bottoms.
Chamber of Commerce Fishing by Keith Mixon (6/10/2009)
Light winds and bright sunny conditions have made sight fishing easier reports Captain Keith Mixon ( the past week, many slot size reds have been caught throughout Mosquito Lagoon in three feet of water or less.
Space Coast report 5/19 by John Kumiski (5/20/2009)
Fishing for redfish, black drum, and king mackerel this week along Florida's Space Coast
Indian River Lagoon Fishing By Skiff and Kayak by John Kumiski (5/11/2009)
Fishing the Indian River Lagoon two days this week lagoon by skiff and kayak
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 5/10/09 by Chris Myers (5/10/2009)
Fishing for reds, trout, and drum is excellent. Big schools of reds and drum are still present in Mosquito Lagoon
Space Coast report- Canaveral Jacks by John Kumiski (4/26/2009)
Fish tight-lipped in lagoon, famished along beaches
Mosquito Lagoon/nearshore report 3/22 by John Kumiski (3/22/2009)
one day on the Atlantic, one day in the kayak
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 3/15/09 by Chris Myers (3/15/2009)
The redfish continue to tail and feed every day in the Mosquito Lagoon. This is sight fishing at it's best
Lagoons report 3/14 by John Kumiski (3/14/2009)
good fishing this week in the banana river and mosquito lagoons
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