Fishing Reports by Captain Chris Myers

About The Author:

Company: Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: East Central Florida

Bio: Capt. Chris is a full time guide specializing in sight fishing the shallow waters of the Mosquito, Indian and Banana River Lagoons. Light tackle and fly fishing charters for redfish, trout, tarpon, and snook from a 16' Hewes flats boat.

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Orlando Area Flats Fishing Report (2/02/2013)
[Orlando,FL] The fishing in Mosquito Lagoon is outstanding right now. Big schools of redfish are on the flats and can be found nearly every day.
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (1/28/2012)
[Titusville,FL] The fishing in Mosquito Lagoon has been excellent lately. Lots of tailing redfish and black drum can be found on the flats along with some large seatrout.
Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing Report (12/31/2011)
[Orlando,FL] Redfish, trout, and drum have been feeding on the flats. Sight fishing is effective using small soft plastic baits and flies.
Orlando Area Flats Fishing Report (12/18/2011)
[Orlando,FL] The water in much of the Lagoon system remains dirty but if you can find the clean areas there are plenty of redfish to be caught.
Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing Report (9/03/2011)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Cloudy and high water has made sight fishing nearly impossible in most places. Trout fishing has been very poor and many of the other summertime species have yet to show up.
Orlando Area Saltwater report (7/17/2011)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing has been excellent for redfish throughout the day.
Orlando Area Saltwater Report (4/02/2011)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fishing for redfish and trout are excellent. Redfihs are still schooling and will eat a variety of soft plastic baits and flies. Trrout are in 2-4 feet of water around schools of mullet.
Orlando Area Saltwater Report (2/26/2011)
[Orlando,FL] The flats fishing has been on fire the past couple weeks. Giant schools of redfish have been easy to spot and catch.
Orlando Flats Fishing Report (1/03/2011)
[Orlando,FL] The weather has finally warmed and the fishing is outstanding. Light tackle and fly anglers have had many shots at redfish and trout.
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report 12/7/10 (12/07/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Sight fishing has been good when the sun is out. Wind has been the biggest factor the last couple weeks.
Central Florida Flats Fishing Report (5/28/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing has been excellent in the saltwater lagoons of east central Florida.
Mosqquito Lagoon - Big Redfish and Trout (5/11/2010)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Great fishing continues in the Mosquito Lagoon. Huge redfish and trout are feeding on the newly arrived schools of baitfish.
Daytona Beach Area Flats Fishing (4/27/2010)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Plenty of tailing redfish can be found on the flats throughout the day. Use a DOA shrimp or a black or olive fly for best results.
Orlando Florida Flats Fishing Report (4/09/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Excellent fishing continues here in central Florida. Redfish have been tailing all day long making for some great sight fishing.
Orlando Florida Flats Fishing Report 3/28/10 (3/28/2010)
[Orlando,FL] The flats fishing has been excellent in the Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish are tailing aggressively making great target for anglers sight fishing with both fly and light tackle.
Orlando Area Redfish Report 3/5/10 (3/05/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Sight fishing for redfish on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon has been excellent. The fish are in schools of 25-200 and are eating small crabs and shrimp.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 2/18/10 (2/18/2010)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The sight fishing for redfish has been excellent the past couple weeks. Schools of redfish have been tailing on the shallow flats of Mosquito Lagoon
Daytona Beach Area report 1/24/10 (1/24/2010)
[Daytona Beach,FL] The weather has finally returned to normal after a cold start to the month. Fishin this week was excellent for redfish on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon
Flats Fishing Report Near Daytona Beach (12/31/2009)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Redfish, trout, and black drum are on the flats right now in Mosquito Lagoon. Sight fishing is best on sunny days when you can spot the fish cruising in clear shallow waters
Orlando Florida Report 12/5/09 (12/05/2009)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing for tailing reds has been good in Mosquito Lagoon for the last few weeks
Orlando Redfish Report 11/7/09 (11/07/2009)
[Orlando,FL] High winds have moved in and made the sight fishing tough. Redfish are biting well if you can find them in the choppy water.
Orlando Fishing Report Using DOA Lures (10/31/2009)
[Orlando,FL] Redfish, trout, and drum can all be found on the flats throughout the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River. Lures that imitate shrimp or mullet have been the most effective.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report (9/17/2009)
[Titusville,FL] Fishing for tarpon has been consistent and redfish have been biting well when you can find them.
Tarpon Fishing Mosquito Lagoon (9/02/2009)
[Titusville,FL] Excellent fishing continues for a variety of species throughout Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish, trout, tarpon, snook and more can all be caught this month
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report (8/23/2009)
[Titusville,FL] Great action with a variety of species is available every day.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 5/10/09 (5/10/2009)
[Titusville,FL] Fishing for reds, trout, and drum is excellent. Big schools of reds and drum are still present in Mosquito Lagoon
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 3/15/09 (3/15/2009)
[Titusville,FL] The redfish continue to tail and feed every day in the Mosquito Lagoon. This is sight fishing at it's best
Orlando Florida Report 12/11/08 (12/12/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Redfish and black drum are tailing on the flats every day. Huge trout are also on the flats in shallow sand holes.
Orlando Florida Saltwater Report (3/24/2008)
[Titusville,FL] Despite the high winds of late, the redfish and trout bite remain strong in Mosquito Lagoon.
Orlando Florida Saltwater Report (3/15/2008)
[Titusville,FL] Schools of redfish have been plentiful and huge trout are on the shallow flats.
Orlando Florida Report 2/7/08 (2/07/2008)
[Orlando,FL] The fishing has been excellent. Redfish and drum are tailing on the flats. Large trout have been lying in the shallow sand holes. Now is the time to sight fish with the fly!
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report (1/13/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The weather was great and so was the fishing. Redfish were tailing, big trout were in the sand holes, and black drum were roaming the flats.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report 9/1/07 (9/01/2007)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fishing for redfish and trout remains consistent. Tarpon have been scattered but remain a possibility on any given day
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report (3/15/2007)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fishing has been excellent but the wind has been making casting difficult on some days. reds are still schooled up in very shallow water. Mullet are beginning to return to the Lagoon
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Was Great For Past Week (1/17/2007)
[Titusville,FL] Fishing was great during the past week with catches of redfish, trout, and black drum.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Report (12/15/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fly fishing for redfish has been excellent throughout the Mosquito Lagoon. The fish are shallow and tailing.
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Fishing Report (12/03/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] High winds and clouds have made fishing conditions difficult over the past couple weeks but when you can find the fish they are eating well throughout the day.
Mosquito Lagoon Small Baits Are Catching Fish (11/18/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The water is clear and cool and the redfish are tailing aggressively. Small baits in shallow water will catch the fish.
Mosquito Lagoon Hot Redfish Bite Report (11/05/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Cooler water temperatures have brought about a hot redfish bite. Monday's trip to the Mosquito Lagoon was a perfect example of the variety of the redfish diet this time of year. I landed ten redfish and had quite a few more bites on a variety of baits. The gold DOA Baitbuster is still drawing aggressive strikes from redfish of all sizes. I have been working this bait on or just under the surface with a moderate and steady retrieve.
The Redfish Are Schooling In East Central Florida (10/28/2006)
[Titusville,FL] The water temperature dropped but the fishing became red hot. The redfish are schooling! The first significant cold front of the season arrived this week dropping water temperatures in the Mosquito Lagoon into the lower 60's. The change has signaled the redfish to begin schooling and sent the big trout into the shallows
Mullet Run Is In Full Swing East Central Florida (10/21/2006)
[Titusville,FL] The mullet run is in full swing both in the Lagoons and along the beach. On the inside, redfish, trout, and ladyfish are gorging themselves on finger mullet. The key has been finding the small mullet. Find these, and there will be fish nearby. Topwater plugs and DOA Baitbusters have been bringing fish to the boat.
East Central Florida Report (10/06/2006)
[Titusville,FL] Despite high winds this week, the redfish were still biting.
Tarpon Action Improving In Lagoons (10/01/2006)
[Titusville,FL] Water levels are dropping but the redfish, trout, and tarpon action is improving in the Lagoons. John put a fish of about 70 pounds in the air on a rootbeer DOA TerorEyz and another struck a live bait we were drifting behind the boat while we cast lures.
East Central Florida Report (9/23/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The catching started off slow this week but improved by week's end. The reds we found were eating well.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Report (9/17/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Upper and over slot sized redfish are filling up on mullet. Soft plastic mullet imitations and flies will get strikes.
East Central Florida Report (9/09/2006)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The flats are alive with mullet. The redfish and trout bite should turn on as this full moon passes. Keep a tarpon rod handy in case you run across the man in the silver suit.
East Central Florida Report (8/27/2006)
[Titusville,FL] Steady redfish and seatrout action in the lagoons. Nearshore bite is hot if you find the spot.