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Recently Submitted Kentucky Fishing Reports
    Best winter fishing in 17+ years by Kirk Weber (2/08/2012)
    [Kentucky Lake] I've sunk numerous Crappie brush piles this winter and they're already holding fish.
    Bass RULE on KY Lake by Kirk Weber (6/04/2010)
    [Kentucky Lake] BASS RULE on Kentucky Lake in June!! 100 bass days are pretty normal this time of year. It doesn't seem to matter what species you're targeting, you will catch Largemouth Bass.
    Fall fishing at its best by Kirk Weber (10/31/2009)
    [Kentucky Lake] When I look back on my sixteen years as a guide, I see this year's Crappie catch as above average in both size and quality.
    They're all biting! by Kirk Weber (8/27/2009)
    [Kentucky Lake] The biggest problem I find with September fishing is deciding which species of fish to target. They're all biting!
    Which is the COOLEST? by Kirk Weber (6/25/2009)
    [Kentucky Lake] I unhooked and released the fish and cast again. BAM! Another, BAM! Another, BAM! Another. After 7 or 8 fish in quick succession I thought to myself, Man this is COOL!
    Bass Action Is Outstanding On Kentucky Lake by Kirk Weber (5/21/2009)
    [Kentucky Lake] The bass action has been outstanding AND the Bluegill action has been phenomenal this month.
    Crappie Fishing Kentucky Lake by Kirk Weber (4/05/2009)
    [Kentucky Lake] The Crappie are well into their spawn. Now is a great time for anglers new to the lake to come fish for Bass. Some amazing numbers of Bluegill are in deep water on stumps and in Crappie brush 10 to 18 deep.
    Good Largemouth Bass Bite On KY Lake by Kirk Weber (8/28/2008)
    [Kentucky Lake] We've had good success catching Largemouth Bass, a few Smallmouths, Crappie, Bluegill, White and Yellow Bass, and Catfish.
    Lake Cumberland Striper Report by Jim Durham (7/30/2008)
    [Lake Cumberland] The most complete Striper report you will find anywhere
    Crappie Time by Kirk Weber (10/05/2007)
    [Kentucky Lake] In the past week clients in my boat have checked in a 10oz Bluegill, a 13 ˝ Lb Flathead Catfish, a 1 Lb 12 oz Crappie, and a 4 Lb 11 oz Smallmouth. If you're not out there catching ‘em, you're missing out!
    Crappie are starting to bite again! by Kirk Weber (9/04/2007)
    [Kentucky Lake] I've Crappie fished a couple times this past week and caught some real nice sized fish. The bite is mostly slow, but good in short bursts.
    Trophy Stripers On Lake Cumberland by Jim Durham (5/24/2007)
    [Lake Cumberland] In some years, the bite during the spawn of the Stripers can be really slow. I do not know what then “phenomenon” is this year, but we have been catching absolutely “huge” trophy Stripers in the spawn of 2007. Perhaps it is the fact that with the work on the dam and the water level still near Winter pool all the way into May, the “bite” is hotter this year during the spawn than normal.
    Crappie Spawn Has Begun by Kirk Weber (3/25/2007)
    [Kentucky Lake] I've fished every day for the past two weeks and overall the catching has been good. We've had many 100+ fish days catching Crappie, Yellow Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Bluegill, and Red Ear.
    Warming Trend by Kirk Weber (3/11/2007)
    [Kentucky Lake] The biggest change I've seen is that each day more fish are coming shallow. This should hold up so long as our warm trend continues.
    The Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report by Jim Durham (3/08/2007)
    [Lake Cumberland] THE LAKE CUMBERLAND STRIPER FISHING REPORT By Captain Jim Durham – StriperFun Guide Service