Kirk Weber

October 5, 2007

Air Temp: Low 70 / High 87

Water Temp: 75

Lake Elevation: 355' (Summer Pool = 359')

Water Clarity: 4' Visibility Green Stain


Tie a ½ oz blue/chrome rattletrap on one pole and a 3/8 oz white/chartreuse spinner bait on another pole and you're ready to catch some bass. If you've got a couple extra poles, you may want to tie on a 10" Junebug worm with a ¼ oz bullet weight and a topwater walking bait or popper on another. Pretty good action can be found in the back of bays 2' to 5', on shallow gravel bars and flats at mouths of bays, and on mainlake points.


Catching some nice fish on mainlake points and deeper flats (5' to 12'). Fish ½ oz spinner baits, rattletraps, spoons, and Carolina rigged "Creepy Crawlers". Expect slower action overall, but very memorable spurts of good action with the Smallmouth of a lifetime a real possibility. (Check my website for recent photos).


Made some nice catches lately but better on cooler days. (Check my website for recent photos). Fish jigs and minnows 10' to 15' at mouths of bays around a little brush. Caught some as shallow as 4' and some as deep as 25'. I haven't caught but a few shorts this fall, most are real nice sized fish.


Been catching good sized Bluegill while Crappie fishing. Fish night crawlers 5' to 10' deep on main lake points and gravel bars for good action.


Good action can be found 20' to 40' deep near the main river channel. Night crawler seems to be the best bait right now for fiddlers.


Found a big school of big Whites back in a bay busting shad the other day, but believe most are still on main lake. Fish 3/8 oz roostertails and ¼ oz spoons.


KLVLA is sponsoring the 5th Annual Kentucky Lake Fishing Derby, Sept 15th to Oct 29th. The cash prizes make it possible to come fishing for a few days and pay for it with your winnings. Check it out at

In the past week clients in my boat have checked in a 10oz Bluegill, a 13 ½ Lb Flathead Catfish, a 1 Lb 12 oz Crappie, and a 4 Lb 11 oz Smallmouth. If you're not out there catching ‘em, you're missing out!

See ya in the water!

Capt Kirk, out!

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Fish Species: Largemouth, smallmouth, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish
Bait Used: misc
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth: 5' to 40' (depending on species)
Water Temperature: 75
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Denny W. from Park Forest, IL
Denny W. from Park Forest, IL

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